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Clinton Kills Human Rights Clause, OKs Colombia Drug War Money
Oversight of army connection to right-wing death squads dropped from $1.3 billion aid package

Are Tire Blowouts an Act of Corporate Homicide? FREE!
Auto companies have blocked criminal penalties since 1966

High Gas Prices Are Chance to Cut Reliance on Oil
Gasoline shortage is motivation to adopt global warming curbs

There now appears little question that the charges against Taiwan-born physicist were racist and politically motivated, as judge said he had been "led astray" by the government which had told him that the data missing from Lee's archive were the "crown jewels" of U.S. nuclear-weapons secrets

The Chinese Spy Scandal That Wasn'tFREE!

The Chinese Scapegoat

Alexander Cockburn: The Disgrace of The New York Times

Asian-Americans Want Investigation

Molly Ivins: Wen Ho Lee Case Shames America

Bear Lincoln Sentenced to Five Years in Prison FREE!
Supporters fear for his safety while behind bars

How The Presidential Debate Commission Stacked The Deck
Impartial control by League of Women Voters forced out by Repubs and Demos

How to demand open presidential debates

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Nader, Buchanan, and Gore Debate -- Sort of
Gore spokesman joins candidates at FarmAid 2000

Bush Must Face Free Speech Lawsuit FREE!
Judge rules that Governor can be tried for violating protester's civil rights

Nader Blasts NOW On Women's Issues
Calls criticism by group typical of liberal "politics of fear"

Asshole, or A**hole, or @$#&*! FREE!
Media can't decide if Bush remark was cute gaffe or fatal stumble

Liberals Attack Nader
Using possible Bush Supreme Court nominations as extortion

Aid to Colombia: What Do Bush and Gore Think?
Reporters have not asked either candidate

Bush Can Run, But Can't Hide From Debates
Afraid he may fare badly compared to 1991 Quayle - Gore debate?

Conservatives Declare Class War Over Gore "Populism"
Squawk over tepid suggestions for taming corporate welfare

Repubs Call For Heavy Logging to Stop Wildfires
Timber industry wastes no time exploiting burning forest land

The Gore Fundraising Fake-out
Gore to Demos: "I'm selling the party to highest bidder, but we'll fix this later"

Native Americans Find Political Clout at Convention
But some Demo leaders offend Native caucus with ignorant remarks

Bush and his backers
Meet George W's #1 contributor, buddy, and one of the worst polluters in Texas
If environmental regulators wanted to speak to Enron CEO Kenneth Lay about missing air pollution permits or human rights investigators want to ask about the corporation's involvement with police brutality around the world, they can find Enron officials by looking for George W. Bush, who is often chaperoned by company heads

Himalayan Mountains
Ice from this Himalayan mountain reveals weather patterns from the last millenia
From Africa's Kilimanjaro to Asia's Himalayas to the South American Andes, glaciers are melting. The result may be the most disasterous global warming impact of all

Highest-Ever Ice Sample Raises Alarms FREE!

Melting Glaciers Threaten S America Ecosystem, Major Cities

Naomi Klein
"Ever since Seattle, the American Left surprised itself by being alive," says author and activist Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein's New New Left
Analyst warns that progressive movement at historically critical moment

France Charges UK With Spying For U.S. FREE!
Claims Echelon spy satellites used to steal secrets of French business deals

Chief of Pinochet's Secret Police Worked for CIA
Assassinated former diplomat in Washington during this time

New Report Sheds Light on CIA Meddling in S America
Agency knew early of Operation Condor plans to kill opponents

Texas Drug Sting Became Racist Roundup, Critics Say
10% of blacks in small town jailed on only testimony of one white narc

Heavy Lead Contamination in SF Bay FREE!
Gasoline additive banned in 1960s will impact water for another century

U.S. Corporation Wins Right to Build Toxic Plant in Mexico
Impoverished Mexican state ordered to pay millions in damages under NAFTA

PHOTO: Richard E. Flauto Wildlife Foundation

Environment- Unfriendly Jobs Dwindle, Study Says
Industry change, not environmental laws to blame for logging, mining unemployment

Disappearing Trees Linked to Shortage of Wolves FREE!
Wolf packs had key role in Yellowstone ecological balance

Outcry Over Conviction of Prominent Mexico Enviros
Two anti-logging farmers are winners of prestigious Goldman award

Fears of Coup Behind Fujimori's Call for Elections
Arrested security adviser had deep ties to military

More Ammonia in Air Linked to Cars, Not Cows FREE!
Reformulated gasoline and catalytic conventers also may contribute

Drug War expands
Re-militarizing El Salvador
Seeking a Central American beachhead in the drug war, the United States is planning a new round of military buildup in war-shattered El Salvador

pollution credits
8th graders in Manhattan held a bake sale to buy greenhouse gas pollution credits

U.S. Refuses Compensation to Radiation Test Victims
Prison inmates in test face lifelong pain and increased risk of cancer

Enviros Blast Russia For Plundering Sakhalin Island
Massive logging, oil drilling destroying ecology in region

Swap Pollution Credits for Fun and Profit
Buying and trading emissions credits becomes worldwide business

UN Allies Itself with Big Business
At risk of becoming as entangled with financial interests as WTO, IMF

Hydroelectric Dams Stoke Global Warming FREE!
Reservoirs can generate more greenhouse gas than coal power plant

Lottery Fever Spreads in Jamaica as Economy Crumbles
16 percent unemployment fuelled by NAFTA

New Chomsky Book Calls U.S. "Rogue State"
Searching for scapegoats since fall of Soviet Union

Verizon Strike Historic Challenge to "New Economy"
Union demanding fair share of hi-tech profits

When the Innocent Plead Guilty
Police often force "confessions" from the innocent

FBI Calling the Kettle Black
New agents studying repression need only look Bureau archives

Mad Cows, Mad Sheep, Mad Elk, Mad People
USDA still off target on dealing with Mad Cow Disease

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Media Targets Political Trivia, Ignores Nader
 + Bush Health Plan Invites Disaster
 + Wen Ho Lee Case Disgraces America
 + Deal With Global Warming or go Extinct
 + Bush: Education Good, Schools Bad
 + A Mostly Forgotten Labor Hero
 + Texas Gears Up For Even More Prisons
 + Texas Health Commish Blows It Again
 + Cancer is Good for the Priorities
 + Gore's "Class Warfare"

 + Despite Protests, Dr. Laura's on TV
 + Media Giants Mum on Their Own Lobbying
 + The Two-Party Media System


 + Al and Tipper's Culture Wars
 + Lieberman's God Talk
 + Pentagon Auctions The Presidency
 + The New Age of Prudery

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