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Who Is George W. Bush?

First, thank you for having put the first chapter on the www. While little was "news," it was exceptionally well researched and written. One supposes the majority of Americans may not be as interested in dogged, tenacious research as some of us, but for all of us this book will be -- at the very least, a flag raised to it apex on the pole. I shall now fill many emailboxes with your URL to encourage great sales for this book.

Jone Carlson (Florida)

The Selling of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

In todays world of monstrous maliciousness and maniacal propaganda I have often wondered if there is anything that could stand against it and survive. Julianne Malveaux's commentary on Dr. King suggests that an ardent sincerity can and does.

I have read a little about Dr. King and believe him to be a great man in spite of the unrelentingly subtle propaganda designed to discredit him. Propagandist use such tools as "whispering campaigns", inuendo, suggestiveness, inappropriate contiguity, etc..., all in the background or on the periphery of the issue thereby avoiding the scrutiny of direct challenge, and lacking the ardour or warmth of integrity. But anyone who could describe the black man as "seered in the flames of a withering injustice" knew what he was talking about. Hannah Arendt characterized the Nazis as "ideational fanatics."

In establishing a totalitarian framework the psychology of in group-out group was used to condition irrational and complete acceptance of the dogma. The more radical the dogma the more irrationality required to accept it. The more stressful the situation the greater the need to accept its relief and irrationally embrace the in group. A sort of brainwashing, a "killing of hope", a fiduciary negotiation la Faust, or more simply as the great Dr. King put it decades ago, "If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be commited. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin but he who creates the darkness."

Austin Charles Hancock

Non-Blacks Quick To Link Blacks With Weapons

"...Participants in the study were all students ages 19-24 attending a private university in the Midwest. Most of the study participants were white; none were black..." It would seem to me that the study should have included how often blacks linked weapons with blacks. Certainly non-blacks linked blacks with weapons, but what about blacks linking blacks with weapons? What is the point of the study if you don't have that information as well?

Mark Benefield

Fortuna Alliance

Do I understand correctly that there is no more Fortuna Alliance? I entered the organization in 1996 but only received a letter and several newsletters.

Cisca van der Schee (The Netherlands)

The last update on Fortuna Alliance can now be found in a new sidebar on our FAQ page.   -- Editor

Bush Chooses Worst Possible Drug Czar

How does one expose this fraudelent man? John Walters will be an embarrassment to us all, and the nation.


You Misguided Lefties

This is another amazing example of how Liberals are so quick to attack and so unbelievably slow to turn the mirror on themselves. I could rant for days about the treason-filled corruption we had with Slick-Willie for eight years but it would do no good. You would surely dismiss it as crap and (in true Liberal style) do no research on it. And what about Al Gore and his father? I am not here to tell you that Bush is a choirboy, but it's any day better than the big spending Democrats in Washington that believe they can spend my money better than I can. Oh, and by the way, have you ever given thought to the theory that Jesse Jackson really doesn't care about blacks. He is much more concerned about his own power. I do not expect a reply, I'd be surprised if I got one.

no name given

Are you kidding? Are John Stewart, Bill Maher, and Bill Press a little too right-wing for you? By the way, which companies are actually "Anti-Environment?"

Mike Wurtz

I am looking into the issue of global warming, just so that I can be a more informed voter. Your article states that 168 nations signed the Kyoto accord, yet ABC last friday reported that only one country (Romania) signed it.


The 1998 Albion Monitor article cited discussed a global warming disinformation campaign by Big Oil. There we quote an attorney for Exxon shareholders saying, "We start with the premise that the whole world is not crazy," noting that "virtually every nation in the world (168 nations) signed a treaty in Kyoto aimed at reducing greenhouse gases in order to slow global warming."

Like many people, the speaker confused two documents. To date, 186 nations (including the U.S.) have signed and ratified the 1992 "UN Framework Convention on Climate Change." This document indeed states that global warming is a threat to mankind and steps must be taken to reduce/stabilize greenhouse gases.

The Framework left the decision of what specific actions should be taken to be decided later at the 1997 conference in Kyoto. As of May, 84 nations have signed the Kyoto Protocol (including the U.S.) and 34 nations have ratified it (yes, including Romania). If John Stossel indeed said that only one country has signed on to Kyoto, he is lying -- again.

You can find full details about both the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol at the offical UN website:" This includes the up-to-date status of both documents as well as well-written introductions to issues covered by each.   -- Editor

Nursing on the Edge

For years, politicians and members of the medical community have been extolling the virtues of U.S. health care. From this lofty position, it was difficult to see the deficiencies from the patient's point of view.

There are serious problems with our health care system. A 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine estimated medical mistakes kill anywhere from 44,000 to 98,000 hospitalized Americans each year, not from the medical conditions they checked in with, but from preventable medical errors. Using the lower estimate, this makes medical errors the eighth leading cause of death in this country higher than motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.

According to a national poll conducted by the National Patient Safety Foundation: Forty-two percent of respondents had been affected by a medical error, either personally or through a friend or relative. Thirty-two percent of the respondents indicated that the error had a permanent negative effect on the patient's health.

Clearly, an ongoing, aggressive public information and education effort is needed to increase all Americans' understanding of both how medical errors occur and what steps they can take to prevent such errors.

Stephen Swoyer

How They Lie To You

This is a prime example of Information Warfare (INFOWAR) being conducted by the Trilateral Commission thru the U.S. government. Democart and Republican is a distinction without a difference.


Show Me The Money

Would you please e-mail the scheduled mailing dates of the $300/600. checks to be mailed out by the government. I understand the mailings will be done by the last two digits of one's social security number.

no name given

Billions Owed To Native Americans

Value for duty not ever corrected or in check but a settlement that is not of measure in dollars and cents.

The Indian business is one that makes America what it is today, tomorrow, and for human history to learn from. Peasants from nowhere making paper game that no honor is.

We, the people of Beauty way have enough of what America thinks is real. What pain they have to seed their way is not ours to measure.

Not for sale and fools are not holding anything this spirit flow make of a few hundred years.

" CNavajoRez"

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