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U.S. Asking UN For Iraq Troops
But no offer to share power in occupied nation

California Recall All About National Politics, Natural Gas -- And Empire
The first battle in the struggle that will be decided by Nov. 2004 election

Schwarzenegger Dodges Questions About Meeting With Enron's Ken Lay
Part of secret gathering just before Bush turned down 2001 energy help for California

Clueless In California: Neither GOP Or Dems Have Recall Strategy FREE!
"This is just explosive stuff," says Pat Caddell. "It tells me the Democrats don't understand what they are facing"

Bloody Attacks On 'Soft Targets' Spread Fear In Iraq
Spreading terror and more hatred of Americans by targeting peace workers, civilians

Baghdad Bomb Attack Shows Iraqi Also Blame UN
Many view as a 'tool' of U.S. since the 1991 sanctions authorized

Where Are The Missing WMD? Asks Top Iraq Weapons Expert
Former head inspector Butler "fascinated" by silence of Bush White House

UN Blames Bush For Attack On UN Iraq Compound
"We have been in Iraq for 12+ years and nothing like this had happened"

Iran Offers Bush A Deal He Can't Refuse -- But Won't Accept
Will turn over al-Qaeda members if Bush agrees to make nice

Bush, Blair To Whistleblowers: We Will Destroy You FREE!
Dr. David Kelly's suicide by government

White House To Asia: Let's Make A Deal For Troops In Iraq
Offering generous weapons and increased military aid deals in exchange for peacekeeping forces

In Turnabout, Bush Must Depend On UN For Help
No other option except UN peacekeepers as American casualties in Iraq mount


Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
If the White House was truly misled on Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction, the trail of deception leads directly to Paul Wolfowitz and his Office of Special Plans. Set up by Wolfowitz after 9/11, the ad-hoc committee tried unsuccessfully to establish a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda and show that Iraq had an enormous arsenal of chemical, biological, and possibly even nuclear weapons that threatened the region and, potentially, the United States. Sometimes rewriting intelligence information on Iraq gathered by the CIA, the OSP also relied heavily upon Iraqi defectors that the State Department and other agencies dismissed as untrustworthy. Patrick Lang, the former head of worldwide human intelligence gathering for the Defense Intelligence Agency, which coordinates military intelligence, said the Office of Special Plans "cherry-picked the intelligence stream" in a bid to portray Iraq as an imminent threat But sources on Capitol Hill allege that the office of the Vice President and the National Security Council were fully aware that Wolfowitz's committee may not have been reliable, even as the OSP reports were being embraced by Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Condoleeza Rice.

 + Wolfowitz Group Twisted Info To Condemn Iraq

 + Wolfowitz Committee Behind Uranium Lie

 + CIA Director Tells Senators That Wolfowitz Group Manipulated Info

 + Bush Crowd Determined To Blame Saddam For 9/11

U.S. Asking Arab Nations For Troops To Fight Iraqi Resistance
Asking Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and 5 other nations for relief forces

Saudi Radical Wahhabis Moving Into Iraq
Islamist cult tied to Saudi princes funded much of Al Qaeda

Japan Sending Troops To Iraq
First military action without UN sanction

Japan's Hidden Agenda In Iraq
Paves the way for Japanese military action against North Korea

WWI postcard
When the U.S. entered WWI, America's relations with France and other European allies were warm, as shown on sentimental postcards from the day
With relations between the U.S. and Europe at a historic low point, diplomats meet and ask: do Europe and the U.S. still need each other?

GI Families Becoming Leaders In Iraq War Resistance
"They can't use] our children, our spouses, and our siblings. This is not our war"

Bush Punishes 35 Nations For Supporting International Criminal Court
Cuts aid to friendly countries makes U.S. "look foolish and mean-spirited"

Blame Anger At U.S, Not "Saddam Loyalists" For Iraq Violence
Desperate conditions under U.S. occupation

Declassified Report Shows Thin Basis for Iraq War
When the Bush administration starts declassifying top-secret documents, you've got to wonder what gives

Iraq Coalition War Crimes To Be Considered By Panel
Will determine if cluster bombs legal under international law

50th Anniversary Of Last U.S. Regime Change In Mideast
U.S. hasn't learned the lessons from 1953 overthrow of democratic movement in Iran

LA Talk Radio Plays Leading Role In Gray Davis Recall Campaign FREE!
Clear Channel-owned KFI probably crossed FCC line

No Evidence of Iran Nuke Weapon Program
Nuke energy program began with U.S. encouragement

Europe May Donate To Iraq Fund -- As Long As Bush Can't Touch Money
Donors did not want their money "paying for contracts for Halliburton"

UN War Crimes Court Wants Liberia's Exiled Taylor
Accused of backing Sierra Leone rebels who committed atrocities

Without Any Real Power From U.S, Iraq Council Begins Meetings
Hand-picked by the U.S. administrator

Protesters At UN Taunt New Iraq Diplomats
"If this is an indication of democracy -- as preached by the United States -- Iraq is in deep trouble"

Al Qaeda Now Unable To Match Sept 11 Attack, Commission Told FREE!
Right-wingers try to pin 9/11 on Saddam

Pentagon, White House, Justice Dept. Stonewall Committee Investigating Sept. 11 FREE!
Bush admin foot-dragging as deadline for report approaches

U.S. Seeks Exemption From Possible War Crimes -- In Liberia
Official says it is essential " save the lives of civilians and allow life to be breathed into a dying nation"

UN Has Share Of Blame In Liberia Bloodbath
Rebels were encouraged because UN made announcement just as peace talks began

Independent Group Tries To Tally Iraq War Deaths
150 volunteers try to do job that Pentagon refuses to do

Support Iran Opposition? Bush Admin Can't Decide
Conservatives want to embrace group that helped overthrow Shah

Burma Finds Itself With Fewer And Fewer Friends
Dicatorship under boycotts by U.S. and most other nations

Chance Of Breakaway Asian Islamic State Fades
U.S. feared creation of new fundamentalist Muslim country in Southeast Asia

Poll: Support Dropping For Iraq War, Bush
Only 1 in 3 believes Bush "fully truthful" about WMD in Iraq

Bush Makes Sales Call On Africa Masked As Charity

Olusegun Obasanjo
Like Bush, Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo recently won election by having ballots disqualified amid other charges of voting irregularities
The White House sold Bush's African trip as a mission of charity and compassion. Behind the scenes, it was an exercise in arm-twisting poor nations to accept the will of America's largest corporations against their own best interests. Besides linking AIDS drugs to signing new trade agreements, there's the "Africa Growth and Opportunities Act," which allows U.S. companies unfettered access to African markets that would cost African exporters around $500 million a year. But the most important sales call was made to Nigeria, with its 2 million barrels of oil per day

 + Bush Reportedly Made $10B Deal For New Zimbabwe Leader

 + Empty Promises To Africa As Other Nations Dig In To Help

 + A Cynical "Good News Only" Tour Of Africa

 + Africa To Bush: Thanks For The Visit, But Show Us The Money

 + A Mission For Trade, Oil, And Power

 + Bush To Nigeria: Leave OPEC, Give Us Your Oil
 + Bush Attaches Strings To Africa AIDS Promises FREE!

 + Bush Pushes Africa To Accept GM Food

John Bolton

John Bolton, who has made little secret of his belief that Washington should pursue "regime change" in Pyongyang rather than a new agreement on its denuclearization, might have intended to use the speech to provoke Kim into rejecting the forthcoming meeting on nuclear disarmament

Arafat Just Won't Go Away, To Dismay Of Israel, U.S.
Still pulls many -- if not all -- of the strings in Palestine conflict

Support For Palestine PM Abbas Drops
No compromise for most Palestinans over right of return

State Dept. Neo-Con Attacks N Korea, Escalating Tensions
Controversial extremist raises ire just as N Korea agrees to nuclear talks

10 Years After Apartheid, Blacks Own Little In S Africa
Whites still own 3 out of 4 properties

U.S. Maps Ambitious "Arab NAFTA"
Would require free trade with Israel

Bush Forest Plan: Log 190 Million Acres FREE!
"Healthy Forests Act" would prevent fires by heavy logging, risking forest health

13 Million In Afghanistan Need Urgent Medical Aid
Unending stream of patients at hospitals

House Bars Secret Search Provision Of PATRIOT Act
Would have opened door to CIA, NSA spying in U.S.

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Dean's Lesson To The Dems: He Who Dares, Wins FREE!
The Dems aren't celebrating the energy and excitement that Dean is generating

Iraq Special Ops Sounding Like Iran Contra
Even some of the players and countries are the same in similar, but much more ambitious scheme

EPA Nominee Charged With Anti-Enviro Backroom Deals FREE!
Utah governor "Leavitt cut the public out of the process while gutting federal environmental law behind closed doors"

Pentagon Office Is Center Of Neo-Con Plotting
All Bush political appointees tied to Israel's Likud party

detail of PAM screen
On the now-defunct Pentagon web page, futures investors could bet 17 cents on the assassination of Yasser Arafat
Pentagon Scuttles "Bet On Terrorism" Plan
Investors could gamble on assassinations, government coup

It's The Jobs, Stupid FREE!
Bush now has 15 months to create promised 5.5 million new jobs before election day

Repub Congress Blocks Money For UN Population Fund
Anti-abortion forces refuse to spend anything on family planning

White House Cuts Back On AIDS Funding Promises
Funds cut just days after Bush returned from Africa trip

The Final Disgrace of Christine Whitman FREE!
Last EPA report a shameless and disgraceful attack on the environment

With Each Day, Iraq Looks Like Vietnam II
So how could such smart people get so much wrong?

Bush Pick For AIDS Czar Draws Concern And Anger
Former drug company exec and a top GOP contributor

Was it a High Crime? FREE!
Bush must either turn up Iraqi WMD or prove he was deceived

Energy Bill Bankrupts Our Future FREE!
Senate oks 6+ new nuke plants without public hearings

Latino Voter's Clout On Rise As Black Political Power Fades
Latinos' rising political star is giving some black leaders the jitters

Gale Norton, Environmental Terminator
Gale Norton

U.S. Suffered Record Levels of Smog in 2002 FREE!
Nearly double 2001 violations

U.S. Bans Import of "Conflict Diamonds" From Africa
Has financed deadly conflicts in countries such as Angola, Sierra Leone, Congo and Liberia

Russia Slowly Abandoning Siberia, Other Northern Regions
Old Soviet electrical, heating systems wearing out

GOP Senators Blast Nature For Changing Climate FREE!
Claim new study overturns international science concensus

Drug Industry Tries To Kill Cheap Medicine From Canada
Prescription drug lobby budgets extra $450,000 to attack discount pharmacies

Litter on remote island

Even on Laysan, the tiny and uninhabited island at the end of the Hawaiian Archipelago, the beach is littered with plastic cigarette lighters, toys, vials, and other marine debris that has washed ashore

Photo: Tom Ordway/Ocean Futures Society

Herbicide Company Launches "Grassroots" Campaign To Fight Ban
The battle to ban paraquat is far from over

Israel Presses Ahead With Apartheid Wall
Very little sympathy in Israel for Palestinians whose lives are being affected by the fence

Tons Of Litter Wash Ashore On Most Remote Islands FREE!
Millions of plastic cigarette lighters alone on distant beaches

U.S. Stretches Border 1,000 Miles To Block "Illegal Aliens"
Detaining undocumented migrants from Ecuador before they reach the United States

Palestinian Economy Choked By Israeli Roadblocks
Two-thirds of Palestinians live on less than $2/day

Funding Woes Plague Superfund Clean Up FREE!
Less than half the number of sites as during the end of Clinton years

Palestine Bitter Over Israel's Release Of Few Prisoners
Release of 334 called "a theatrical step to appease Washington"

In Israel And Palestine, A Guarded Optimism
Overwhelming desire for a cease-fire on both sides

Autistic Children May Retain Mercury FREE!
Strongest evidence yet that mercury exposure is tied to autism

Russian Mafia Muscles In On Hazelnut Farms FREE!
Cakes, cookies, and coffee may include that special gangster flavor

Medical Journal Warns That Science Is Being Manipulated FREE!
Researchers have ties to food, agribusiness, chemical, pharmaceutical and other interests

Prestige Oil Spill Was Costliest Sea Disaster In History
$11.4 billion now estimated for cleanup

Study Finds High PCB in Farmed Salmon
4x the levels found in beef 3.4 times levels in other seafood

Japanese Culture To Change As Foreign Workers Pour In
A graying country with a shrinking work force and fear of foreigners

Jon Lovitz, Bush's Other Brain
The mastermind behind White House policy?

Jon Lovitz, Bush's Other Brain FREE!
The old, "Yeah, that's what I meant" schtick

Bush Indifferent As Guatemala's "Saddam Hussein" Moves To Return To Power
Gassed, tortured and killed as many people in 1980s as Saddam

California Lags In Prison Reform
State still taking a "lock 'em up" view while others embrace treatment programs

Cruz Bustamante, Blacks, And The "N-----" Word
To win Calif recall race, Bustamante needs strong support from Blacks, who don't trust him

U.S. Newspapers Ignore Iraq Civilian Deaths
15 die every day from cluster bombs alone

Killing Saddam's Sons -- Or Saddam -- Does Not A Nation Make
We are witnessing the start of a mad struggle over the soul of the nation

Schwarzenegger Twists Adam Smith FREE!
Patron saint of GOP would not have embraced his ideology

In Colombia, Bush Did The Right Thing -- For The Wrong Reason FREE!
Dropping military aid because Colombia won't agree to U.S. boycott of International Court

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Blackout Of 2003 A Wake-Up Call For Modern Energy Policy
 + Blame Repubs For Blackout Of 2003
 + Ashcroft Now Investigating Judges
 + A Kind Of "They're doing WHAT?" Month
 + Dishonest Defense Of Disgraceful Judge
 + Notes From A Country In Trouble
 + Nothing Funny About Texas Legislature Hide And Seek
 + Sept. 11 Report Shows Little Accountability By Anyone
 + Alaska Exploited At Every Turn
 + Hello, Rumsfeld? The Occupation Isn't Working
 + Colorful Charlie Wilson Wins The Cold War
 + Here's To Everybody
 + Supreme Court Hissy Fits

 + Prop. 13 At Root Of California's Budget Problems
 + Calif Recall A GOP Shell Game
Bush Plays Pope on Gay Marriage
 + Sept. 11 Report Shows Bush Diverted Terror War To Protect Friends
 + Witch Hunt Against the BBC
 + A Firm Basis for Impeachment
 + The Undiplomatic Truth: They Lied
 + Blame Bush For California's Budget Woes

 } Robert Scheer

 + Plenty Of Real News Not Being Covered
 + Media Still Giving Bush A Free Ride
 + Green Party Taking 2004 Presidential Plunge
 + Time For Pro-War Media Pundits To Eat Crow
 + The Money Primary Already In Full Swing
 + Images And Regarding The Pain Of Others

 } Norman Solomon

 + Good And Bad Days For The Empire
 + That "Anti-Semite" Slur
 + Gray Davis Not The Lesser Of Two Evils
 + UN Official Knew Iraq WMD Were Gone In 1995 -- But Kept Quiet
 + Death Of Saddam's Sons Is Bad News For Bush
 + Ignoring The Humanity, Making Cultural Judgements
 + Judy Miller's War
 + The Enemy Within

 } Alexander Cockburn

Mike Royko's career offers us some clues as to how activist journalism can work, what it can accomplish, and what its limits are


Mike Royko: How Journalism Was Done FREE!
Mike Royko was a reminder that the media can be effective, can be a stimulus for reform, at least on occasion, at least under some circumstances. It helps to have someone who can communicate the outrage with that subtle understatement that brings us, the readers, to feel outraged ourselves. It helps to have it come from someone who can be trusted to have his facts right. Then once in a while, some wrong will be righted

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