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Russian TB Prison Gate Incurable Form of TB is Global ThreatFREE!
Russian prison system alone creates hundreds of thousands of TB cases annually

Scientists Alarmed by Whale Deaths
Hundreds apparently dying of starvation

Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Cancer, Researcher SaysFREE!
Industry-funded scientist found doubled risk of tumors

See also EAST TIMOR INDEX in earlier issue

Quietly tucked away in the Vermont hills, the only private military college in the country has been training officers in Kopassus, Indonesia's brutal special forces that led the genocide of East Timor

Faster UN Probe Urged on Discovery of Bodies
Australian-led UN force admits it has done little

UN Force Finds E Timor Ghost Towns
UN peacekeepers just now starting to explore countryside

Australia Knew of Genocide Plans
Satellite photos showed militia, troop buildup months before election

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Gore? Bradley? Coke? Pepsi?
Not much fizz in Demo debate, but even less of interest in GOP tent

Turkey Season In New Hampshire
The last bastion of politics as a contact sport

The Political Circus Comes to Town
Vignettes from the New Hampshire campaign trail

Disappointment in Union's Quick Endorsement of Gore
But Teamsters, UAW won't join AFL-CIO in early approval

Is Warren Beatty the Last Real Democrat?FREE!
You won't hear Gore or Bradley talking about these core issues

Elizabeth Dole, Inc.
Raising more than $1 million annually for uncharitable charity

Pentagon Gets Unrequested $17 Billion
Including new expensive luxuries for top military brass

And Now Trump Enters The Ring
Rumors that G.W. Bush encouraged Reform Party bid

THE PEASANT ARMY'S COCKTAIL PARTY Pat Buchanan claims that a "peasant army" will sweep him into the White House. But how many troops does he command? There's no clear answer. But two weeks ago, Buchanan did hold an event in Washington that revealed who his true friends (well-known and unknown) are. At a steakhouse gathering, scores of Patniks celebrated the publication of his new foreign policy book, the now-infamous tract that argues that Western Europe and the United States should have, more or less, left Hitler alone in the pre-Pearl Harbor years

FOLLOW THE MONEY And what of the leadership of this army? In recent months his presidential campaign has either purged or been deserted by some of its most loyal soldiers. Those who remain may be involved in shady financial kickbacks, illegal campaign contributions and less-than-honorable coverups. This is the moral high ground?

 Der Volks Kandidat

Section 404 : The Missing News
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IN THIS ISSUE:   Kathie Lee Gifford and sweatshops, part III; the losing battle to control global warming; corporate disinformation campaign about safety of biotech foods; 1 out of 6 Americans drinks contaminated water; cash from Abe Hirschfeld

When the U.S. government released the recent batch of documents about the Pinochet regime, a set of records was missing: those detailing the CIA's underhanded involvement in Chile, and that it may have been involved in the murder of an American journalist

Too Many Boats, Too Few Fish
UN estimates 70% of the world's most valuable fish stocks are depleted because of government subsidies

Powerful Mexican Family Tries to Censor Latino U.S. Magazine
Editor says kingmakers in Mexican politics linked to drug trade

Mexican Evangelical Groups Step Up Recruitment
Including lobbying the government for TV time

Colombian Cocaine Market Explodes Despite U.S. Efforts
U.S. obsession with farmers allow traffickers to operate without interference

Flooded Central Park Manhattan, Other Cities Could FloodFREE!
Study warns of global warming disaster as critical summit begins in Germany

Carolinas Encouraged Building in Flooded Areas FREE!
State and Fed subsidized development in areas prone to natural disaster

incinerator Toxic Mercury Rains in Midwest FREE!
Rain and snow over 65 times safe levels near some cities

Italy's Neofascists Say Mafia is Unreliable in Hope to Evade Trial
Charged with more than two thousand deaths 1968-1990

India Groundwater Contaminated by Arsenic
4,000 times higher than safe levels in some areas

IMF "Makes Up" Funding Needs, Audit Shows
Agency has also become self-styled bank imposing harsh conditions in exchange for help

World Bank Can't Recover $5.5 Billion Stolen in Nigeria
Taken by former government officials in Africa's most populous country

New Questions About Pentagon Link to Gulf War SyndromeFREE!
Anti-nerve gas pill was given to 250,000 troops

Corresponding with the Unabomber
Best regards, Ted Kaczynski
"The first time I got a letter from the Unabomber, I had my wife open it. I was at work, the letter had come to my house, and neither of us wanted to wait to see what Ted Kaczynski, whose outgoing mail was by then inspected by the United States Bureau of Prisons, had to say..."
Indonesians have high hopes that newly-elected president Gus Dur and VP Megawati will bring together a nation scarred by three decades of dictatorships. But can the beloved and elderly president force the military back in the barracks, stop rampant corruption, and bring about true reform?

Nation Must Face its Gruesome Past FREE!

High Hopes for a new Indonesia

Environment Remains Pawn of Special Interests

Prospects Dim For Bringing Suharto to Justice

As Pakistan returns to military rule for the fourth time in a half century, analyists ask an uneasy question: Why does the nation swing between martial law and hopelessly corrupt, inept government?

Shed No Tears For Pakistan's Sham DemocracyFREE!

History Shows Cycle of Pakistani Military Coups

Pakistan Has Brighter Prospects For Peace With India


Conservatives Try Stealth Censorship of Internet
Sen. Orrin Hatch proposes "immunity" to ISPs who supress offensive sites

How I Learned to be a Racist
Ex-con describes how hate is contagious in prison

Report Shows U.S. Bombed Chinese Embassy Deliberately
Maps had been updated just a week earlier

The Constitution According to Giuliani
An unrestrained war on free expression

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Dear God, Give us a Touchdown
 + The Big Muddy in Colombia
 + It's Bad When They Won't Take Your Money
 + OJ, Diana, Jon Benet and Monica, Monica, Monica
 + A Thoroughly Lousy Banking Bill
 + Cut Off at the Budget Impasse Again
 + Health Insurance System is Dying
 + Whiffle-Brains Attack 1st Amendment
 + Students Lead Anti-Sweatshop Drive
 + GOP Bests Clinton But Risks Nuclear War

 + Buchanan Was Always a Media Creation
 + Media Fuels the Online Trading Mania
 + A Tale of Two Magazines

 + Where's the Serbian Genocide?
 + Holding the Forests for Presidential Ransom
 + Does Art Really Shock Anyone, Anymore?



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