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The Right-Wing Scandal Machine
House Republican majority whip Tom Delay sent 200 Republican staffers to Miami, where they swarmed the county office and created a disruptive and tense atmosphere, leading to the local election board to stop the recount

Notorious right-winger Ariel Sharon seeks leadership

Clinton Pardon Last Hope for Leonard Peltier
Key witness recanted testimony in October

California "Energy Crisis" Tied to Stock Market FREE!
1997 industry deregulation led to no contingency plan

Philippines Transfixed by Impeachment Drama
Popular president says elite have vendetta against him -- sound familiar?

Clinton Signs $62 Billion Corporate Welfare Law
Massive tax shelter for GE, Monsanto, RJR Nabisco, others

Y2000 - A Dismal Year
2000: A Dismal Year
In contrast to the widespread optimism that greeted Millenium celebrations last year, the end of Y2000 finds little reason to celebrate. Setbacks have plagued many hopeful programs as the globe becomes increasingly dominated by unprecedented wealth alongside growing poverty and misery


 + U.S. Media Picks a President FREE!

 + Environmental Setbacks Overshadow Victories

 + UN Chief Laments Disappointing Year

 + Neo-Nazism on the Rise

 + Human Rights Scorned in Central America

 + U.S. Anti-Drug Money Has Led to Colombia War Escalation

 + The P.U.-litzer Prizes For 2000

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Alexander Cockburn: Prime Time Coup

Bush Cousin Was Key Player in Election Night SNAFU
Lead networks to prematurely call Bush winner

Arianna Huffington: Irreparable Harm to Supreme Court Credibility

Michael Moore: Let's Look at the Bright Side

Nader Bogus Ex-Felon ID Blocked 1,000's of Fla. Voters FREE!
State used list that blocked mostly Gore voters

Gore Could Have Won with Puerto Rico
But Clinton-Gore Justice Department recently blocked voting rights

Alexander Cockburn: No Closure on Disenfranchisement

Surprise -- Voting for President is not a Right
Supreme Ct Justice Scalia an 18th-century hard-liner

Jim Hightower: How Florida Democrats Torpedoed Gore

Why Nader and the Greens failed to reach the essential 5% of voters

Global Warming talks collapse
Delegates at the United Nations conference on global climate change (COP6) hoped to develop legally binding rules for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But even in the best situations, holding an international conference just a week after the U.S. presidential vote was bad timing, even risky. At the end, key diplomats and conservationists walked out in protest. "The U.S. and big corporations have destroyed any hope that the Protocol had of combating climate change," said one delegate


 + Resume Talks Immediately, Groups Plead

 + When Will the U.S. Become Serious About Global Warming?

 + Activists Protest Climate Talk Collapse

 + U.S. Blamed for Conference Failure

 + Groups Hoped to Raise Awareness of Climate Change Danger

 + Election Unsettles Global Warming Talks

Don't Let Us Drown
Greenpeace protesters send a message to global change negotiators meeting at The Hague
Climate Change Could Bankrupt World by 2065 FREE!
Insurance company warns that damage in West will accelerate rapidly

Pro-Life Movement Targets UN
Conservatives seek global influence on contraception, sex-ed, gay rights

Pinochet Regime Linked to Euro Arms + Drug Rackets
Alliance between anti-Castro groups, neo-fascists, and ex-Nazis

Pinochet "Victory" May Hasten Future Trial
Technical legal error that freed ex-dictator can be corrected

Soviet-Style Show Trial Sends Warning to U.S. FREE!
Yeltsin era of Moscow's military-secrets mart is over

Researchers want to use your computer to solve the biggest problems of science
Screensavers of the World, Unite! FREE!
Large problems can be solved by linking millions of PCs

As Others Retreat, China Embraces Altered Crops
Eager to get on genetic bandwagon

Africans Fear Bleak Future With Bush/Cheney
Cheney infamous for opposition to apartheid sanctions

Orangutan Trade Destroying Species
Over half of population captured and sold since 1993

Colombia's Land Mine Peril Risks Children
Exploding an average of every 20 minutes

PETA Rolls Out Anti-Meat Ads FREE!
Bred to quickly grow to unnatural proportions

This ad showing a chicken preparing to eat a human leg is part of a campaign that will soon appear in the U.S. and Europe (Photo: PETA)
Russia Lifts Restrictions on Foreign Nuclear Waste
Will accept all radioactive waste even though it can't yet process it

Stormy Confrontation at World Bank Summit
Angry delegates at health conference shouting "get out" to Bank spokesman

Continued Urban Sprawl Threatens U.S. Coasts
About 6 million acres of open space to disappear by 2025

Pioneer Satellite TV Network Transforming Arab World
Balanced news reports about Israel and Palestine, problems of some Arab regimes

U.S. Report to UN Admits Racism "Persistent"
5 years overdue and criminal justice angle still ignored

European Waters Threatened by Toxic Shipwrecks
Sunken tankers dating back to WWII

Maori People Split on Whaling
150 Native societies worldwide debate commercial whaling

1 of 3 States Flunk Teaching Evolution FREE!
Report slams 19 states for doing a "weak-to-reprehensible job"

Inuits Report Climate Change Impact
More insects, changing animal behavior in Arctic

Japan's High Unemployment Sparks Fears
Situation expected to worsen in the coming months

On 7th Anniversary, Zapatistas Near Victory
New president of Mexico sees Chiapas rebels as force to be reckoned with

A Rare Victory for the Right to be Left Alone
Supreme Court ruling on drug searches an important limit on police powers

Restoring Democracy Easier Said Than Done
1994 U.S. intervention in Haiti has resulted in tyranny

When the Culprit Becomes the Advisor FREE!
Citibank advising poor countries as it fosters corruption

Coming Soon to a Library Near You: Internet Censorship
Children's Internet Protection Act mandates dubious "filtering"

Nuke Industry Eager for "Generic" Fed Approval FREE!
Secretive deal gives nuclear power industry broad powers over safety

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Give Clinton His Due
 + Year-End Surprises, Bad and Good
 + A Few Good Holiday Books
 + New Texas Governor Has... Really Good Hair
 + Forgive But Don't Forget
 + Welcome to Local Control, Election-Style
 + Can We All Just Cool Down?
 + Red-Faced and Screaming
 + Henry B. Gonzalez

 + A Tale of Two Appointments
 + Bipartisanship in DC? Fat Chance
 + GOP Masters of the Big Orwellian Lie
 + In Praise of the Florida Circus

 } David Corn

 + Ashcroft Debate Will Define Senate -- and the Media
 + Bush Faces "Legitimacy Gap"
 + Apply Network News to Real Issues
 + Hooray, No Pre-Inaugural Schlock

 } Norman Solomon

 + Five Magnificent Causes
 + The Benefits of Crisis
 + Greens, Fears, and Dollars
 + What Seattle Wrought

 } Alexander Cockburn

The Problem With Bush Men


Barbara Bush, Iron Butterfly FREE!
None of the men in the Bush family has shown much ambition or drive for leadership -- so what is driving these weak Bush men to the very top of the ladder? Anyone who has even cursorily studied a photograph of Barbara Bush knows where the character, strength, drive, power and backbone is in that family. Forget the nonsense about her being "grandmotherly." Look into that face and see a dangerous combination of anger and sheer determination.

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