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Al-Jazeera Saddam
Most Iraqis viewed Saddam's capture on satellite channels like Al-Jazeera, but it wasn't the version of the story that Bush wanted the Mideast to see
With little coverage in the United States, the Pentagon has opened a second front in Iraq to wage information warfare, setting up radio and TV stations to broadcast a good news message to Iraqis, even as the Pentagon seeks to censor and restrict popular Arabic satellite stations. But the White House is also trying to control U.S. media coverage of the Iraq occupation via an unprecedented operation intended to compete with American television networks


 + U.S. Wants Media Monopoly In Iraq

 + U.S. Gives Iraq Media Control To Mysterious Pentagon Contractor
 + Iraqis Prefer Satellite Channels To Fledgling State TV FREE!

 + U.S. Tries To Censor Major Satellite Broadcasters In Iraq

 + Rumsfeld Says Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, Working With "Insurgents"

 + Pentagon's Plan To Bypass U.S. TV Networks

On one point, all sources appear to agree: what happened in Samarra last Sunday could tell us a great deal about whether U.S. forces are likely to succeed or fail in pacifying and stabilizing Iraq

Bush's Colonialism Will Only Deepen Iraq Resistance FREE!
Large-scale repression only helps to unite the population against the occupiers

Samarra Massacre Bodes Ill For U.S. In Iraq
In its action, the U.S. military has offended almost everyone in Iraq at one fell swoop

Israel Training U.S. Assassins In Iraq
"Preemptive manhunting" sounds uncomfortably like Vietnam War "Operation Phoenix"

U.S. Arrests Iraqi Union Leaders
Efforts intended to paralyze Iraq's new labor unions

"This Could Go Either Way" Say Experts Back From Iraq
U.S. administrators and troops isolated from increasingly hostile population

Miami police
The AFL-CIO is among groups for state and federal investigations into police violence during the FTAA protests in Miami. Note that no badge or other ID is found on the officer shown here
FTAA MELTDOWN IN MIAMI FREE! The U.S. was determined to score a diplomatic victory for its trade agenda as well as avoiding another debacle like the WTO meeting in September. But the 350-page draft remained unopened in Miami. If anyone had insisted on debate or consensus, the FTAA would have collapsed. As one observer said of the bizarre scene "it was so fragile it could come apart on any detail. Everyone was scared shitless." When a delegate asked if the FTAA would reach its January 2005 deadline, the U.S. and Brazilian co-chairs became visibly upset and the meeting ended abruptly, some 30 hours ahead of schedule

Miami Police Violence Called "A Model For Homeland Defense" FREE!
Militarized policing with generous "War on Terror" funding

Second Pakistan Assassination Attempt Means Trouble For Key Bush Ally
How could killers come so close twice in same month?

Iraq Contracts Reveal Bush True Intentions, Critics Say
$18.6 billion in reconstruction deals earmarked for Bush collaborators

Long-Term Health Effects Of Iraq War Unknown
Death and injury toll far higher than many people imagined, medical report says

Optimistic Milosevic Plots Comeback From Prison Cell
Running for parliament even during trial before International Criminal Tribunal

Unofficial Mideast Peace Plan Met With Israeli Criticism, Threats
Palestinian hard-liners also denounce plan based on Oslo accords

Israel Hardliners Rush To Discredit New Peace Plan
Bush Admin abruptly cancels meetings with peacemakers signing Geneva Accord

Will Washington Allow Geneva Peace Plan To Work? FREE!
Uncritical support for Ariel Sharon undermines hope of accord

Without Israel Or Palestine Involved, Mideast Peace Plan Approved
"We cannot wait while the future of our two nations slides deeper into catastrophe"

Bush Seeks UN Approval For Rushed Iraq Transition
Skeptics scoff as White House turns once more to UN for legitimacy

Is Iraq To Be New Home For Overseas Military Bases?
Shift from Germany, W Europe to be closer to geat oil fields

CAFTA Trade Deal Threatens Affordable AIDS Drugs In Central America
Could force poorest countries to pay top dollar to U.S. drug companies

U.S. Using 9/11 To Attack Human Rights, Nobel Winner Says
"Democracy should not be used to attack other countries," Shirin Ebadi says in accepting award

U.S. Releases "Guantanamo Spy," But Charges Him With Internet Porn
Called trumped-up issue to allow Bush Admin to save face

Schwarzenegger Knows "Art Of The Deal," First Weeks Show
Turns explosive issue of driver's licenses for immigrants into poker chip
Baghdad Parks Off-Limits To Iraqis FREE!
Recreational areas taken over by Americans as safety "green zones"
A 3rd Infantry Division soldier looks at Uday Hussein's cheetahs at the Baghdad Zoo, which is the only park in Baghdad that has not been declared a military zone by occupying forces and marked as off-limits to Iraqis. In September, Iraqis were outraged when an American soldier attending a a private after-hours party at the zoo shot and killed a rare Bengal tiger in its cage
Iraq Factories Fight Against Flood Of Cheap Goods FREE!
Manufacturing difficult without reliable electricity and supplies

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Now Joint Operation
Not members of PLO, so not tied to any truce negotiations

Colombia Cocaine Industry Turns Poor Into Drug Traffickers
A few hours travel can feed a poor family for months

U.S. Warned Over Collective Punishment In Iraq
Military following Israel's lead in destroying homes of suspected loyalists or terrorists

Don't Send Home The Chinese Muslims At Guantanamo, Rights Group Says
Over a dozen captives held by U.S. are likely to be tortured by China

Oil Companies Aid Sudan In Repression, Report Says
Using company roads, airfields to launch attacks on civilians

The Capture of Saddam Hussein

Paul Bremer and saddam
Iraq adminstrator Paul Bremer views the humiliation of Saddam Hussein
Saddam's capture came as a result of a policy change by U.S. occupation forces, following the White House "absolute panic" in November. But having the former dictator in custody creates a new set of problems, most serious being open civil war between the Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims. The now-famous pictures of Saddam's humiliating exam could also cause problems in the Mideast because it shows that even the most repressive leaders - usually U.S. allies - are human after all. And the trial of Saddam Hussein in open court could show that the U.S. was complicit in 1980s biowarfare against Iran and the Kurds

 + Saddam Capture Moves Iraq Closer To Civil War

 + Kurds Say They Captured Saddam, Not U.S.

 + Shifting Resources Away From WMD Search Led To Saddam Capture

 + The Problem Of What To Do With Saddam

 + Will U.S. Demand Secret Trial For Saddam?

 + Saddam's Humiliation Could Backfire On U.S. Allies

 + Count Saddam Down, But Not Out

Pro-Israel Senators Call For Sanctions Against Saudis
First demands that Saudi Arabia cooperate with terrorism probes

U.S. Casino Owner Funding Most Radical Israeli Extremists
Tens of milions of dollars to support controversial settlements inside Palestinian territories

Infamous Netzarim Israeli Colony Feeling Isolated, Betrayed
One Israeli soldier needed to protect each settler

IAEA Asks Israel To Turn In Secret Nuclear Arsenal
Warnings that nation would face civil war without welfare benefits

Israel Used "Banned Weapon" Against Palestinians
Has never admitted having 200 - 400 nuclear and thermonuclear weapons

Israeli Pilots Speak Out Against "Immoral And Illegal" Orders
"Because of the terrorism, we have become blinded by the blood on our own faces"

UN Documents Palestinian Newborns, Mothers, Dying At Israeli Checkpoints
Palestinian ambulances often delayed from reaching hospitals

EPA Drops Tight Restrictions On Worst Air Pollutant FREE!
Agency once called mercury the "toxic of greatest concern"

Anti-Choice "Nuremberg Files" Off The Internet -- For Now
Years of allegations that it served as "hit list" against abortion providers

U.S. Violates Policy By Selling Tools For Torture Worldwide
Bush Admin ignores licensing rules for exporting to nations using "persistent" torture

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Cheney A Liability For Bush Reelect, Repub Old Guard Thinks
Realists point out that Dick at the center of all policy disasters
How John Kerry Missed The Boat FREE!
Voting for a war he had to know was mistake election bid

Jim Baker's Return Spells Heartburn For Cheney
Long-time consiglieri to the Bush family another sign neo-cons in retreat

The General Unease With Wesley Clark
Prominent detractors include his three primary military bosses

White House Re-election Plan: Clip Wings Of Neo-con Hawks
Karl Rove's "no wars in 2004" game plan

Will Israel Attack Iran?

Iran's nuclear reactor is scheduled to be finished sometime next year
The last major hurdles for Iran's nuclear reactor cleared in late November, when the State Department backed away from a confrontation with Russia over the project and the UN backed away from slapping sanctions on Iran for its nuclear activities. The plant is now expected to be operational next year -- unless Israel launches a pre-emptive missle attack on Iran first. Analysts worry that the situation is similtor to 1981, when Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor that was under construction in a pre-emptive attack, although most experts believed it would take at least five years to make a nuclear weapon once the plant was completed. Israel justified the attack be saying that it had to act before the plant was loaded with nuclear fuel

 + Iran's Nuclear Reactor To Be Completed In 2004 FREE!

 + IAEA Condemns Iran, Rules Out Sanctions

 + Iran Suspends Uranium Enrichment Program - For Now

Right On The Rise Across Europe
1 in 5 French more extremist than Bush

World Bank Rejects Criticism And Funds Caspian Oil
Pipeline bypassing Russia more important than human rights, environmental worries
Bush Signs Anti-Forest "Healthy Forests" Act FREE!
Invitation for timber companies to play fast and loose with our national forests

Forest Act A New Low Point For Bush FREE!
Exploiting the public's justified fear of fires to boost logging

With Anti-Forest Law Passed, Bush Now Targets Endangered Species Act FREE!
National Fire Plan workers now make decisions that belonged to Fish and Wildlife biologists

"No Money, No Guns" Chant Angry Liberian Fighters
Disarmament of 40,000 combatants turns ugly as rampage ensues

Indonesia Nervous As Suharto's Daughter Runs For President
Worry about re-emergence of the old forces of former dictator

Bank Robbing Returns To Impoverished Balkans
300,000 percent inflation rate wiped out savings in former Yugoslavia

Safety Questions Persist After FDA Approval Of Meat Clones
No scientific research on safety of cloning of meat animals

Exxon Valdez Shows Oil Spills Have Longer, More Harmful Impact FREE!
Now estimated that it may take over 30 years to recover
No Doubt Of Link Between Humans And Global Warming, Researchers Say FREE!
Conclusive proof of industrial emissions overwhelming natural forces

Cities Alter Local Climates And May Affect Global Weather FREE!
Dense urban islands changing weather in unpredictable ways
Prawn farming has been associated with murder, child labor, illegal land seizures, large scale destruction of mangrove forests, land and water pollution
Ground Zero Special Ops Firefighters Took Heavy Chemical Hit FREE!
Unexpectedly high concentrations even found in those who arrived one, two days later

Consumers Would Be Shocked by True Cost Of Shrimp, Group Says FREE!
Widespread human rights, environmental abuses by multi-billion dollar industry

All Quiet On World's Coldest, Costliest Battlefield
India - Pakistan armies fighting over Kashmir glacier for two decades

Central Asia Ripe For Radical Islamic Movements
Corrupt, oil-rich nations with large Muslim populations living in poverty

Schwarzenegger Can Balance Calif Budget By Cutting Back On Prisons
State prison system has $5.3 billion dollar budget and nearly 160,000 inmates

SF Mayor Race Energized Youth Like Dean Campaign
Matt Gonzalez campaign became part of a social movement for young urban whites

CIA Taught Muslim Guerillas The ABCs Of Terrorism
Recent downing of helicopters in Iraq yet another example

"No Child Left Behind" Turning Education Into Farce
As time goes on, the failure list will get bigger and bigger"

Carrie Butler And Strom Thurmond
We owe it to Carrie Butler not to gloss over the harsh world she lived in

If The Green River Killer Doesn't Deserve Death, Who Does?
If a society allows execution, shouldn't plea bargains be forbidden?

Bush Finds New Way To Slant Science For Special Interests
Unprecedented standards of who is qualified to do peer review

A Chance For Peace In The Diamond War
Efforts in Congo to send all diamonds through legitimate diamond markets

The Next Great Empire Belongs To India And China
Each with a population of one billion plus, and each with high literacy rates

The Unpardonable Lenny Bruce
Lenny raised questions that are still too hot for mainstream media to handle

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + We Wish You A Merry Empire
 + Holiday Book List
 + Iraq Marvels Of Hypocrisy
 + A Better Gift Than Another Popcorn Popper
 + Bush Chooses Polluting Political Donors Over Kid's Heath
 + The Corrupt Corporate Culture Run Amok
 + Dean's A Winner
 + GOP Breaks The Rules It Doesn't Like

 + Secrets, Lies and Media Privilege
 + We Got Him ... Now What?
 + The GOP Grabs For The Face On The Dime
 + Death Takes No Holiday In Iraq

 } Robert Scheer

 + Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2003
 + SF Mayor Race A Victory For Greens
 + Howard Dean Is Asking For Media Trouble
 + Pew Poll on "Trade" Doesn't Pass the Sniff Test

 } Norman Solomon

 + Five Good Causes To Support
 + How To Kill Saddam
 + Dean's Dilemma
 + Undemocratic UN Should Have No Role In Iraq

 } Alexander Cockburn

Mr. Rumsfeld, You're No Douglas MacArthur

History in the Remaking
Pulitzer Prize winner John W. Dower: Bush can't honestly compare Iraq reconstruction with postwar Japan. "The truth is that what is happening in Iraq presents a stunning and fundamental contrast to what took place in occupied Japan and Germany over half a century ago -- and not a positive one"

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