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Expecting desperate, all-out wars over food, water and energy supplies

Ahmed Chalabi: We Misled You Into Invading Iraq
"We are heroes in error," he boasted to London newspaper

HAITI APPROACHING CHAOS Haiti Boat People Haiti may not have been the #1 issue on voter's minds when they dumped George H.W. Bush in 1992, but the Haiti crisis in months before that election certainly contributed to his defeat. On the nightly news viewers saw over 70,000 desperate Haitians crowded on fragile rafts and leaky boats headed for Florida shores.

Now a new president Bush faces an even worse crisis due to three years of malign neglect of the poorest nation in the hemisphere. First refusing any sort of help to end the fighting, the White House is now scrambling trying to open diplomatic channels between President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his political opposition. But stakes have been raised over the last several days as former chiefs of a notorious death squad have emerged as leaders of the uprisings. The return of militants associated with FRAPH, the descendant of the feared Ton-Ton Macoutes from the Duvalier dynasty, drew cries of alarm from human rights groups worldwide.

Haiti disbanded its army years ago, and its small police force is clearly unable to stop the rebels, which now control over half the country. Hunger and misery grows every day for thousands. How soon will it be before a new wave of boat people head for the U.S. and endanger the election chances for another Bush in the White House? Or will Bush be forced to send American troops to intervene in (yet another) dangerous country?

 + Bush Fears Another Wave Of Haitian Refugees

 + White House Scrambles For Way To Stop Haiti Coup

 + Ex-Duvalier Thugs Seize Control Of Haiti Opposition

 + Rebellion Cuts Off Food, Services For Much Of Haiti

Iraq Attacks Growing Bolder, Better Organized FREE!
Attack on police station was most sophisticated rebel attack since last May

U.S. Offers Shifting Reasons Why Ansar Al-Islam Is Behind Iraq Terror
Shifting blame from "Saddam loyalists" to Al-Qaeda

Captured 'Al-Qaeda Letter' Poses More Questions Than Answers
Debunks several of the neo-conservatives' favorite myths

Campaign Launched For Congress To Censure Bush
"There must be consequences when a president misleads the American people"

Bush Appoints Right-Wing Activist To Co-Chair Iraq Intel Commission
Has worked on far-right causes going back to Reagan ''October Surprise''

Possible Iraq Civil War Now Driving U.S. Policy
As situation worsens, losing the war becomes a risk
Powell, Kay Concede WMD Threat Was Overstated FREE!
David Kay earlier predicted that WMD would be found
U.S. Mad Cow Disease Has Probably Already Spread FREE!
Cows can be infected by eating just 10 milligrams of contaminated tissue

U.S. Military Can't Defeat Iraq Suicide Bombers
Signs that resistance has spread from "Sunni triangle" to Kurdish north

Iraq Civilians, Not GIs, Targets Of Choice In New Bombings FREE!
Angry Iraqis blame U.S. for not doing enough to protect collaborators

Bush Was Behind 2002 Coup Attempt, Venezuela President Says
Also says Washington "continues to support opposition groups"

Chaos Threatens Iraq's Fragile Secular-Religious Balance
"Everyone is afraid that the other group might try to impose its will on the others"

Sharp Rise In Suicides By U.S. Soldiers In Iraq
1 in 5 soldiers expected to have future distress, psychiatrists say
Brits Call For Tony Blair To Resign Over Phony Iraq WMD Claims FREE!
False claim that Saddam missles could hit England in 45 minutes

Protests Planned for March 20 Anniversary Of Invasion
Protests last Feb. were the largest public gatherings in history

U.S. Claims Economic Victory In Iraq, Experts Scoff
Treasury Dept. touts arrival of 3 foreign banks as proof of success, despite chaos

Kuwait Invites In Carpetbaggers
But few takers despite bid to help foreign businesses setup in Iraq

Iraq Violence Stymies UN Efforts To Help
"We don't want the lives of our staff put at risk in the current environment"

Who Belongs in the Nuclear Club?"
Who Belongs in the Nuclear Club?

Until now, technology for building atomic bombs has been restricted to five declared nuclear powers, all permanent members of the UN Security Council: the U.S, Britain, France, China and Russia. Three other countries known to possess the weapons are India, Pakistan and Israel.

But membership in the nuclear club changed when i the 'Father of the Pakistani Bomb,' Abdul Khan, had secretly gave detailed information and components to North Korea, Iran and Libya. It was the first proven case of a huge-scale pilferage and buying and selling of nuclear secrets in the international underworld.

At the same time, Bush announced that Washington plans to limit the number of nations permitted to produce nuclear fuel. Critics were quick to note the hypocrisy of that policy when the Bush administration calls for the development of low-yield "mini-nukes" and other new nuclear weapon development by the U.S. The White House has even discussed possible first-use of nuclear weapons if the United States believes a country may use chemical or biological weapons.

Critics also pointed to America's double standard in curbing nuclear weapons in the Arab world but ignoring Israel's large nuclear arsenal estimated at 200-300 warheads and the missiles to deliver them

 + Bush's Nuclear Hypocrisy
 + A New Nuclear Proliferation FREE!

 + Intrigue Deepens Over Pakistan's "Pardon"

 + Pakistan's Nukes-For-Sale Saga Far From Over

Deaths Of CNN Staff Raise Fresh Questions About Iraq Security For Journalists, NGOs FREE!
CNN called ambush premeditated
100,000 Arabs Flee N Iraq As Kurd Refugees Flood Back To Homeland FREE!
Saddam had forced 800K Kurds to emigrate
Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani
Sistani has broad popular support in his demand for general elections before Washington returns sovereignty
Al-Sistani Views Represent Iraq Mainstream FREE!
Shi'a leader calls for civil disobedience if no prompt elections

Israel Set To Resume Assassinations
Sends threat to Hamas spiritual leader

2-3 Million Colombians Have Fled Homes From Militias
One of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today

Bomb Attacks On Kurds Add To Fear Of Civil War
"Preemptive manhunting" sounds uncomfortably like Vietnam War "Operation Phoenix"

Saddam's Sunnis In Majority After All, Study Says
Bush-led coalition slanted to towards giving Shi'ites dominance

With Afghan Constitution Set, Taliban Step Up Attacks
More concerns about Taliban resurgence, booming opium trade

ICC To Get Evidence Of British War Crimes In Iraq
Use of cluster bombs on urban areas will be key charge

Attacks On Iraq Pipelines Keep Oil From Flowing FREE!
Spread story that smeared woman making sex assault charge
Afghani Women, Girls, Still Given Away As CompensationFREE!
Tribal courts decide whether adult or child bride given to victim's family

In Yemen, a Benevolent Alternative to Osama bin Laden
Leads effort to rehabilitate extremists indoctrinated with false ideas about Koran

U.S. Risks Indonesia Blowback With Anti-Terrorism Campaign
View that local governments using U.S. police training to stifle democratic activity

Scandals Swirl Around French Government
Charges of intolerance, contempt for the rule of law

Few Awarded U.S. Asylum Since 9/11
Most detained and forced to return to home country

Iraqis Don't Need More PropagandaFREE!
U.S. banning Arab media with charges of colluding with terrorists

E Timor Begs UN Peacekeepers Not To Pullout
Fears of trouble with Indonesia which recently bombed disputed island

Mexico Finally Sets Up Commission To Investigate Juarez Murders
Brutal murders or disappearance of over 1500 women and men

Over Half-Million Live In Texas Slums Along Border
Ramshackle settlements with no water, electricity

Monsanto, Argentina Battle Over Rights To GMO Seeds
Law in world's #3 soy producer says farmers have right to save seeds for next year

Schwarzenegger Failed First Leadership Test: Question The Death Penalty
Governor lost unique chance to raise national discussion on execution

The Bush Brain Trust
Rove, Perle, Rumsfeld


Most analysts see three main components to the coalition behind Bush's aggressive foreign policy: right-wing militarists led by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld - neo- conservatives led by former Defense Policy Board (DPB) chairman Richard Perle, whose worldview is similar to that of Israel's Likud Party - and Christian Right forces whose leaders are influential with Bush's political guru, Karl Rove. These three men lead a network of flesh-and-blood people who have worked together closely and openly -- both in and out of government -- for more than 30 years in some cases

Women Arabs Suffer Most Under Israeli Occupation, UN Says
24 women died in childbirth at Israeli checkpoints since last June

Use Of Funds By Palestinian Authority Probed
Israel, U.S. press for investigation of money connected to Arafat's wife

Recruitment Of Suicide Bombers Sparks Debate Among More Palestinians
"We could soon see 10-year-olds and pregnant women blowing themselves up"

Hamas Proposes 10-Year Truce For Israeli Withdrawl
Rollback to 1967 borders, creation of Palestine state

Will Sharon Really Evacuate Gaza Strip?
Has vowed to close settlements before, but never kept promises

Gaza Palestinians Skeptical That Israel Will Withdraw
Settlements control best land, used as military outposts

Iran In Political Turmoil, But Improved Ties With Neighbors
Islamic nation blocking moderates from running for office
ANWR Oil Drilling Back On The Table In New Bush Budget FREE!
New excuse is to help fund energy prgrams

Wal-Mart And Other Giant Retailers Rely On Exploitation Of Women, Report Says
"Wal-Mart and China have forged themselves into the ultimate joint venture"

Female Genital Mutilation Still Widespread
2 million girls still undergo mutilation annually

U.S. Media Censorship "Rampant," Top Broadcaster Says
"The media has never before been so controlled... most of us don't even see it."

Bush Pushes Internet Surveillance Treaty Forward
Treaty could require a U.S. ISP spy on a political dissenter in Ukraine

Interior Secretary Norton Scolded For Ignoring Congress FREE!
"I do not think we have ever had... such poor levels of response from the department"

Politics As Usual
With Senate Away, Bush Appoints Extremist To Appeals Court FREE!
Has argued against Voting Rights Act, Clean Water Act, Violence Against Women Act, more
Dean Couldn't Beat Enemies In His Own Party FREE!
Tried to do an end-run past Democratic centrists who wanted a tame establishment candidate

Demos Need To Learn From Dean's Tough Talk
Openly discussed race and poverty issues on the campaign trail
Bush's Plan To Keep Discount Drugs Out Of Reach FREE!
FDA becomes enforcement arm of big drug companies

The Bloodied 2004 Primary Field Of Battle
Ideas fade as the horse race itself becomes the big issue

Thanks (And No Thanks) To Rev. Al
Sharpton's much hoped for breakthrough in South Carolina never happened

Bush Budget A Throwback To Cold War Days
Cuts in key humanitarian and development accounts to fund military
Pentagon Wins, Environment Loses In Bush 2004 Budget FREE!
Will eliminate or shrink over 120 major federal programs

When In Trouble, Blame The CIA
Bush hopes to divert attention from White House roles
The Assassination Of Dean And His Message FREE!
The crowd is now yelling: Give us Barrabas

New flu strain appears in Asia
FAO photo
In crowded Asian markets, disease can spread quickly among live animals caged together
Unlike recent health scares such as SARS and West Nile Virus, there is reason for real concern about the new form of influenza that has hit ten Asian countries, killing 20 people and millions of birds. The World Health Organization says that it has never seen such a wide spread of a highly aggressive avian virus before.

So far, the disease has only been spread by contact with birds, including eating chicken. But bird viruses can jump to other species, particularly pigs and humans, who have little immune protection against a new emerging disease of this type, which can mutate by exchanging genes with a human strain and thus spread easily from person to person. The most lethal massacre in human history was the 1918-19 influenza pandemic that killed about 40 million people worldwide in a single winter, which many researchers believe was caused by a bird virus.

Mix the dense slums of modern cities with international travel and globalization, and conditions are ripe for a pandemic that could explode worldwide and quickly kill more Americans that cancer, heart disease, stroke, and all other common forms of death combined

 + Vaccine Against Dangerous New Flu Months Away FREE!
 + Dense Slums A Tinderbox For Flu Firestorm FREE!

 + Outbreak Leads UN Health Orgs To Urge Fast Action

 + Asian Government Secrecy To Blame For Fast Spreading Flu

 + Bird Flu Can Fly Across World With Boeing Speed
 + Close Wild Bird Markets To Halt Avian Flu, Experts Say FREE!

"Little Tobacco" Firms Smoking Out Big Profits From Cigarettes
Small companies take advantage of loopholes in restrictions on Big Tobacco
Sick Nuclear Weapons Workers Overwhelm Energy Department FREE!
Over 70,000 have filed for benefits for illnesses caused by radiation exposure

In Bangladesh, Rape Victims Married Off To Rapists
Half of women commit suicide rather than wed man who raped her

Terror In Liberia As Militias Prowl Countryside
New wave of violence, extorting, abducting and harassing the civilians

School Sports Don't Keep Kids Away From Tobacco FREE!
Higher use of chewing tobacco and snuff by jocks

Rich Nations Shun African Peacekeeping
Congo has 30 workers from all of Europe combined, but nearly 2000 from Uruguay

Mexico Issues Report Critical Of Zapatista Rule In Chiapas
EZLN says area self-governed in a way that respects Native rights and customs

S America Ecosystems Under Siege By Alien Invaders
Bullfrogs, tilapia, rainbow trout pose as great a threat as "killer bees"

Biopirates Of The Antarctic
No treaties or laws to block commercialization of any science discoveries

The Tomato King's Triumphant Return To Mexico
"I am an example of the success of Mexican immigrants in the United States"

Once A Rare African Success Story, Zimbabwe Falling Apart
Schools closing in nation that had 93% literacy just a few years ago

Zimbabwe Poachers Risk Lives To Dig Up Ginger
$125/mo to risk lives crossing Mozambique border
Media Coverage Has Little Influence On Trial Outcomes, Book Says FREE!
Pretrial publicity and ongoing media coverage not a factor, authors say

Kissinger Urged Chile "Regime Change" In 1970 Memo
Contradicts memoirs, 1974 Congressional testimony

Kevin Cooper Rejects Execution Rituals As He Awaits Death
Says he won't participate in "insane" rituals in last interview

Bush's Plan To Keep Discount Drugs Out Of Reach FREE!
FDA becomes enforcement arm of big drug companies

"Congress shall have power...To declare war" No other language in the Constitution is as simple and clear

Under-30 Crowd Gets News From John Stewart, Not Tom Brokaw
1 in 5 seeking alternate news sources

Hard Times For California Inmates, But Not Prison Guards
Less money for rehabilitation, plenty for overtime

How Industry Hijacked 'Sound Science' FREE!
According to Bush and his ilk, science is never "conclusive"

Charged With Fraud, Timber Company Trying To Recall Prosecutor FREE!
Pacific Lumber underwriting over 90% of expensive recall campaign

Bush Still Doesn't Get It: The World Matters
Welcomes democracy only when fair and open elections support U.S.

Evolution A "Buzz Word," Says Georgia School Chief FREE!
Also calls creationism a "scientific theory"

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac's Big-Time Mess
 + A Heaping Plate Of Bait And Switch
 + Demos Owe Howard Dean Big Thanks
 + Let The Mudslinging Begin!
 + Give This Woman A Medal, Not Jail Time
 + Bush Trying To Rewrite History
 + "We Were Wrong" Is Start, Not End Of The Inquiry

 + Nader Is Crashing the Party Yet Again
 + Scalia's Dishonest Duck Blind Huddle With Dick
 + War as an Excuse for Everything
 + Give Iraqis the Election They Want

 } Robert Scheer

 + Nader's Tin Ear
 + The Collapse of Howard Dean's Cyber-Bubble
 + An Odd Accusation From Ralph Nader
 + The Deadly Lies of Reliable Sources

 } Norman Solomon

 + Winning With Ralph
 + Kerry A Poor Flagbearer For Demos
 + The Machine That Flattened Dean
 + McNamara Sequel To Vietnam Crimes: The World Bank

 } Alexander Cockburn

Geo. W. Bush


Immediately upon election to a second term, the Bush team will confront a monumental problem. Plainly stated, there are not enough soldiers in a volunteer military to pursue their objectives. They cannot continue to abuse the guard and reserves as they have in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will continue to press for international support but it will not be enough. They will expand the use of mercenary forces but it will not be enough. Mark it, post and save: They will find an occasion, real or fabricated, to renew military conscription. Young Americans, many of whom are woefully unprepared to make such judgments, will be compelled to choose between military service and civil disobedience. The antiwar movement will grow tenfold and the guard and reserves will come home to fight the battle on America's streets. The machinery created by the Patriot Act will be brought to bear on its members. More divided than ever, America will be at war

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