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Shame It was the largest inaugural protests since the days of Nixon, with tens of thousands of people expressed their disbelief that Bush was the new president. Ignored by mainstream media, protests were mentioned in passing, like some unfortunate -- yet unavoidable -- irritant, and content to get comments from appalled Bush supporters and adopt the Republican thesis that these were "sore losers." If so, the losers were everywhere, making up a large, and in many places a majority, percentage of the crowd. "It's sort of empowering to see that there is a huge number of folks here who recognize that this wasn't an election," said one protester. "This was a manipulation"


 + Hail To The Thief

 + Bush Protester: "This Is A Nightmare"

With Clinton Exit, Hopes For Mideast Peace Fade FREE!
Even badly flawed, Clinton brokered deal was best hope

California Energy Crisis Puts Gov On Hot Seat
Does he side with his big donors or an irate public?

As cities in Northern California cope with blackouts, politicians and power companies play the blame game. But greed is the underlying cause of California's energy crisis

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Clinton Clinton's True Legacy
The bottom line: When he had the chance to make a difference, he didn't

The Anti-Environmental Gang Comes to Washington
Gale Norton joined by batch of "wise use" Bush nominees

Rumsfeld: Star Warrior Returns
Booster of "star wars" space weapons expected to abandon ABM treaty

Ashcroft Appointment Worth All-Out Fight
A moral extremist that would turn courts sharply right

Did Ashcroft Vow to Ignore Law?
Allegedly said he wouldn't enforce court decision he didn't like

Bush's Drug Czar: A Modest Proposal
Want to be a uniter not divider? Hire a reformer

Paying for the Bush-Cheney Inauguration
Does a $25,000 dinner include all-you-can-eat salad bar?

DNC Nominates Top Fundraiser for Chairman
No policy or elected office experience, but hauls in the cash

Black Leaders Slam "Illegitimate" Bush Presidency
Vote problems found in several states besides Florida

Bush Cabinet Older, Farther Right Than Expected
Connections to widely-hated James Watt, Ollie North

4th Largest Nation in World Faces Upheaval
As its first democratically-elected president in decades faces corruption charges and maybe impeachment, Indonesia was rocked Christmas Eve by well-coordinated terrorist bombings nationwide that left 18 dead and nearly 100 badly injured. Government leaders say Indonesia's former military elite are behind the attacks, hoping to destabilize the reform-minded government


 + Indonesia's Bloody Christmas Eve FREE!
 + "If I Were Indonesia's Christmas Bomber..." FREE!

 + Indonesia's Reform President Facing Corruption Charges

Researchers Accidentally Create Doomsday Virus FREE!
Altered virus wiped out all test animals in nine days

Mexico's Fox and Zapatista Marcos Near Summit
Subcommander Marcos and other EZLN leaders to visit capitol

Australia is reintroducing the Bilby to its natural habitat -- but behind fences only
Crisis and Opportunity at Ben & Jerry's
Founders contemplating leaving company after decisions by new corporate owner

Bringing Back the Bilbies FREE!
Researchers build fenced area for endangered native species

Africa is New Target for Big Tobacco
Heavy ads in some of world's poorest countries

Fears Spread in Balkans About Kosovo War Radioactive Ammo
Some NATO soldiers dead from cancers liked to depleted uranium

Human Trafficking a $7 Billion Global Business
Nearly 1 million women per year are victims

Parents Often Not Told of MD Drug Errors
Study finds 2 of 5 medication errors involved children under two years

Corporate Spin
corporate spin
Do oil and tobacco companies spend more money on shameful PR ads than the good works they boast about? Companies do

 + Trust Us, We're The Experts
 + How They Lie To You FREE!
 + Philip Morris Puts Up Good Citizen Smokescreen
 + BP: Re-branding the Oil Giant as "Beyond Petroleum"

White Supremacists Begin Countdown For Y2050
When non-Latino whites will become a numerical minority in the U. S.

Greenpeace, Other Try to Block "Floating Chernobyl"
First of regular shipments of nuclear waste along controversial route

Rubber Bullets Not Effective, Study Finds FREE!
Crowd control guns so wildly inaccurate that they usually miss

S American Dams Cost More Than They're Worth
Mega-projects cost more than expected, damage health and social structures

Arctic Natives Divided Over Oil Drilling
Indians in NW Canada hate it, Alaskan Natives more supportive

FBI Works Closely With Insurance Industry Group
But no investigation of insurance companies ripping off consumers

Press Distorted Quotes of "Kill Cops" Politican FREE!
Once the media got hold of these remarks, NH Rep was dead meat

Corporate Blind-Eye To King Holiday
Deep-seated corporate racism leads to view that it's a "holiday for Blacks"

Ten Worst Corporations of 2000
Most examples that self-regulation doesn't work

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Reasons to Perk Up
 + It's Borking Season
 + Linda Chavez's Baggage
 + Bush Poised to Make Energy Crisis Worse
 + Bush Sabotaging Himself
 + Best and Worst of the Year 2000

 + Dubya's True Colors
 + An Army of Victims
 + McCain Prepares a Shakespearean Revenge
 + Ashcroft Deserves a Grilling, But Won't Get It

 } David Corn

 + Ashcroft and Racist Code Words
 + All Hail the Triumphant Runner-Up
 + Mushroom Clouds Over Nevada

 } Norman Solomon

 + Can Bush Admin Be Worse Than Clinton's?
 + Nature's Revenge
 + False Prophets

 } Alexander Cockburn


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