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Why Bush Won the Election
The Unexamined Man

U.S. No Peace Broker in Mideast Conflict
Israeli domination comes from escalating U.S. military aid

Middle East Arab World Faces Revolt FREE!
Fury because of Israel's control over Palestine in Clinton-brokered deal

Mad Cow Fears Ripple Through France
All cattle born before July 1996 killed

1,000 year-old Luna redwood probably fatally damaged by chainsaw

PHOTO: Earth Films

Julia Butterfly's "Luna" Redwood Slashed FREE!
Chainsaw attack puts tree in peril of falling

Beijing: Bush or Gore -- Who Cares?
China sees no difference between candidates

Cuba Suggests Anti-Castro Groups Had Role in Florida Election Fraud
Inaccurate lists blocked hundreds, maybe thousands from voting

Another Florida Snafu: Voters ID'd as Felons
State newspaper notes Miami is HQ for well-funded anti-Castro groups

From Bad Elections Spring New Dreams
Elections change history in unexpected ways

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Jeb Bush's Secret Weapon FREE!
How Florida GOP might have rigged the vote

Neither Bush or Gore "Wins" By Losing
A second chance at White House unlikely

In Defense of Katherine Harris (Somewhat) FREE!
No villain, but not a hero or a smart politician either

Norman Solomon: Pundits Echo Bush "Hurry Up" Theme

Chaos, Confusion, and Other American Glories
U.S. System a Rube Goldberg scheme, but a sensible one

Point by point analysis of some key myths

Alexander Cockburn: Why 2.7 million Greens stuck by Nader

Bush Presidency Will Backfire on GOP
No mandate for anything proposed during campaign

Nader Camp Stunned by Rally Turnouts
Whiff of destiny in super-rallies

Gore, Not Nader, the Spoiler
Gore should quit and throw his support to Nader

The Supreme Court as Scare Tactic
Gore campaign using possible Roe v Wade overturn as extortion

Nader Loosens Up
Breaks up rally by imitating Alan Greenspan as a dog

Gore 'Cowardly' on Mideast, Says Nader
Israel should back off -- Palestinian rocks "not reaching the Israeli borders"

Panicked Gore Finally Attacks Nader
Nader calls Gore "pathetic" and "incapable of telling the truth any more"

State of the War on Drugs
Drug War and Election 2000
The drug war was almost completely avoided this campaign by both major party candidates. Yet a set of mostly successful ballot initiatives around the country have enacted profound changes in some states' drug policies. And if only by historical accident, drug war opponents have become key swing voters on both sides of the political divide in this year's presidential election

Some Child Disabilities Caused by Pollution
Linked to surge in child development and learning disabilities

Pinochet Plotted to Kill Successor, CIA Reveals
Hoped to return to power in chaos after murder

Colombia War Escalates on Eve of U.S. Aid
Far worse fighting expected in coming months

Colombia Kidnappings on the Rise
Both to finance rebels and build political pressure

Arctic Drilling Proposal Sparks Heated Debate FREE!
GOP eager to drill oil wells in fragile ecological area

Africans Fume Over Corp Claim to .africa Internet Name
Multinational corporation wanted exclusive rights to suffix

Scientists are about to clone the endangered Asian gaur, the largest form of wild cattle
500 Year-Old Trees Felled For $100
Logging was approved as sustainable

First Endangered Species Cloned FREE!
Plans also include cloning extinct species

The Clone of Turin -- coming soon?
Clone Jesus?
"Second Coming Project" says it's time to quit dawdling

Depleted Uranium Bombs Still Pose Danger in Kosovo
NATO refused to cooperate with investigators for months

UN Audit Uncovers Fraud in Peace Missions
Millions lost to mismanagement, overpayment, and fraud

Industries Using Threat of Offshore Plants to Curb Unions
Half illegally threatened to move overseas if plant unionized

Report Blasts U.S. for Union Busting
U.S. and El Salvador are only countries opposing labor rights standards

Agent Orange Still Poisoning Vietnamese Children
25 years after Vietnam war 50,000 children born with serious deformities

Good Bye (and Good Riddance), Drug Czar
Just Say Lies
Retiring White House Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey had a lengthy and incredible pattern of slander and disregard for facts

Conservatives Push Back RU-486
Right-wingers win latest battle to restrict "abortion pill"

Sony Found Tracking Enviro Critics
Industry fighting efforts to require recycling of used electronics

Power Plant Soot Kills Thousands, Study Warns
First study on direct health impact finds soot kills 30,000+ annually

Year After Reactor Accident, Japan Even More Dependent on Nuke Power
Only 2 percent of power from renewable source

A Third Term for Clinton? It Might Have Been
Demos had chance to repeal 22nd Amendment in 1987

What's the Point of Executing Retarded Killers?
Texas death row inmate Johnny Paul Penry can't count above 40

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Texas Knows From Chad
 + Pick Your Indignation
 + Taking Sides on Al and George's Mud Fight
 + Election Solutions Needed
 + Texas to Execute Man With 6 Year-Old Mind
 + High Roads, Low Roads
 + Bush Presidency Means No Political Reform
 + Honest to Pete, This is Historic
 + Bush Attention Span: Zero
 + Bush's Disconnected Sense of Justice
 + All Crimes Are Not Hate Crimes
 + Mr. Uniter-not-Divider Gets Mean
 + Lesser of Two Evilism
 + Why Should we Trust Bush?

 + Spinning Out of Control
 + One Night, Two Different Elections
 + Our New President: Corporate America
 + The Blame Game Begins

 } David Corn

 + Florida Sideshow Distracts From Real Question of Power
 + Networks Made Bad Situation Worse
 + New Democrats: Maybe The Jig Is Up
 + New Purge on the Horizon at Pacifica

 } Norman Solomon

 + Driving Ms. Browner
 + These Happy Days
 + The Arch-Druid Passes
 + Demos Sharpen Knives for Nader
 + A Vote for Nader is a Vote for...
 } Alexander Cockburn

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