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Eyewitness Diary From East Timor II: "They Thought Help Was Coming" FREE!
More eyewitness accounts of reign of terror

E Timor Leaders Warn UN: Don't Trust Indonesia
But army responsible for genocide has "advisory role"

Angry World Asks: What Happened to "Clinton Doctrine?"
6 months ago promised swift action to stop civilian massacres

U.S. Shares Blame For E Timor Genocide
Close ties to army gave Clinton a chance to stop killings in first week

Over 200,000 E Timor Face Starvation
Over half the population now in hiding or in camps

East Timor Was Strike Three For UN
"We could see that it was just like Rwanda, but nobody did anything"

Timor Slaughter May Signal Indonesian Army Coup
Military's history in East Timor is too "emotional" to be neutral

Genocide Shows Suharto Forces Still in Control
Cronies of ex-dictator of Indonesia asserting power

Militia Members Say Peace Impossible
"No one will accept this vote as legitimate"

Diary From East Timor: "We Die" FREE!
Eyewitness accounts of reign of terror

Indonesia Planned Exile of 300,000 E Timorese FREE!
Ethnic cleansing of up to half of the population if they lost the election

UN, U.S. Blasted for Hypocrisy Over E Timor
Already more refugees than in Kosovo before NATO war

Allan Nairn: Indonesian military was encouraged by U.S. Admiral

England Is Major Arms Dealer To Indonesia
Sales include fighter jets witnessed in E Timor ground attacks

World Will Never Again Trust UN, Says Horta
Peace Prize winner also denounces World Bank, IMF to Washington press corps

Militias Seize Control of Nation FREE!
Indonesian security forces do little or nothing to stop mobs

Anarchy as Journalists Start Leaving
Reporters targeted by militias

IMF, World Bank Helped Fund Militias
Up to 20% of humanitarian aid diverted

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Waco Whiplash
GOP attacks Reno over Waco debacle, but no criticism of FBI

Chinese "Threat" to Panama Canal was GOP Creation FREE!
Fake story to exploit current anxiety about mainland China spying

Candidates Stumbling Through Minefields
Trying to have it both ways on abortion rights and other issues

Bush Controversy Changes the Drug Debate
W. now the unwitting poster child for foes of War on Drugs

Bush Shoots Self in Foot With Cocaine Answers
American's aren't buying Bush's jolly and charming dismissals

President Warren?

Warren Beatty isn't seriously considering a run for president -- is he?

Section 404 : The Missing News
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   How the Cocaine Scandal Helped George W. Bush
There could be more to the tale than appears -- including the shocking possiblity that his campaign is cynically orchestrating the story. And even if Bush and his pals aren't behind the rumors, the controversy has certainly worked well to his advantage in several ways

U.S. Media Knew Kosovo Reports Were Propaganda FREE!
But still passed on false information to the American public

U.S. Sold 1 Million Handguns to Third World
While simultaneously pushing for new restrictions in global trade

Evolution Now Under Siege in Schools
One school glued together textbook pages explaining big bang theory

Money Pouring Into Germany Neo-Nazi Movement
Party wins 5 seats in W German state election

Yugoslav Power Struggle Begins in Earnest
Church, fascists, monarchists, free-market economists, all jockey for power

Last Call at Pine Ridge
Outside the Pine Ridge reservation is a town with just two dozen residents that sells about 3,000 cans of beer every day to Indians -- but then the Lakota people marched to shut down the bars and liquor stores

Enviros Blast UN For Not Protecting Mexican Whale Breeding Grounds
Is also used for controversial salt factory owned by Mexico and Mitsubishi

Support Grows for P.R. Islanders Defying U.S. Navy FREE!
Bombing practice has destroyed half of once-pristine Puerto Rico island

China May be Losing Ground to Separatists
Protest by 10,000 members of Falun Gong "scared them out of their wits"

Air Pollution Chokes Beijing FREE!
Massive amounts of building construction in preparation for 50th anniversary

Most of U.S. Liquid Toxic Waste Injected Underground FREE!
Drinking water supply at risk because of EPA loophole, lax policy

Injection wells Central Asia at Boiling Point
Rebellion, warfare as CIA cash props up dictators in oil-rich area

Yeltsin Left With Few Allies
Western media finally notices that billions missing from aid funding

Monsanto Moving Into Third World After Europe Fights Biotech Seeds
India, Pakistan and China become target markets in "terminator" seed controversy

Are Ancient Viruses Lurking In Polar Ice? FREE!
Find of prehistoric plant virus leads to question if human diseases are recycled

Thailand Blames Burma Junta for Meth Epidemic
Thais say neighboring dictatorship has created drug problem to destabilize them

Nervous Japanese Want More Military Muscle
Call for power that would allow unrestricted action by Japan army

Nuclear Risks, Biowar Risks
Nuclear Insecurity, Biowar Insecurity Nuclear Insecurity Biowar Insecurity

BP Solar BP Gets "Greenwash" Award
Chump change for solar panels on gas stations while billions spent on oil exploration

Newspapers Are Dumbing Down America, Author Says FREE!
Round-the-clock delivery of daily "news fix" harmful to society, historian says

So How Many Scientists Does It Take?
Politicians ignoring dire environmental warnings from scientists worldwide

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Three Simple Steps to Control Guns
 + GOPs Spending Money Like No Tomorrow
 + What Ho, Political Junkies!
 + Let's Play Hunt the Hypocrites
 + The Persecution of Henry Cisneros
 + Workers Are Forgotten Majority

 + Remembering the Dissident Senator
 + Big Media Applaud Big Media Merger
 + Media's Hatred of American Labor
 + Press Sidesteps Real Issues in Bush Drug Story

 + Who to Blame for American Hatred and Violence?
 + The Press and Waco
 + Cheap Attempt to Discredit Palestinians
 + Irish Journalist Faces Jail for Exposing Coverup

 Pigeon   The Making of a Pigeon Activist FREE!

As national director of the Fund for Animals, Heidi Prescott and more than 200,000 supporters have stopped the killing of mountain lions in California, bison and grizzly bears in Montana, and black bears in Florida. But Prescott's most militant campaign has been against pigeon shoots

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