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Pentagon Crosses Line With New Domestic Spying, Police Powers
The government is daily expanding military operations into areas of local government and law enforcement that historically have been off-limits

U.S. Now In Control Of Iraq Multi-Billion $$ "Oil For Food" Program
CPA, headed by U.S. envoy Paul Bremer, will get $7-10B per year

FTAA: Worse Than NAFTA, Worse Than WTO
Bush administration deals open Latin America to unprecedented exploitation (news feature below)

Reagan, AIDS, & CBS
FREE! For the first time in television history, a network has cancelled a broadcast under political pressure. But "historical inaccuracies" probably weren't the true cause of the furor -- it was what the film reminded viewers about the true, shameful, Reagan legacy

Bush Appears To Hit Panic Button After Latest Bad News In Iraq
Leak of pessimistic CIA report, more attacks, lead to urgent summit with Bremer

Escalation Of Military Force In Iraq Will Backfire, Experts Say
"I don't know what the hell they are thinking," says a ranking U.S. officer

CIA Report From Iraq Nothing But Bad News
Growing numbers of Iraqis believe that the occupation can be defeated

Iraq Chaos Puts U.S.-Chosen Council Failures In Spotlight
"It is not 24 people, it's almost 24 different ideologies"

U.S. Hasn't Accounted For $4 Billion In Seized Iraq Cash
Charges that assets going to contracts with U.S. corporations

Bush Mideast "Freedom Strategy" Gets Poor Reviews
Arab nations see call for democracy as hypocritical while U.S. military occupation of Iraq

U.S. To Block World Bank Aid To Iran
Washington neo-cons see a weakened Iran as less a "threat"

Immigrant Workers Facing Health Problems From Ground Zero Cleanup
Some told to remove face masks to keep co-workers from requesting them

Neo-Cons Snipe At Rumsfeld Over Iraq Failures
"Long, hard slog" memo seen as subverting the grand Bush Doctrine

Dissolving Iraq Army Was #1 U.S. Mistake
12 percent of the population now without careers, resents U.S.


Miami police taser protester
Hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police in Miami to protest FTAA negotiations
As negotiators met in Miami to discuss the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), the Bush administration worked behind closed doors to strike individual deals with South and Central American nations that were even worse than proposals for the trade pact. Fearing a re-run of the defeat two months ago in Cancun, when developing countries successfully banded together and blocked the rich nations, the U.S. took a more aggressive and threatening approach to isolate its critics with separate deals, which will give U.S. and Canadian corporations full access to the economies of poor nations without guarantees on protecting the environment, workers' rights or national social programs. Practices that Washington says discourage trade -- including hygiene regulations -- would not be allowed. But the worst part may be rules that would setback advances made in improving access to low-cost medicines. Even the WTO had recognized the right of poor countries to import inexpensive generic medicines, but the U.S. now wants to revoke those safeguards



 + FTAA Talks Quit Abruptly, Avoids Another Summit Stalemate

 + FTAA Talks A Matter Of Life And Death, Doctors Warn

 + Critics of FTAA Given Just 90 Minutes To Present Arguments
 + Florida Oranges Just One Industry FTAA May DestroyFREE!

 + U.S. Strikes Side Deals At FTAA Talks

 + FTAA Ignores Harm To Women From Previous Trade Pacts

 + U.S. Plans To Squeeze FTAA Opponents
 + Delegates, Protesters Converge On Miami For FTAA Summit FREE!

WTO Struggles To Regroup After Cancun Summit Disaster
U.S. and other trade powers showing no interest in renewing discussions

NAFTA Created Decade Of Disaster For Mexico, Two Studies Find
Poverty has skyrocketed, leading to illegal immigration to U.S.

Muslims Snub White House Ramadan Dinner
"It seems that the only time this administration wants to meet with us is for photo opportunities"

Iranian Peace Prize Winner Challenges Western Feminists
Feminism from within Islam, not in confrontation to it

Confrontation Imminent Over California Immigrant Driver License
Schwarzenegger under pressure from advisors, right-wing
Last-Minute Dirty Trick By Schwarzenegger Campaign FREE!
Spread story that smeared woman making sex assault charge

Bush Cronies Hit $8 Billion Jackpot In Iraq, Afghanistan
All big donors to Bush presidential campaign

U.S. Shuts Out Local Companies From Contracts, Iraqis Say
Halliburton, Bechtel said to only be giving lucrative deals to select group of Iraqi contractors

Baghdad Schools Become Latest Battleground
Children fear attacks because security not a priority


Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld gets a handshake from Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi but no troops. The anxious-looking woman in the background is presumably a translator
With Iraq rocked by increasing violence against U.S.-led occupation forces, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld called for allies to supply "a lot of troops" for duty in Iraq. But the only good news was that South Korea agreed to send up to 3,000 soldiers, and that 178 Filipino soldiers, policemen and social and health workers are on their way to Iraq, as well as 128 Portugese soldiers. Japan won't send any peacekeeping forces until possibly sometime next year, and the hoped-for 10,000 troops from Turkey, won't be going at all

(BACKGROUND on "Coalition of the Willing")

 + Sorry, No Troops For Iraq, Japan Says

 + Sorry, No Troops For Iraq, Turkey Says

 + Portugal Sending 128 Soldiers To Iraq

 + Philippines Will Pull Soldiers Out Of Iraq If Endangered

Kofi Annan Walks Tightrope Between Bush And Rest Of World
Trying to protect UN as White House seeks to undermine it

Private Armies Growing In Iraq, Afghanistan
Sign that U.S.-British alliance getting stretched thin

Terrorism-Expert Industry Booming
Members of Pentagon's Defense Policy Board profit from moonlight consulting

Bush Has Polarized U.S, Study Finds
Greatest division between Demos and Repubs in 15 years

Bush Crowd Steps Up Political Pressure To Reject Global Warming Accord
Bush Admin follows oil companies lead in vigorously denying climate change

EPA even won't prosecute companies that have already been found in violation of the law

Israeli Human Rights Abuses Worst In 35 Years, UN Panel Finds
Israel says human rights treaties don't apply to occupied territories

One Meal A Day For Most Palestinians, UN Reports
Area is "on the verge of humanitarian catastrophe," UN says

One In Five Israelis Now Living In Poverty
Warnings that nation would face civil war without welfare benefits

Israel Courts Block Unions From General Strike
Government wants to seize pension funds amid economic crisis

Israel Assassination Retaliation Leads To Dead Civilians
Missle strikes in heart of crowded refugee camp

Bush Lets Clean Air Act Violators Off the Hook FREE!
"The White House's policy is to coddle the big polluters, and the public be damned"

Is Bush Moving Away From Hard-Right Cheney "Iron Triangle?"
Taking Pentagon control away from Iraq crisis policy, softened language towards "Axis of Evil" nations

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round "Hooters And Polluters" Energy Bill Defeated For Now FREE!
Even some Senate Repubs choked on multi-billion dollar industry giveaways

Was Leak Of "The Memo" A Desperate Ploy By Neo-Cons?
Shows Feith justified Iraq invasion on anonymous or third-hand reports
No Oversight Of Mutual Funds By SEC, Chairman Admits FREE!
But insists that self-regulation will prevent future abuses

Bring Me The Head Of Douglas Feith
Virtually everything that has gone wrong in Iraq linked directly to his office

Major Pentagon Hawk Abruptly Resigns
"It's all about re-election and how to get rid of the loonies without looking like they screwed up"

Inside the Mikhail Khodorkovsky empire
Witness for the prosecution
FREE! New documents offer a window on the dramatic rise and fall of billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian oil tycoon and that nation's richest man. He is now being held in prison following seizure of his oil company Yukos, Russia's largest petroleum exploration and development firm. Khodorkovsky has not been convicted of any crime, however, and has repeatedly described his imprisonment as a political strike against him by President Vladimir Putin resulting from Khodorkopvsky's interest in seeking the Russian presidency. But documents turned over to authorities reveal a complex scam where shell corporations with similar sounding names were used to trick banks, investors, and if all went well, someday get a listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Key to the scheme was Yelena Collongues-Popova, who is now working with prosecutors to reveal details of the greatest money laundering scheme in financial history

Russia's Richest Man Arrested, Charged With Fraud
Arrest of oil tycoon causes immediate stock drop of $15 billion

Landmark Trial Against ChevronTexaco Pollution Begins
First time U.S. oil company brought to court for environmental damage

A Year Later, Prestige Oil Spill Continues FREE!
Worst oil spill in history estimated to have killed 300,000 sea birds

Black Georgia Neighborhood Gets Taste Of Environmental Racism
13 of Gainesville's 15 toxic-producing industries are located around Black community

India Is Dumping Ground For Mercury
Under India's weak environmental law, Europe, Russia, and U.S. dump 3000 tons of toxics

Bush Hawks Forced To Take Back Seat On China
Normalizing ties after long resistance by Rumsfeld, Cheney crowd

U.S. Invokes Obscure 19th Century Law To Hassle Greenpeace
Won't let ship dock in Miami under 1872 law keeping boarding-house owners from luring sailors
Greenpeace In Confrontations Over Amazon Logging FREE!
300 angry loggers threaten forest activists

Greenpeace action against Amazon logging EU "Water Mafia" Scheming To Privatize E Europe Utilities
Helping private companies for taking over public water companies

Rwanda Women Take Lead In Reconstruction
Women, girls became 70% of Rwanda's population after 800,000 slaughtered in 1994

Two Years And Counting For Forgotten Refugees On Nauru
Australia keeps asylum seekers from Iraq, Afghanistan in remote island camp

Call For Boycott Of "Lonely Planet" Travel Co
Has ignored human rights groups calling for Burma boycott

UN Ties Diamond Giant De Beers To Looting Of Congo Resources
Company denies link to global smuggling operations worth up to $450 million per year
Poor Children on Mexico-U.S. Border Dying from Air Pollution FREE!
Linked to diesel truck emissions of 1 millon+ trucks

Tiger Force And Forgetting America's Crimes In Vietnam
U.S. media ignores recent shocking revelations of atrocities and coverup

Wal-Mart Dragging America Down FREE!
Taxpayers subsidize underpaid workers for nation's biggest employer

Iraq Just The First American War Over Natural Resources FREE!
U.S. can't indefinitely grab anything it wants in the world

Like Stalinist Russia, Bush Admin Demands Reporters Pay For Access FREE!
White House knows restricting access to news sources means control over media

Spending More, But Losing The War On Cancer FREE!
Pro-industry agenda of American Cancer Society shown by tiny prevention research budget

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Cointelpro Is Back
 + Record Shattering Bad Legislation
 + No Accountability Required
 + If Bush Doesn't Admit The Bad News, It Doesn't Exist
 + Bush "Stay The Course" Becomes "Cut And Run"
 + Medicare Bill A Stunning Giveaway To Drug Companies
 + Reagan Docudrama Another Pointless Debate
 + The Mutual Fund Betrayal
 + Pentagon PR Ignores Dead, Injured Soldiers

 + GOP Takes Lowest Road
 + Shades Of Vietnam
 + Mr. President, You're No Moses
 + How Many Body Bags?
 + Scapegoating Illegal Workers Won't Seal the Borders

 } Robert Scheer

 + Linking Iraq Occupation With "War On Terrorism"
 + Brazil Learns Tough Lessons About Media Control
 + The Ungrateful President
 + The Steady Theft of Our Time

 } Norman Solomon

 + Tasers And Rubber Bullets In Miami
 + London Visit By Global Tyrant Murdoch
 + 31 Million Americans Looking For Soup Kitchen Lines
 + Clintonomics was Foundation For The Bush Era
 + Krugman's World

 } Alexander Cockburn

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