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Nuclear Power Industry Seeks Life Extension For Aging Plants FREE!
Secretive deal with no public comment will result in government approval to operate another 20 years

Arab Nations Demand UN Probe of Israeli Violence
Unprecedented support from Commission on Human Rights

High Oil Prices Are "Curse of Saddam" FREE!
Our punishment of Iraq has come to haunt us

Biotech Giants Merge Into World's Largest Agribusiness
Fears that farmers will be forced to use "terminator" seeds

U.S. Helps Peru's Notorious Strongman Gain Asylum
Former intelligence head and ally of CIA, DEA skips prosecution for corruption, human rights violations

Congress Vote Could Kindle Another Mideast Dispute
GOP House Speaker wants to take sides on alleged post-WWI genocide

Cheney Firm Tied to Crimes Against Humanity
Accused of forced labor, rape and murder while constucting Burma pipeline

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Stupid Is As Stupid Does FREE!
How can W. get away with such stupidity?

Nader Fills Madison Square Garden
Astonishing turnout of 15,000 on a week's notice

Candidates Ignoring the Poor
Gore/Bush don't want to distract from illusion of prosperity

Most Voters Are Mere Bystanders This Election
Electorial College system encourages Bush/Gore to ignore most of nation

Get Ready for a Black Congress
Nader voters could give House of Reps to Democrats

Lies, Damned Lies, and Selective GOP OutrageFREE!
Where's the outrage over lies told by Bush/Cheney?

Nader Again Blocked From Attending Debate
Files federal suit against Commission on Presidential Debates

GOP Blasted For Ad Linking School Crime And Diversity
Public school had drugs, violence and "a bit more diversity" than son could handle

It's Saturday Night Nader!
Ralph makes guerilla television appearance

Why Bush Lost the Election
GOP is increasingly at a loss for why it should exist, much less govern

The Town that Hates Al Gore
Promised polluted town an "environmental presidency" in 1992

Falling in Love With NaderFREE!
Calls Bush/Gore debate "the drab debating the dreary"

Big Questions Someone Should Ask
Candidates shouldn't be allowed to controlled debate agenda

Protesters Beaten as Nader Tries to Enter Debate
Police rode horses into the throng of seated protesters, used chemical spray

12,000 Pay to Hear Nader in Minneapolis
Largest Green rally of 2000

NY Progressives Hope to Steal Vote Tactic From GOP
Using same trick that elected Pataki in 1994

Michael Moore Stumps for Nader
"I'm doing this because I want him to be president of the United States"

Real Questions for Bush/Gore Debate
Let's cut to the chase: Have you ever done anything illegal?

Gore and his backers
Al Gore, Corporate Populist
Al Gore told the nation that he wants to be president to take on "big tobacco, big oil, the big polluters, the pharmaceutical companies, the H.M.O.s." But Gore's heart is with the money in corporate America

Voluntary Industry Program Has Done Little to Cut Texas Air Pollution FREE!
Bush lied about dramatic improvements, report says

Smoggy Austin
Austin skyline on good/high ozone days
Arctic Pollution Traced to N America Smokestacks
Almost all dioxin coming from U.S. sources

Suharto Escapes Trial on Corruption
Court says ex-dictator physically, mentally unfit for trial

Pinochet Trial Delayed Over Senility Question
But Pinochet family fighting competence test

Activist Warns of Operation Condor II
S American goverments again sharing intelligence on "dissidents"

Colombia Anti-Drug Spraying Causing Problems in Ecuador
Claims that 7 have died from Roundup herbicide sprayed from planes

Cops Stumble Over Colombian Rebel Drugs- For- Guns Pipeline
Russian mafia using "circus" planes to smuggle dope and weapons

Guyana Complains of DEA "Blackmail"
U.S. drug agency demanding rights to inspect boats in nation's waterways

Why Scouts Ban Gays
Boy Scouts and Mormon Church
The Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Campfire Boys and Girls aren't uptight about adult gay leadership -- so why are the Boy Scouts? Because of a threat by homophobic Mormons to drop out and take its 400,000 scouts -- about 12 percent of the BSA's total membership -- with it

Plagues, Not Bombs, Are Real Threat to National Security
Worry about tuberculosis, not North Korean missles

colobus monkey
This colobus monkey was the first documented case of a primate extinction in the 20th century, warns biologist Thomas Struhsaker
Widespread African Animal Extinction Coming FREE!
An "extinction spasm" is about to hit Africa as primate species disappear

Global Extinctions Greater Risk Than Earlier Believed
About 25 percent of all mammals threatened with extinction

Novel Lawsuit Seeks to Block Urban Sprawl FREE!
Groups blame Small Business Administration for irresponsible land use

War Over Stossel Rages on Web
Media watchdog group, enviros demand head of biased ABC reporter

Ships are dismantled by hand in yards like this one in India, where there is a saying: "Every day one ship, every day one dead"

Black Moms Targeted For Drug Tests
New kind of racial profiling charged in case before Supreme Court

Researcher Expects Exorcism Boom FREE!
Study finds false memories of "demonic possession" easy to plant

Shipbreaking Among World's Most Hazardous Jobs
25 percent cancer rate expected for workers

India Women Fighting Birth Control Injections
No medical infrastructure in Third World if complications develop

OPEC Worries About Phase-out of Fossil Fuels
OPEC nations would lose $195 million per day if Kyoto Protocol enforced

Defiant Tokyo Stands Pat on Whaling
First kill of protected Bryde's and sperm whales since 1986

1 of 3 States Flunk Teaching Evolution FREE!
Report slams 19 states for doing a "weak-to-reprehensible job"

Olympics Didn't Mend Australia's Ties With Natives
Government unable to come to terms with past mistakes with its Native peoples

Physicists Scoff at Risk of Destroying Planet FREE!
Chance of experiment destroying Earth is less than 20 in a billion -- or 1 in ten

Zero Tolerance for Teens
School strip searches, urine tests becoming widespread

The Fraud of "Citizens for Better Medicare"
Drug industry sham group spends $38 million on TV commercials

Press Turns Back on Protesters in Prague
Relationship between press and protesters has become openly hostile

"Death Tax" a Small Measure of Justice for Poor
$27 billion pried from cold dead fingers of the obscenely rich

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Bush: Pathetic or Ridiculous?
 + So Why is Bush Running, Anyway?
 + Forcing Money on the Military
 + Seamy Stock Option Deals
 + Bush "Spy" Incident Sounds Familiar
 + Bush Tells Some Whoppers
 + The Kind of Judge That Bush Likes
 + The Clinton Hunt Ends -- For Now

 + Media and Israeli Occupation
 + Keeping up With the Digital Joneses
 + Election Intervention


Russian Groj Sale
 + Clinton's Legacy: Middle East Fiasco
 + Al Gore's Nader Problem
 + Did U.S. Anthropologist Commit Genocide?
 + Gore and his Reinventions


The Soviet Garage Sale
It is as if a superpower had been sent to a taxidermist and stuffed

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