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women beg police at U'Wa rally

PHOTO: Eric Brown

Los Angeles Police suddenly turned on protesters in what was called an "indiscriminate use of force." California Green Party Senate candidate Medea Benjamin suggested that the police deliberately provoked demonstrators in order to clear the crowd before hordes of Democratic delegates left the Staples Center.

California State Senator Tom Hayden, whose own son was injured, said that the police reaction was the result of months of planning and anticipation -- that the police were eager to experiment with the "arsenal of exotic weaponry" they had stockpiled in preparation for the Democratic National Convention, including rubber bullets, bean bag bullets, tear gas and OC pepper gas.

Delegates rode buses with armed guards back and forth to their heavily protected hotels. Before the convention, police authorities publicly asserted they were anticipating between 50,000 and 70,000 protestors, privately knowing those numbers were absurdly high. But their scare tactics leveraged budget outlays for enough high-tech weapons and personnel to leave downtown LA looking like a scene from Blade Runner

Demo Convention
LA Police Supress Convention Protests
Up to 20,000 marched and protested outside the Democratic Party convention

PHOTO: Jordan Silverman

rubber bullet
"This is what democracy looks like" says demonstrator, showing wound from a rubber bullet. After a handful of protesters threw plastic water bottles and rocks over a fence near the convention center, hundreds of police responded with brutality

PHOTO: Marc Farjeon

Cops tried to frighten reporters and delegates by painting demonstrators as violent

PHOTO: Mark Vallen

Winners and Losers in LA 2000 Showdowns
Festive protests, street anger, and a panorama of excess

U'wa Marchers Chide Gore
Promise to make Gore ties to oil company an election-year issue

"Tips" Lead Cops to Raid Alt Media Center
Live national telecast conveniently knocked off the air

Demonstrators Failed to Get Message Out
Cops, media demonize protesters without challenge

The Fat Cats' Convention Experience
Big contributors to both Dems and Repubs are indifferent to who wins

GOP Convention
Three Faces of Philadelphia
For GOP delegates, the convention meant a suitcase full of loot, including a limited-edition Barbie
Police clamped down hard. arresting about 400 protesters and holding them in jail past the end of the convention
John Mastrobuoni of Electricians Local 98 thanks the GOP for all the overtime pay but his shirt reads: "Republicans for a week"

The GOP's Lie-apalooza
No mention of impeachment saga or other bad memories from the Years of Newt

Backlash Over Philly Protest Crackdown
Protesters charge they were beaten, refused medical attention in police stations

The Battle of Philadelphia
Police use preventive detention and high bail to hold protesters

Voices of the Failed Drug War
At shadow convention, casualties of the War on Drugs remembered

McCain Jeered For Bush Endorsement FREE!
As Bush delegates grab floor seats from rightful McCain supporters

Free Cars and Barbies
Corporations shower GOP delegates with handouts

Philadelphia Funneled $7 Million to GOP to Host Convention
Pennsylvania also gave $7M via non-profit "committee"

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Demos May Face Replay of 1968 Defeat
Bush 2000 sounds like Nixon 1968, while Demos set up Nader as scapegoat

Lieberman Is No Washington Saint
Mr. Integrity wallows in institutional sleaze of Washington

Gore's Disguised "Wise Use" Environmentalism
Close reading of Earth in the Balance reveals shallow views

Bush Took Millions From Phony Grassroots Groups
"Tort reform" groups front for Philip Morris, Exxon, others

Bush's Personal Culture War
Undeclared war on legacy of 1960s

Media Biased Towards Bush, Survey Shows FREE!
Bush portrayed as middle-of-road, VP mostly cast as a liar tainted by scandal

Cheney's Dirty Business FREE!
Companies work on behalf of some globe's worst players

Why I Don't Like Dick Cheney FREE!
Meet Mr. Jerk

Energy Industry Rip-offs
Power Hungry
California is considering applications for 24 new power plants, with some breaking ground already. The new plants could be a great step forward if you depend on air conditioning or are a manufacturer or other big business. It does not bode well, however, for environmental quality

The withdrawal of Soviet aid in 1989 meant that Cuba could no longer import millions of tons of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Castro's solution was to develop "urban agriculture," growing organic vegetables in every backyard, vacant lot, bucket, or barrel. The plan succeeded beyond anyone's dreams

A Cow and Garden in Every Yard

Feeding Everyone Without Using Pesticides

Trees explode into flame in a Colorado wildfire
Administration blocked UN intervention in 1994 slaughter of up to 800,000

Researchers Warn Earth's Ice is Melting
Patch of ice-free water viewed at North Pole

Wildfires Spark Political Firestorm FREE!
GOP blames Clinton, calls for more logging

A Wildfire Policy Built on Fear of Ashes FREE!
1988 forest fires show folly of reacting to burning as crisis

Tropical Forests Prime For Catastrophic Fires
80 percent could be lost if another El Nino arrives in coming years

U.S. put Catch-22 in Deal for Cheap AIDS Drug FREE!
U.S. pharmaceuticals must be used exclusively, paid back with interest

Salmon Safety Net Full of Holes FREE!
Clinton program will "save" salmon same year as they go extinct

Reptiles, such as this water snake, face greater danger of extinction than frogs and toads
Anti-Coca Fungus Threatens Amazon
Anti-cocaine fungus has "notorious tendency to mutate"

Sharp Rise in Neo-Nazi Violence Worries Germany
Escalating attacks on foreigners and homeless

Climate Expert Blasts Emission Trading Scheme
Buying pollution credits from poor nations called "environmental colonialism"

Cleanliness is Next to Dangerous, Says Dr
Overuse and misuse of bacteria killers

Reptiles as Much at Risk of Extinction as Frogs FREE!
Destruction of ecosystems is just beginning of problem

Future of Mexican Women's Rights Unclear
Party of incoming leadership has criminalized abortion

rocket rainforest
Rocket launch site planned for one of the Caribbean's last rainforests

PHOTOS: J. S. Graham, Beal Aerospace

Virgin Siberian Forests to be Clearcut for China
Up to 85 percent of old-growth forest will sold to Chinese

Rainforest to be Cleared For Launch PadFREE!
Section of Guyana's pristine rainforest sold for $3 an acre

100,000 Women in India's Seafood Sweatshops
Paid $30 per month with cost of daily meal deducted

Worldwide Tobacco Treaty in Two Years?
UN agency says global controls possible by 2002

Big Tobacco Infiltrated UN Agencies
Internal company documents show attempts to sway health agency against global control of tobacco

Romania's 100,000 Orphans
Still institutionalized, although communist regime gone for 10 years

The Kids Both Gore and Bush Ignore
300+ born every year with HIV from mom's dirty needles

The New York Times Race Series Misses the Mark
Racism often trivialized as just personal bias

Slow Motion Genocide in Iraq FREE!
UN sanctions have killed up to 1.5 million, half of them kids under 5

No Media Coverage of Attack on Environment
Congress trying to push through dozens of special interest riders

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Demo Steak and Repub Pink Clouds
 + Many Lessons in Firestone Tire Recall
 + No Reason for New Missile Defense Program
 + Bush Tries Hard to Coverup Texas' Failures
 + Energy Industry Manipulating Prices
 + Dirty Tricks of Bush Manager Revealed
 + Tips For Republican Operatives
 + GOP Tries to Sound Better Than Real
 + Repubs on the Attack
 + Who Deserves Credit for Texas' Schools?

 + The Demo Deception Convention
 + Lieberman, Corporate Democrat
 + The Pleasantville Party
 + Convention Hospitality and Police Brutality


 + Who IS Al Gore?
 + Lieberman Pick Moves Demos to Right
 + It's "Reach Out" Time Again
 + The Truth About Clintonomics
Lone Woman's Anti-Nuke Crusade
Living on the street in front of White House since start of Reagan era, Connie Picciotto has maintained a round-the-clock vigil for world peace and nuclear disarmament, braving the wind, rain, police harassment and abuse from passers-by


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