An Evening With Michael Moore

by Jeff Elliott, Editor, Albion Monitor

Constant knocking on the auditorium doors, faces pressed against the windows, pleading voices from outside: "My wife is saving me a seat" -- "Please please please let me in" -- "I skipped work to come here." It's nearly an hour before the curtain will rise, but already the auditorium is standing room-only. Drawing people out this chilly Monday night is not a TV celebrity or pop singer, but Michael Moore, the dumpy guy from Flint, Michigan with the big pen.

Moore is on a book tour to promote "Stupid White Men," a book that was almost killed by its publisher in the wake of Sept. 11. HarperCollins wanted him to rewrite up to half the book to be less critical of George W. Bush. Moore refused. The stalemate continued until the uncensored book was published in late February, quickly shooting to the top of all the best seller lists.

Stupid White Men
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As can be heard on this recording, the audience loves Moore and the message that he delivers. In his book-tour diary available at, the author later wrote that this evening is typical: "Last night in Santa Rosa, at the local high school, they had a thousand people packed inside and another 500 out on the lawn who couldn't get in. It's like this in all the places I visit. Hundreds, thousands, turning out to discuss all the sorry excuses for the state of the nation."

Santa Rosa wasn't originally on his itinerary, but Moore made this special detour to benefit Project Censored, which also has a videotape available of this evening. Call (707) 664-2500 for more information.

Michael Moore, Rock Star

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