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Bush Things to Come
FREE! To date, the Bush administration's policies have, in the largest sense, been two-pronged: In the military sphere, the Busheviks have been planning for the domination of the planet for the rest of this century (and putting advanced weaponry of every sort on the drawing boards for 2020, 2030, 2040, even 2050). In the military sphere of imperial thinking, in the arena of power and control, their perspective couldn't be longer term. On everything else, their perspective is presentist (if such a word exists) with a passion. Control forever but eat everything now

Iraq not tied to al-Qaeda, but was supporting groups like Hamas attacking Israel

Violence In Uzbekistan Not The Mark Of Al-Qaeda
Likely result of home-grown rebellion heavy-handed regime

A Year Later, More Turmoil Ahead For Iraq
Challenges facing the occupying forces are numerous. Challenges facing any future Iraqi administration are even more daunting

Huge Anti-War Protests In Spain, Italy
As many as two million in Rome

Mayor of northern town says 50 slain daily in Cap Haitian (More coverage below)

Spanish Vote Underscores Deep Rift Between Bush And World
Tensions from Iraq invasion have brought strains "to the point of crisis"

Neo-Cons Compare Spanish Vote To Munich Deal With Hitler
Rightwing media marches lock-step in comparing Spanish leader to Neville Chamberlain

The Lesson Of Madrid: Al Qaeda Seeking New Allies
Shifting terror targets to support local Islamic militant movements

Mourning in Madrid
As many as 11 million people marched on March 12 throughout Spain
Three rush-hour rail blasts in Madrid that left 200 dead and at least 1,430 wounded, brutally cutting short the campaign for Sunday's general elections in Spain. There is little question that the terror attacks near Madrid were meant to sway the election held three days later. The bombing links Spain with the United States even more firmly than did its support of the invasion of Iraq. "Did al-Qaeda want to punish Spain for its alliance with the United States and its part in the Iraq war?" asked one European newspaper. It was the question on everyone's mind. But as evidence mounted that Islamists were behind the attack, the conservative, pro-Bush government insisted that Basque seperatists were responsible, which Spanish voters increasingly viewed as a coverup

 + New Spanish Government To Shift Foreign Policy Away From U.S.

 + Aznar Government Asked Media To Mislead Public

 + Spanish Voters Oust Pro-Bush, Conservative Party After Terror Attack

 + 12 Million Attend Spain Anti-Terror Rallies

 + Madrid Counts Its Dead

 + A Grieving Spain Mobilizes Europe

 + Terror Attack #1 Issue On Minds Of Spanish Voters

UN Says Drug-Resistant TB Threatens World FREE!
Already an epidemic in parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia

Is List Of Saddam's "Oil Bribes" More Forged Evidence? FREE!
In January, Iraq's Al Mada newspaper published a blockbuster story: Saddam had bribed nearly 300 companies, political parties, and leaders between 1999 and 2002 with vouchers for millions of barrels of oil. Also named on the list were a number of terrorist organizations -- allegations that, if true, would support claims of President Bush that the Iraqi regime supported terrorism. But there is a growing body of evidence that the list may be a forgery, like the phony documents that claimed to show Iraq was trying to buy Niger uranium

Bush Moves To Seize More Iraq Assets
Attempting to control all cash before June 30 government handover

Group Documents Abuses By U.S. Troops In AfghanistanFREE!
Excessive force against public, mistreatment of prisoners

UN Outraged That Brits Bugged Kofi Annan During Run-Up To Iraq War
Telephone tap violates founding UN treaties

Assassination Try On Taiwan President Shows Tensions In Critical Election
President opposed to reunification with China wins with .2 percent of vote

Violent Protests In Wake Of Taiwan's Close Vote
Many believe election was fraud, president faked assassination attempt

Taiwan Splits Vote For Unification With China
Pro-unification ballot item wins big, anti-unification president wins by tiny margin

Iran's Ancient Fire-Worship Revived In Defiance Of Islamic Hardliners
Practice older than recorded history has become a symbol of resistance

Haiti coverage
By the end of February, most of the country had fallen to the rebels who were now surrounding Haiti's capitol, Port-au-Prince, and waiting for the signal to attack. President Aristide refused to resign and leave, as the rebels demanded, but the 200 U.S. Marines who had just arrived in the city were calling the shots. In a tense 3AM meeting on March 1, they told Aristide he must step down. "What guarantee do I have that there will not be a bloodbath if I decided to leave?" He asked. Aristide says they forced him to sign a letter of resignation then forced him on a plane, leaving for parts unknown.

Hours later, the rebel army took the city. Cobbled together from anti-government gangs and militias and led by former army officers, it had achieved its aim of Aristide's ouster in a short three weeks. Among its leaders are former officers in the Haitian Army that overthrew Aristide in 1991 and that he successfully abolished after U.S. forces returned him to power in 1994. Other leaders included men who were in the top ranks of FRAPH, a paramilitary group that conducted a reign of terror against suspected Aristide sympathizers during military rule.

But as rebel leader Guy Philippe declared himself Haiti's "military chief" the next day, speculation continued to grow over the U.S. role in the coup d'etat. The Bush administration has been pursuing policies likely to topple Aristide since 2001. The hatred began when Aristide, then a parish priest and democracy campaigner against Haiti's ruthless Duvalier dictatorship, preached liberation theology in the 1980s. Aristide's attacks led U.S. conservatives to brand him as the next Fidel Castro

Vigilante action in Haiti

PHOTO: © Pierre Evans/

Rebels murder police informant after taking city of Gonaives, Feb. 22 2004
 + Caribbean Nations Refuse To Recognize Haiti's New Government

 + Aristide Supporters Use Cell Phones To Tell Of Death Squads

 + Jamaica Welcomes Aristide, New Haiti Government Protests

 + Haiti's Elite Class Had "Obsession" For Ousting Aristide

 + Was Demand For France Reparations A Factor In Haiti Coup?

 + Aristide Takes Fight To French Court

 + U.S. And France Trying To Block UN Probe Of Haiti Coup

 + Haiti Disorder Reigns As U.S. Marines Begin Shooting

 + Haiti Has Long History Of American Meddling In Politics

 + Most Of Latin America Won't Call Aristide Overthrow A Coup

 + Haiti Coup Seen As Bush Policy Blunder

 + Caribbean Nation Call For Haiti Coup Probe

 + Aristide Tells Of Last Moments In Haiti

 + Crack Down On Haiti Rebels, Rights Groups Demand
 + Why They Had To Crush Aristide FREE!

 + Bush To Try His Hand At Haiti Nation-Building
 + Bush Policy Undermined Aristide, Then Invited Coup FREE!

 + Did Aristide Fall, Or Was He Pushed?
 + Media Ignored Big Questions About Haiti Coup FREE!

 + Caribbean Nations Question Aristide Ouster

 + Was Aristide Despot Or Humanist?

Kurd Protests In Syria, Iran Raising Concerns FREE!
15 killed in riots near the borders with Turkey and Iraq
Putin Wins Second Term, Near-Absolute Power FREE!
More personal power than any leader since Soviet times

Putin Accused Of "Crushing Democracy" In Russia
Systematically dismantled during Putin's first term, rights group charges

13 Months Late, Bush Dribbles Out AIDS Funding
'It's a go-slow, go-it-alone approach''

Brits Want Their Share Of Iraq Reconstruction Pie
No major contracts for any British firm so far

U.S. Scrambles To Set Up World's Biggest Embassy In Baghdad FREE!
Staff of 4000 plans to open for business end of May

State Dept. Slammed For Whitewashing Human Rights Report
Claimed Afghanistan and Iraq as success stories

Colombia Women Standing Up To Paramilitaries
Only organized groups fighting efforts by right-wing militants to impose martial law

One-Third Of Afghanistan's Army Has Deserted
Same is feared of police force currently under training

Propaganda, Boycott Led To Iran Election Victory For Islamists
Thousands of reformist candidates were barred from running for office

Pentagon Rolls Out Microwave Weapons For Crowd Control
Unclear if permanent damage, even cancer, possible

Nuclear Power Industry On A ComebackFREE!
Wants to restart reactor shutdown in 1976 after near meltdown
More Young Afghan Women Committing SuicideFREE!
Burning themselves to death over poverty, forced marriages, no education

Now That Libya Is Disarmed, Countries Vie To Sell It New Weapons
''The Libyan market is ripe for picking -- particularly by the European Union and the U.S.''

Widespread Planting Of Smuggled GMO Seed In Serbia
3500 acres of illegally planted soy and corn discovered so far

Spread Of GMO Seed May Be Impossible To Stop
Now difficult for U.S. farmers to grow GM-free crops

Giant Corps Move To Control Asian Rice Supply
Scramble for monopoly control over rice genes

Reporters May Deserve Hazard Pay For Covering Venezuela
27 injured, 4 shot, while covering recent demonstrations
Opium Growing Surges To Record Levels In AfghanistanFREE!
Cultivation spreading to new areas

U.S. Not Winning Arab Hearts & Minds With Propaganda TV FREE!
Al-Hurra "short on credibility and long on arrogance"

Media played key role in WMD deceptions
Bush graphic

A new article in The New York Review of Books by veteran journalist Michael Massing concludes that the NY Times, especially its star WMD reporter Judith Miller, relied far too heavily on hawks within the Bush administration, INC officials -- notably the group's president Ahmed Chalabi -- and ''defectors'' as its sources. While Miller went to great lengths to document the alleged WMD threat, she and other Times reporters failed to consult or credit independent WMD experts who were skeptical of the administration's claims or even the government's intelligence experts, whose views were being suppressed by political appointees at the top. And The Times still has not published a single editors' note or correction to any of its pre-war coverage, including stories that were based on assertions now appear to have been either grossly exaggerated or fabricated

 + NY Times Slammed For Phony Stories On Iraq's WMD
 + Interview With Michael Massing: Times, Post Aided WMD Deception FREE!

The Kosovo Flashpoint Explodes Again
Now Serbs are victims of ethnic cleansing by Albanians
Kosovo Violence Tied To Biased Journalism FREE!
TV news report sparked worst violence since 1999
Palestinian Journalists Face Attack From All Sides
Caught between rival Palestinian factions, Israelis

Israel's Arab Citizens Vent Growing Anger
Discrimination in campaigns to create Jewish majorities throught country

Bush Reportedly Has Deal With Pakistan To Allow U.S. Troops
Part of intensified hunt for bin Laden

Rachel Corrie memorial
Palestinian children among demonstrators on anniversary of Rachel Corrie death
A Year Later, Still No Probe In Death Of Rachel Corrie
Protesters focus on Caterpillar, maker of the bulldozer that crushed the activist

Where Is The Investigation Of My Daughter's Death? FREE!
Sharon, Bush has broken promise for full accounting of death by Israeli soldiers

Hunger Could Be 'Unimaginable' Global Problem By 2054FREE!
12 billion people and less water, land, to grow food
Why Do Few Women Run For Office? FREE!
Less confidence and encouragement, study finds

Jobless Recovery Shapes Forseeable Future
Low-income service jobs will dominate at least until 2012

Neo-Con Pentagon Office Kept CIA In The Dark
Tenet says he didn't know that pro-war extremists were meeting Bush privately

Neo-Cons Play Up Threat Of Middle East Oil Cutback
Far-right groups lobby for more nuclear power, domestic oil drilling

Politics As
Don't Write Condi's Epitaph Yet
The consummate Bush White House team player
Single Women Could Be The New NASCAR Dads FREE!
Bush will be a tough sell this go-round for moderate women
Kucinich Should Stay In The Race FREE!
Broadening the political debate to include his ideas will help, not hurt, the Democrats
A Potential Positive Role For Nader FREE!
But not by running for President
Bush Officials Try To Paint Administration as Green FREE!
Insisting that White House takes climate change seriously
John Kerry
Is John Kerry a captive of Washington "special interests" or is it another case of the news media crafting a misleading theme?
Bush Campaign Rushes To Exploit 9/11 In First Ads FREE!
Oh, those despicable Democrats... oops: never mind

The GOP has already began the portrayal of Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts as a captive of Washington "special interests." This theme has been gaining momentum even though Kerry ranks as a leader in the Senate in supporting environmental causes and is best known for his investigations into foreign policy scandals, such as drug trafficking by CIA-backed Nicaraguan "contra" rebels, not for pushing through corporate-favored legislation. So what gives? Is this a fair charge against the Democratic front-runner or is it another case of the news media crafting a misleading theme?
A Massive Protest Vote, But Not For Nader FREE!
Bush running against the Anyone-But-Bush candidate

Sheik Ahmed Yassin
Assafir, 3/24/04
The wheelchair became a symbol of Yassin
Israel's assassination March 22 of the spiritual leader of the Hamas militant Islamic organization, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, has sent shockwaves through the international community.

The 68-year-old Yassin was a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair following a childhood accident and spoke habitually in a labored whisper. Yet, it was a whisper that could rouse thousands of faithful to action. He was committed to the jihad, or holy struggle, against Israel, but nevertheless was one of the Muslim leaders who condemned the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon justified the assassination, calling Yassin "the first of Palestinian assassins," and reportedly directed the attack personally. Bush stood behind Israel, and blocked a UN Security Council vote condemning Israel's use of assassination. Europeans were more critical of Sharon: "Images of a handicapped person tied to a wheelchair, being shot by missiles, is not the best way to improve Israel's security," said Poland's foreign minister.

It will now be utterly impossible for Yasser Arafat to rein in Hamas, and, as it appears, Sharon's goal was to instigate an all-out war with Hamas, thus killing any hope of a political settlement to the Israel-Palestine crisis. Israel waits now for a renewed wave of violence that was quickly promised by the new Hamas leadership

 + Israeli Rocket Kills Hamas Founder And Spiritual Leader FREE!

 + Bush Won't Condemn Israeli Assassination

 + U.S. Blocks UN Rebuke Of Israel Assassination

 + Israel Assassination Deepens Split Between Bush, Europe

 + Israelis Expect Assassination To Open New Chapter In Conflict

Bird Flu Raises Concern On Global Alert System
Governments tried to coverup spread of disease at first

Study Finds Patients Often Skip Medication To Save Money FREE!
Can't afford prescription drugs and become sicker as a result

New Wave Of Nationalism Sweeps Serbia
Conservative and ultranationalist politicians gained ground in December elections

Huge Protests In Thailand To Protest Privatization Of Energy Industry
Has mobilized tens of thousands of labor, rights activists to march every day

U.S. Twists Arms For Countries To Drop Boycott Of American Beef FREE!
Mad cow fears close 90 percent of U.S. beef export market

40,000 Pakistani Children Toil In Carpet Industry
Very few over ten are able to attend schools

Thailand Cracks Down On Islamic Schools
Concern that religious schools training young insurgents fighting in southern Thailand

Taliban Suspected Of Burning Down Schools In Pakistan
Non-Islamic schools teach girls alongside boys

China's Hunger For Electricity Eats Into Environment
Plans to dam virgin rivers and lakes in China's remaining great wilderness

About Seven Children Killed Daily In Colombia Civil War
Up to 14,000 child soldiers fighting in conflict

Top Money Laundering Havens Named
Rich countries with corrupt banking condemn poor countries with corrupt banking
Voice-Stress Lie Detectors Don't Work, Experts Say FREE!
Already widely used in police and insurance fraud investigations

Plan To Bury Greenhouse Gas Stirs Uproar
Controversial plan to bury greenhouse gases underground

India's Profitable Business Of Waste
Nearly everything recycled by legions of individual trash collectors

Hundreds Of Soviet-Era Missiles Missing FREE!
"They are not missing. We are only looking for them"

Latin Gang Grows To 300,000 Members
Drawing in poor, marginalized youth under 25

Mel Gibson "Passion" Gives Neo-Cons Fits
Anti-semitic debate drives wedge between evangelicals and Israel lobby
China Constitution Now Respects Property, Human Rights -- Maybe FREE!
New wording on human rights is vague

Forget Kyoto, Prepare To Deal With Climate Crisis, Experts Say
Global Dec. summit will focus on "adapting" to increasingly accelerated global warming

Brazil's Poor Sell Kidneys To Organ Trafficking Ring
Most recipients were Israelis who had insurance pay for transplant

The Real Outrage On Super Bowl Sunday FREE!
Dead American Soldiers 523 and 524 should have been the top news

Campaigning For Bush As Another Station Of The Cross
Grassroots marketing of Mel Gibson's "Passion" a powerful tool for Bush reelection

Did The U.S. Just Plant WMD "Evidence" In Iraq? FREE!
And why hasn't the Western media even investigated the reports?

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Richard Clarke's Bottom Line
 + Here A Spin, Everywhere A Spin
 + The Attack Machine Kicks In To Gear
 + Bush Meltdowns On All Fronts
 + Texas Schools A Sinking Ship
 + Bush Screwed The Firefighters He Now Exploits
 + Bush Admin Just Full Of Budget Surprises
 + The Outrage Of Haiti

 + Blowing a Whistle on Bush's 9/11 Failures
 + Dear W: Your Father Knew Best
 + Bush's Sordid 9/11 Scam
 + Mel Gibson's Blood Libel

 } Robert Scheer

 + The Media Politics of 9/11
 + Spinning The Story, One Year Later
 + The Pentagon's Lethal Disregard Of Journalists
 + Assuming the Right to Intervene

 } Norman Solomon

 + Kerry In Vietnam
 + Gay Marriage Not A Step Forward
 + Understanding The World With Paul Sweezy s
 + The Uproar Over Nader

 } Alexander Cockburn

Albion Monitor graphic
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern draws parallels between 9/11 and the Reichstag fire

Richard Clarke is hardly the only veteran national security expert critical of Bush. For 27 years, Ray McGovern worked as a CIA analyst, chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the president's Daily Brief. "One would have thought that the raison d'etre for the Central Intelligence Agency was to prevent another Pearl Harbor," McGovern says. "One would have thought that the person most responsible for this would have been cashiered on Sept. 12. Not so. So the question is: Why not so?"

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