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Project Censored 2002-2003
Project Censored presents its strongest list in years with stories ignored by both mainstream and alternative press

Bush Gets Chilly Reception From UN, World Leaders
Diplomats don't welcome man who undermined 58 years of diplomacy

Bush Likely To Get UN Resolution, But No Troops Or Money
Security Council poised to give Bush a nice resolution, but offer no help


To the shock of diplomats from the industrialized nations, world trade talks collapsed Sept. 14 after the developing world held firm on demands that unfair subsidies for farmers end in 2005 as had been promised. Tensions were also high at the Cancun meeting because organizations have accused the United States of blackmailing and threatening poor nations to keep them from becoming equal trade partners. "The WTO is finally seen for what it is -- an institution with no legitimacy, working to promote corporate interests. The world must now come up with new proposals based on fair and sustainable economies for everyone," said a Friends of the Earth spokesperson

 + WTO Debacle Shows Power Of Poorer Nations When United
 + World Trade Negotiations Collapse FREE!

 + Millions Of Farmers Stake Future On WTO Deals

 + Does The WTO Have A Future?

EPA Covered Up Deadly Ground Zero Air Problems FREE!
As the World Trade Center debris pile continued smoking in the months after 9/11, dangerous pollutants that could penetrate deep into the lungs of workers and residents blanketed the area -- even as the EPA was assuring the public there was no danger at Ground Zero

 The Gang That Hijacked 9/11
As painful as 9/11 was for Americans, little did we know that as the ash and smoke were rising from the pyre that was once the World Trade Center, there were people scheming to take advantage of the tragedy to push their extremist -- and unamerican -- agenda


In retouched photo above, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Army Gen. Keane, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Vice President Dick Cheney (with sword)

Two Years Later Nuclear, Chemical Plants Still Vulnerable FREE!
Bush admin not requiring plants to do expensive security improvements

Killing Of Ayatollah Marks Start Of Iraq Civil War
U.S. troops about to be caught in crossfire

U.S. Warns Iraq: Beware Of Foreign Troops In Your Country
Irony apparently lost on U.S. administrators

Iraqi Exiles Dominate U.S.-Picked "Government"
Almost all coming from U.S. or UK and unknown to Iraqis

Fear, Loathing Of U.S. Spurs Muslim Unity Among Old Enemies
Bush a uniter, not a divider for Muslim nations as decades of disputes suddenly seem less important that opposing the U.S.

Elevated Radiation Levels In Iraq Tied To U.S. Weapons
GIs and Iraqis at risk from depleted uranium ammo

Don't Blame China for America's Economic Ills
Like it did 20 years ago with Japan, America is looking to blame Asia for its own troubled economy

Is Bush Seeking A Truce With Al Qaeda?
The United States, under cover of great secrecy, may be seeking a way out of the "War on Terror"

"Recall Radio" Attacks Appeals Court Challenge FREE!
LA radio station that was instrumental in recall attacks groups questioning fair election

U.S. Troops In Iraq Isolated And Untrained
Barricaded at checkpoints and at compounds, soldiers find themselves virtual prisoners


Bush Begs
Honey, I Blew Up The Deficit
Even Bush supporters were shocked to hear the president ask the nation for a staggering $87 billion to cover Iraqi expenses in the next year alone. The U.S. also needs troops from other nations to replace exhausted -- and increasingly angry -- American soldiers. Gaining support from the UN Security Council for help now will be quite a trick, given that just four months earlier, Bush arrogantly had told the UN that Iraq belongs to us. Today Bush finds himself dependent on the well-trained military of France and Germany to bail him out, as well as money from Europeans that are skeptical that he won't spend it wisely

 + UN Won't Help U.S. As Long As "Stooges" Run Iraq Government

 + Bush Now Desperately Needs UN Help

 + Bush To UN: Will You Help If We Let Iraqis Vote?
 + Bush Determined To "Spend What Is Necessary" To Conquer Iraq FREE!

Burma Boasts Nobel Laureate Not On Hunger Strike
Military dicatorship slams U.S. for gaffe

George Soros: I Will Fund "Regime Change" -- In The U.S.
Spending millions to prevent Bush re-election

With Apartheid Wall, Palestinian Complaints Grow
Original route creeping deeper into Palestinan territory at urging of Israeli colonies

Israel Destroys Chances for Peace By Destroying Palestinian Leadership FREE!
Israel seeks upper hand via permanent conflict

Israel Calls Assassination A Form Of Defense
Policy of preemptive "targeted killing" called war crime

For Israel, Arafat Is Distraction From Failed Policy
"Sharon doesn't have a peace agenda and so it is comfortable for him to hide behind Arafat"

Bush Breaks Promise On AIDS Funding, Activists Say
$3 billion/yr emergency AIDS funding ends up at $400 million for AIDS, TB & Malaria
Americans Among World's Most Ignorant About Global WarmingFREE!
Mexicans best informed about causes
Modern Global Warming More Damaging Than In PastFREE!
Species won't be able to adapt by moving to new habitats

Cheney Loses Court Battle Over Secret Energy Meet
Supreme Court last hope for VP to keep Task Force meetings secret

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Wesley Clark and Ratko Mladic Repubs Attack Wesley Clark Over Photo With War Criminal
GOP tries to create furor over 1994 snapshot with U.S. ally

Bush Spending Millions On Study Of Private-Run Interior Dept FREE!
Originally called for privatizing up to 850,000 jobs

Bush EPA Nominee Faces Angry Senators FREE!
Open war on Bush's environmental record

General Wesley Clark Becomes Anti-War Fave Overnight
Most credible critic of Bush invasion of Iraq
Dems Won't Call For Probe Into Bush WMD Claims FREE!
Say issue has been "eclipsed" by Bush's request for $87 billion
The New Howard Dean An Improvement Over Old Version FREE!
The Dems aren't celebrating the energy and excitement that Dean is generating
The Candidate Who Could Beat Bush, But Won't Run FREE!
Bill Richardson in the Demo tradition of "should-of" candidates
Energy Politics Overshadow House Blackout Inquiry FREE!
"No one knows who is ultimately responsible for ensuring reliability"

Japan Not Rearming, Despite Troops To Iraq
Hawks that want buildup to fight North Korea still in minority

Chile's Top Rated TV News Show -- With Puppets
Innovative kid's news show mixes satire with coverage of real issues

IMF Programs Often Fail, Internal Audit Shows
Pushed by World Bank and biggest developed nations as requirement for loans

NIKE Held Liable For False Sweatshop Claims
Corporations can be held liable for lies in ads

Zimbabwe Officals Grabbed Prime Land Under Reforms
Refuse to give up farms and hunting preserves illegally taken under land reform

Unprecedented Jump In Health Insurance Scams Since Bush Presidency FREE!
Over 100,000 screwed by bogus insurance policies since 2001

U.S. Leads Arms Sales to Mideast, Asia
Half of all deals in last year made with U.S. arms manufacturers

Bush Wants To Speed Up Environmental Reviews FREE!
Rushing through analysis of timber sales and other environmental impacts

Human Rights Groups Demand Bush Suspend Military Aid To Colombia
$30 million will end up supporting death squads
Few places to walk to in the 'burbs, where residents get less casual exercise
Urban Sprawl Leads To Fat, Less Healthy People FREE!
Dense urban environs healthier than the suburbs

Unprecedented 20 Million Mexicans Have Hand- To- Mouth Jobs
3 out of 4 new jobs since Fox became president in 2000

Nike PR on Trial
A historic challenge to claim that corporations have "free speech"

"Guantanamo Spy" Claims Look Like Replay Of Wen Ho Lee Case
Governmet presses heavy publicity of "Asian traitor" theme

Bush "No Child Left Behind" Built On Fraud FREE!
Houston school system claims were deception reminiscent of Enron

Grasso Deal Was Legal, But Doesn't Pass The Smell Test FREE!
Secret pay negotiations, secret pay award, and secret salary

Am I An 'Angry Lefty?' Yes, And I've Got Company FREE!
That old cliche -- "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention" -- fits perfectly

Can Bush's Three Wars Come To An End?
15 die every day from cluster bombs alone

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + The Grasso Case: Scandal As Usual
 + Even Repubs Starting To Gripe Bush Is A Sorry Excuse
 + Dick Cheney Assumes The Ostrich Position
 + Can't We Please Start This All Over?
 + Crucial Insurance Battle Underway In Texas
 + The New Bush Bait And Switch
 + Just Fix The Iraq Mess, Okay?
 + Holding The Bush Gang Accountable For The WMD Tales
 + The Most Anti-Labor Administration In Memory
 + A Qualified Governor Would Be A Nice Idea

 + How Can Women Vote For Schwarzenegger?
 + The White House's Cynical Iraq Ploy
 + An $87 Billion Admission Of Failure
 + Wanted: A President That Isn't So Gullible
 + Compared To Arnold, Bustamante -- And Reagan -- Look Good

 } Robert Scheer

 + Let's Not Pretty-Up Wesley Clark
 + Media And The Get-Rich Con
 + The Most Shameful Moment For PBS NewsHour
 + Echoes Of Vietnam-Era Editorials

 } Norman Solomon

 + Alan Dershowitz, Plagarist
 + Hiking Light With Bruce Anderson
 + Waiting For The Neo-Con Downfall
 + Dec. 2002 Memo Predicted Current Iraq Mess
 + UN Handmaiden To U.S. In Iraq

 } Alexander Cockburn

Edward Said and George Plimpton

Surprise Party For Edward Said
The shout went up from 70 throats, "Happy Birthday!" He reeled back in surprise and then recovered, and then saw about the room all those friends happy to have traveled thousands of miles to shake his hand. I could see him slowly expand with joy at each new unexpected face and salutation

One-Handed Pool At George Plimpton's FREE!
I was a kid, greedy for attention, willing to let him suffer so I could have my few minutes of game. That's the part I didn't write about later in a piece for the Village Voice called, "The Art of One-Handed Pool." But on a personal level, the experience dug deeper and deeper into me

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