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CA Gov. Gray Davis Secretive Energy Deals
With billions of dollars of taxpayer money on the table, the California Governor has cut to a trickle the flow of information on the bailouts for the deregulated utilities -- although there are fears that a secret deal will surface after November 2002 elections

Germany May Send "Mad Cow" Suspect Beef To N Korea
Germany considering charity giveaway of beef that Europeans think unsafe

School Shootings and White Denial
"Nice" American white kids most likely to have drug problems, carry guns

Coca Planting Spreads from Colombia to Ecuador
Terror spreads as drug growers, paramilitaries expand in region

Outrage At Bush Nominee For UN Ambassador
Directly implicated in coverup of torture, murder in Honduras

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Vote Fraud in Tennessee: Worse than Florida?
Probably tens of thousands of Blacks kept from voting

Arianna Huffington: Dick Cheney's Suicide Mission

The Dirty Politics Of Redistricting Begins
Voters ripped off as incumbents entrench their power base

Our 2-Party System: Spineless Demos, Ruthless GOP FREE!
Repub steamroller counts on Demos to concede ground

Congress: The Real Pros At Quid Pro Quo
Bill favoring largest contributors to Congress sails through House

Pardon Card Credit Card Banks Lobbying Hard For Anti-Consumer Laws
Want to be first in line when families declare bankrupcy

Clinton "Pardon Scandal" Basics
Right-wingers trying to impeach Bill & Hill again

Marc Rich's Hidden History as a Union-Buster FREE!
A central role in ugliest union-busting since WWII

Right Targets Defunding Liberal Orgs
Old fantasy of "defunding the left" more likely in GOP-held government

Alexander Cockburn: Dubya's Ritual Bombing of Iraq

Zapatista guerrillas march to Mexico City
With a huge crowd far exceeding predictions, more than 100,000 people gathered in Mexico City to hear Subcomandante Marcos and other leaders declare that the moment has come to recognize the rights of all Native peoples. "It is the hour of the Indian peoples who are the color of the earth, of all the colors that we are underneath, and the colors that we are in spite of the color of money," said Marcos


Mexico City Rally Mar 11  + Massive Rally Caps March

 + "Peaceful Uprising" In Mexico Coming If Rights Ignored

 + Women Have Key Role In Zapatista Command

 + Zapatista Convoy Leaves For Mexico City

 + Zapatistas Stake Future on Historic March to Capitol

 + Catholic Church Was Instrumental In Rebellion Early Days

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Bush will be required to pay billions owed to Indians; NATO and UN tried to coverup report of Racak "massacre"

Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers TV special to reveal how the public was kept in the dark about the dangers of toxic chemicals
Enviros Surprised, Happy at Bush Proposed Bank Cutback
Possible 25% cutback at Ex-Im Bank notorious for funding environment-bad prjects

Bush Abandons Global Warming Pledge Made During Campaign
Reverses promises made just weeks ago

With Another Bush In White House, Rev. Moon Makes Comeback
One of Dubya's first actions was to embrace Moon event

Growing Japanese Anger Over Boat Sinking By Sub
U.S. apologies for accident viewed as token, insincere

Childhood Obesity Directly Linked to TV Habits, Study Shows FREE!
Obesity has doubled for kids 8-16 in one generation

Israel Wants To Supress History Book
Government fights Israeli scholar's free speech plea for full disclosure of 1948 "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians

Unregulated and untested chemicals flooding the market

Nike PR on Trial
Calif Supreme Court will hear free speech claim for corporate greenwashing

Ads in Schools
Advertisers have always sought to build brand awareness among children
Adidas PR Release Greeted With Caution
Groups say shoe label is exploiting underpaid Asian workers

Schools Discovering "Free" Ad-Based Services Come With Price
Schools stuck with bills after free Internet service flounders

World Bank Plan Led To Government's Collapse
Moldova forced to close hospitals, destroy infrastructure to meet Bank demands

Pinochet Faces New Trial On Reduced Charges
Coverup of murders and kidnapping instead of being mastermind

Clinton and his enemies
Clinton and his enemies
Now that Clinton is out of office, the Democrats have enthusiastically joined the Republicans in bashing the former President. Can Humpty Dumpty put his reputation together again?

Fish Farms Not Sustainable, Experts Warn FREE!
Using up to 5 lbs. of wild fish to support each pound of farm-grown fish

Former Soviet Biowar Labs Still Pose Risk FREE!
Poor controls over biological weapons

India Switch To Cash Crops Decimating Water Table
Big agribiz companies may turn part of N India unproductive

Ice Caps In Africa, S America Likely To Disappear Soon FREE!
Researcher expects global warming will melt glaciers within 15 years

Taliban Defiance on Buddah Statues Will Hurt Afghanistan
Decision was driven more by politics than religion

Torture Industry Now Global, Says Report
U.S. still largest manufacturer of torture devices

FBI Spy Case Shows Cold War Never Ended FREE!
Espionage has increased dramatically since fall of USSR

Technology Widens The War On Privacy
Do police have the right to inspect your home for "suspicious" heat?

Molly Ivins NEW! MOLLY     IVINS

 + The Crash Of '29, For Those Under 40
 + Time To Stand Up For Reform
 + The Muddled Bush Foreign Policy
 + Rushing To Scuttle Work Safety
 + Voodoo Economics Redux
 + Bush Admin Shows Its Bullying Side
 + Bush's Vulgar Tax Proposal
 + What Will Bush Do About The Drug War?
 + Dubya's Shifty Tax Reform

 + Searching For A Cause To Define Bush
 + Class Warfare Is Back In Fashion
 + Will Clintons Repair Their Tarnished Image?
 + The Clintons As Culture War Icons

 } David Corn

 + Media Cheered On Stock Market Bubble
 + Why Isn't George Will Facing Prison?
 + Media Lowers The Bar For Bush
 + Kissinger And The Blockade Of News

 } Norman Solomon

 + What Are Spies For?
 + Bombing Big Sur
 + Pinochet: The Final Count

 } Alexander Cockburn

Clinton Exhumation


GOP Will Never Say Die In Pursuit Of Clintons FREE!
Look forward to years and years of digging up more dirt

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