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gm protest
Members of the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) demonstrate against genetically-modified crops in front of Agricultural Ministry in Brasilia, September 23, 2003.   REUTERS/Jamil Bittar

Without public approval and often against the wishes of farmers, genetically-modified (GM) crops now blanket more than 45 million acres in Latin America. Sometimes, the crop is illegal; Mexico has banned GM corn seed in a bid to protect the important plant that originated there, but transgenetic corn can now be found throughout the nation. Other countries welcome the modified plants because any challenge to industry claims of safety are met with threats, lawsuits -- and pressure from the Bush administration. Brazil's state of Parana, which has crucial agricultural seaports, has defied the goverment by banning GM soybeans, even if they are only to be exported out of the country. Brazil also faces a dilemma because farmers with GM crops can't legally spray Monsanto's ROUNDUP, an herbicide that the give modified plants an edge because they aren't killed. But new experiments in Britian prove that allowing only the gene-modified crop to survive means fewer birds and insects that live off the weeds that normally grow with crop

 + GM Crops Blanket Latin America

 + Confrontation As Brazil State Rejects Government OK For GM Crops

 + GM Crops Get Bad Marks In New Experiments

 + GM Corn Now Widspread In Mexico, Despite Ban
 + Book Claims FDA Blocked Probe Into Biotech Food Safety FREE!

Worst Attacks On U.S. Forces Since Start Of Iraq Occupation
Bush hawks urge swift and bloody retaliation

October Attacks Mark Escalation In Iraq Resistance
More deadly and sophisticated bombs kill 35

Pentagon Not Investigating Iraq Civilian Deaths
U.S. military has not kept track of civilians killed by U.S. forces

U.S. Soldiers To Be Tried For Reporter's Death In Iraq
Opened fire on hotel with most journalists covering Iraq War combat

TV Media Misled U.S. Public On Iraq War, Study Finds
"Dangerously revealing study" finds commercial networks recited what White House wanted

Bush Accusations At Iran Aimed At Justifying Regime Change
Volley of accusations another pre-emptive excuse for political or military action

Fear, Anger Grow In Iran As Nuke Deadline Nears
Israel reportedly has missiles aimed at nuclear sites

Don't Attack Iran, Crisis Group Warns Bush
White House under intense pressure from neo-cons to invade

U.S. Looking To Israel For Lessons In Occupation
Iraqis are to U.S. as Palestinians are to Israelis

Don't Blame Attacks In Iraq On "Foreign Fighters"
The rest of the world is not buying simplistic Bush explanation for rising attacks

Iraqi Women Face Rape, Kidnapping
Rape and kidnapping cases run well into the thousands

UN Failure To Protect Staff Lead To Deadly Baghdad Bombing
Report finds UN should have known "there is no place without risk in Iraq"

Daily Life Harder For Most Iraqis Since Invasion
Unemployment around 80 percent, food harder to find

Iranian Peace Prize Winner: A Different Path to Mideast Freedom
Why isn't Bush supporting people like Nobel winner Shirin Ebadi?

Iran Hardliners Downplay Shirin Ebadi Nobel Prize
Conservative critics unhappy that critic getting international spotlight

Mr. Sexual Predator Goes To Sacramento
Mexico's Fox To Press Schwarzenegger On Immigrants
Many aliens distrust new governor for connections to hated Prop. 187

Kudos To LA Times For Schwarzenegger "Groper" Stories
Not so much a story about sex as the abuse of power
Will Schwarzenegger Deregulate California Energy? FREE!
Promised during campaign to follow Texas model and deregulate electricity market
Enron May Have Influenced Probe On Calif Power CrisisFREE!
Schwarzenegger expected to quickly settle energy crisis lawsuits, many of which name Enron

Chaos In Iraq Blocks Millions Of Refugees From Returning Home
Estimated 4 million that fled during Saddam years ready to repatriate

Iraqi Council Invites Total Foreign Ownership Of Iraqi Businesses
Only oil production exempt, and because U.S. claims special rights

IMF, World Bank Consider Iraq's Future
No real progress possible as long as guerrilla war continues

Bush Punishes Still More Nations For Backing International Criminal Court
The first sanction in U.S. diplomatic history targeted exclusively at democracies

In Muslim World, Anti-U.S. Feelings Now Prevail
U.S. seen as the basic problem, not the country with remedies

Afghan Crime Rate Skyrockets
Reconstruction efforts may have to be abandoned

Iraq Sunni Minority Seethes Under U.S. Occupation
Saddam's ethnic group blamed for anything that goes wrong in their region

Shi'ite Iraqi Leader Calls For United Resistance With Sunnis
Shift from call for peaceful resistance of U.S. occupation

The Pentagon Unleashes A Holy Warrior
Intolerant extremist Gen. Jerry Boykin named to high Defense post

Israel's raid on Syria

Israel defended its October 6 attack on Syria by borrowng a page from President Bush: Israel said it was only expanding its own "war on terror," and that Syria had forfeited its immunity by allowing terror organizations like Islamic Jihad to operate on its soil. Bush immediately spoke out in approval. "Israel's got a right to defend herself, that Israel must not feel constrained in defending the homeland." But what is the U.S. trying to say, by supporting the first such strike by Israel against Syria in 30 years? It serves to show how far the neo-cons have succeeded in aligning U.S. policy with the right-wing government in Israel

 + Israel Attack On Syria Raises Fears Of Escalation

 + Israel Declares Determination To "Change Behavior" Of Syria

 + Attack On Syria A Top Goal For U.S. Neo-Conservative Extremists
 + Stage Four In The Terror War FREE!

 + Syria Hawk Given A Top White House Post

Bush Threat To Withold Israel $$ Over Apartheid Wall Called "Sham"
U.S. will "deduct" part of $9 billion donation, but amount is expected to be made up elsewhere

Israel Shaken As Pilots Protest Bombing Palestinian Civilians
Government, military leaders slam pilots for "sticking a knife in the back"

Israel At New High As Superpower Of Mideast
With Saddam gone, turning attention to Iran "threat"

India, Pakistan In Full-Blown Nuclear Arms Race
Both prepare for massive attack on longtime foe

Despite Failures, Pentagon Bets It All On Special-Ops Forces
Failure to control Iraq, Afghanistan show military's weakness

U.S. Returns To UNESCO, Confrontations Immediately Begin
Demands seat on executive council, dropping of cultural diversity protection

Groups Angry That Bush Only Hits Prostitution For Human Trafficking
Ignore agriculture, domestic workers, factory work

Pope Curbed Church's Progressive Latin Wing
Efforts to end poverty, protect human rights pushed to side over last 25 years

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round President Cheney, VP Libby
With every passing month, Dick Cheney emerges as the power center

Broad Coalition Formed To Oppose "Bush Empire"
Unique alliance of groups on left, right, and centrist
AmeriCorps Near Collapse, Despite Bush Promises FREE!
Emergency funds cut after he pledged to expand program in State Of Union speech

Cheney Emerging As Top Zealot In Bush Admin
Recent comments on Iraq make even Rumsfield look like pragmatist

Bush Nominates Right-Wing Activist To UNESCO Post
Former president of GOPAC called "uniquely unqualified" for UN ambassador role

The State of Palestine
Marwan Barghouti
Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) member imprisoned by Israel since April 2002 for his activities as a popular leader of the uprising
The Palestinian intifada completed its third year on September 28, and after three years, the two targets of the uprising -- the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority (PA) -- still stand.

But most Palestinians admit that, in many respects, their personal and collective political status has in fact deteriorated.

Militant groups' attacks on Israeli civilians inside the Green Line, such as the October 4 suicide bombing that killed 19 Israelis in Haifa, continue to arouse deep disquiet among Palestinians, disquiet that is not limited to fear of Israeli reprisal.

Confusion reigns: what have we achieved? Where are we going? What is coming next? Nobody seems to know. "The situation" is not moving in any particular direction, despite the fact that Israeli forces have been killing a steady stream of Islamist activists in the summer and early fall, and that Islamist groups have retaliated with bombings inside Israel

Ecuador Sending Army To Protect Foreign Oil Workers From Indians
Says Natives are "illegally" blocking Chevron-Texaco from oil exploration on their lands

Contaminated Chinese Honey Puts Sara Lee, Smuckers In Sticky Situation FREE!
Elaborate smuggling operations to relabel honey as coming from other nations

India Building Risky Fast-Breeder Nuclear Reactors
Abandoned by United States, France and Japan because of safety concerns

Paraguay Most Corrupt Country In S America
4th worst in entire world

Latin America Poverty Creates Boom In Child Sex Rings
Exploited by U.S. and European tourists

Most U.S. Forces Pull Out of Liberia
UN faces challenge with 1 out of 5 Liberians a refugee
Pentagon Wants More Time To Destroy Toxic Biochemical Arsenal FREE!
Claims it can't even destroy half of stockpile before 2008
Global Village Market Leads To Quickly Emerging New Diseases FREE!
In today's global marketplace, wildlife is just another commodity

SARS-Like Pandemics Will Continue To Haunt
Close proximity of humans and wild animals in the world's cities becomes growing risk

IMF Policy Source Of Deep Unrest In Bolivia
Anger at economic policies that impoverish locals while enriching foreign companies

Arms Sales To Latin America Soar
Colombia now the biggest recipient of U.S. aid after Israel and Egypt

Researchers are now coming to better understand the cascade of changes that can take place in an ecosystem when an important component, such as the wolf in Yellowstone Park, is removed
Study Finds Wolves Rebalancing Yellowstone Ecosystem FREE!
Feeding on other animals that have nearly wiped out some trees, plants

Native Language On Rise In Mexico
"The language of rain" reviving with Mixtec people of southern Mexico

Romanians Long For Good Old Days Of Dracula In Modern Corrupt Society
Bribes demanded for even the most basic public services
Burma's Dictatorship Stripping Ancient Forests FREE!
Cash-poor military government letting Chinese loggers wipe out old-growth rainforests

Tests Show People More Likely To Shoot Black Men Than Whites FREE!
Fast response behavior reveals unconscious attitudes about race and fear

U.S. Religious, Racial Profiling Growing, Experts Testify
"We are heading to a society where everything is based on secrecy"

The Allure Of Al Qaeda To Young, Jobless Muslim Men
Al Qaeda offered dreams to those without jobs and unable to marry

Fake Letter From Soldier In Iraq Was Desperate PR Move FREE!
Secret pay negotiations, secret pay award, and secret salary

Lethal Injection May Not Be Painless And Humane FREE!
Chemicals include drug that paralyzes skeletal muscles but not brain or nerves

Who Pays For Iraq? FREE!
Dear Fox News, Wall St. Journal, and other hawks: You pay. Leave me out of it

Arnold's Next Script: Debt And Taxes
Better forget those "no tax" promises pronto

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Bush Lies Tumble Out
 + Tom DeLay's Bold Stand For Demon Rum
 + Bush: Like The Guy, Hate The Policies
 + Financial System Alarm Bells Ringing, Big-time
 + Scandals Gather
 + Our Chaos In Iraq
 + Bush Reasons For Iraq War Still Shifting
 + Demo Candidate Pack Doesn't Look Bad, After All

 + Schwarzenegger Misconduct Just 'Frat-Boy Behavior'?
 + Limbaugh's Drug Use The Least Of His Crimes
 + Only Clark Can Challenge Bush Foreign Policy
 + Who's Writing Schwarzenegger's Script?

 } Robert Scheer

 + The Politics of Media Filtration
 + The Booming Deception Industry
 + Lessons For The Next Recall
 + The "Anti-American" Smear Against Critics

 } Norman Solomon

 + Monsanto Plans For Biotech World Conquest Face Setback
 + Did The Brits Blackmail David Kelly Before Suicide?
 + Bush, Blair, Sinking Together

 } Alexander Cockburn

limbaugh in jail

Justice Should Treat Rush Limbaugh Like Any Other Junkie FREE!
Limbaugh's camp has to be relieved -- indeed ecstatic -- that the so-called "liberals and media" are squandering this moment to voice support for what is essentially a foregone conclusion. If political elites like the Limbaughs and Bushes of the world had to suffer the devastating penalties for drug use that hundreds of thousands of nameless others face on a daily basis, this drug war would come to a halt in short order. What is needed now, it seems, is less " and neither should you be incarcerated, Rush" and more hard-hitting analysis uncovering why the Limbaughs of the world are less likely to have their lives destroyed by draconian drug laws

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