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Gale Norton
The appointment of Gale Norton as Secretary of the Interior ignores her scandalous record: looking the other way in the face of damaging pollution, dragging her feet on prosecuting big business, even challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to override state law

Worker Strike, Take Over Sweatshop Factory
Factory made clothing for Nike and U.S. universities

Arab Nations Expect Nothing From Sharon
Arab media calls election of new Prime Minister a war declaration

Palestinians Brace For Bloodbath FREE!
Fears that Ariel Sharon will "pacify" region with wholesale war

California's Power Crisis A Warning To All
Even with new plants, nation cannot meet ever-growing demand

Other Key Players in California's Energy Crisis FREE!
How to destroy a booming economy

Colombian Paramilitaries Spill Over Venezuela Border
Private armies forming as region becomes increasingly unstable

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round LOOKING FOR MR. NADER
Where was Ralph during the Florida fiasco and Bush protests?

House Committee Outreach to Opponents of Clinton Land Preserves FREE!
Offering to help local interests scuttle national monuments

Tax Cuts for Campaign Contributors
Bush tax deal shuts out 12+ million low- moderate income families

Shameless Pollsters Already Making 2004 Predictions
This just in: Bush-Gore contest still close

House Has No Place In Media Criticism Of Election Night
Dan Rather didn't install voting machines that disenfranchised Florida voters

Bush's Mocking Inaugural Address FREE!
Saintly posturing doesn't mesh with GOP history of raw hatred

Alexander Cockburn: Ashcroft No Extremist By DC Standards

The Myth of Clinton, Balancer of Budget
Luck, not Clinton leadership, turned deficit into surplus

World Social Forum
Over 20,000 participants from 122 nations attended the World Social Forum in Brazil during late January. Unlike other international economic meetings that draw corporate executives, financiers, and leaders from wealthy governments seeking to expand globalization, this summit brought together some of the world's poorest people, united in their desire to wrest control of their future from transnational corporations. But although 1,700 journalists covered this meeting, the U.S. press maintained a blackout of the historic event


 + Anti-Globalization Summit Begins in Brazil

 + Don't Let Corporations Control Food Supply, Beg Farmers

 + Delegates Condemn U.S. Anti-Drug "Plan Colombia"

 + Spirit of Urgency, Optimism Marks End of Summit

 + Norman Solomon: U.S. Press Blackout of Historic Conference

 + Naomi Klein: Joining to Fight a Greater Battle

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Were gifts to Clinton improper? The nuclear energy angle in California's electricity crisis; Environmentalists lose a visionary writer

Texaco drum
Amazonian child plays near discarded oil drums
Amazon Road Project Could Devastate Rainforest FREE!
Researchers say government project will destroy delicate natural balance

Ecuador Paralyzed by Native Protests
Police, army battle thousands of indians in nation's capitol

Report Backs Amazon Native Suit Against Texaco
7 year-old suit charges widespread health risk from oil drilling

Global Warming Measures Can't Wait, UN Says
Hundreds of scientists unanimously approve new study called "truly frightening"

In Starving Iraq, Art Thrives
Art of "the embargo generation" attracting attention worldwide

Vieques Residents Alarmed Over U.S. Use Of Radioactive Ammo
Accuses Navy of covering up use of deadly depleted uranium

Pakistan's Malir dump, one of Asia's most toxic areas
The Malir Dump FREE!

PHOTO: © Greenpeace/Jayaraman

In a suburb of Pakistan's capitol lies one of Asia's worst environmental disasters, a pile of industrial drums leaking an estimated 4,000 gallons of expired pesticides -- thanks to a failed U.S. program

Touching Wild Plants Might Kill Them FREE!
Researchers find handling some plants leads to insect attack

Canadian Natives Suing Churches For Child Abuse
Suits claim 10,000+ cases of sexual or other abuse in church-run schools

Pimps, Pedophiles Prey on Canada's Native Children
90% of child and teen prostitutes in some cities are Native

India Turns Away Ship With Cargo of U.S. Mercury
Viewed as dumping toxic wastes on a poor country

Farming Methods Threatens World Food Supply
Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, overuse of dwindling water

Polar Bears and 3-Year-Olds on Thin Ice FREE!
Donella Meadows' final column

NY Times Admits Misleading Reporting -- Two Years Later FREE!
Newspaper fuelled hysterica against Wen Ho Lee

Conservative Rage vs. Liberal Guilt
Don't expect the Demos to fight the GOP steamroller

A Life Sentence at Age 14
Probably worst failure of U.S. juvenile justice system

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Hello, Global Warming Calling
 + Texas Dems Know What's Wrong, But Not How To Fix It
 + Meanwhile, Back in Texas
 + Medical Privacy For Sale
 + Tax Cut Class Warfare
 + Dubya's Corporate Cabinet
 + Does Bush Know The Consequences Of His Acts?
 + Corporate Greedfest Coming
 + Dubya's Fuzzy Thinking Already Causing Problems
 + A Step Forward For Texas, Two Steps Back For U.S.
 + Economic Nincompoopery
 + Bush's Divisive Agenda
 + The Energy Crisis Scandal

 + All Clinton, All the Time
 + Does Bush Know He Could Scuttle Democrats?
 + Bush is Charming the Truth Aside
 + Scandals, Intrigue, and Lies

 } David Corn

 + Media Shilling For Reagan, Clinton
 + Good/Bad Reporting on African AIDS
 + Press Too Cozy With Political Elite

 } Norman Solomon

 + How Will Clintonomics Look From Harlem?
 + Panam 103 Case Far From Solved
 + Clinton's Massacre
 + Goodbye, And Don't Come Back

 } Alexander Cockburn

Betty Krawczyk
Betty Krawczyk


Court Releases Great-Grandmom Forest Protester FREE!
Was sentenced to year in jail for peaceful protest of Canadian old-growth logging

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