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Thousands March for Free Speech at KPFA FREE!
Photos of rally that drew 15,000 to march on station

KPFA march Untreatable Form of AIDS Spreading in Africa
Inconsistent use of drugs victims can't afford caused development of resistant form

Increase in New Strain of Japanese TB Cases Worry Officials
Like AIDS case above, no treatment for disease available

Massive Arms Sale to Gulf Arab Nation in Offing
$8 billion deal will make UAE the first Third World country with sensitive F-16 fighter jet codes

Scientists Mull Kansas Boycott After Anti-Evolution Decision FREE!
Research community shocked by state Board of Education rejection of science

Expect More Rightwing Violence as Y2000 Nears
Many hate groups see coming of the millennium as advent of a "racial war"

Four Retailers Settle in Saipan Sweatshop Lawsuits
But Sears, Target, The Gap, and other chain stores refuse agreement

Humanitarian Aid For Yugoslavia Urgently Needed
Milosevic opponent predicts "horror story" this winter unless help arrives

IMF Rushes to Avert Russian Loan Default
Another $4.5 billion to prevent economic collapse

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round God and Greenbacks
Besides hustling money, the candidates spend time Bible-thumping

Tyrants We Like
Clinton and D.C. press corps praise some dictators and demonize others

From Top-Secret to Toilet Paper
Shredding documents is Washington growth industry

The $100 Million Candidate
The only Y2000 campaign issue: Who can match Bush spending?

Perot and Ventura: Once and Future King (cartoon)

At the Reform Party convention, Gov. Jesse "The Mind" Ventura overshadowed Ross "The Boss" Perot, and party members were giddy with hope: Could they actually convince Americans that they weren't nuts?

404 Section: The Missing News

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
Nazi movements on the rise worldwide; spoof political web sites may become key Internet free speech issue; how "Adona" and NPR helped lead us into the Kosovo War

Moscow Faces War in Another Breakaway Muslim Republic
Yeltsin fears repeat of army rout in Chechnya

U.S. Stonewalls on Chemical Weapon Tests in Panama Canal
Tons of lethal chemicals presumed buried, but U.S. refuses to disclose information

Drugs are New Pretext for U.S. Intervention
"War on Drugs" becomes excuse for Pentagon meddling in S America

Dictatorships Get Billions From U.S.
Including more than 12 thousand soldiers trained in U.S.

Two environmental mysteries solved Smokestacks From Ships at Sea Effect Global Climate FREE!
May change global warming calculations

Indonesian Famine Was "Manufactured Crisis," Group Says
U.S., Japan, and others provided aid that only made nation more dependent on imported food

Some 50 "Dead Zones" in Oceans, Researchers Say FREE!
Little or no oxygen in water to support marine life

Chile Tries to Circumvent Pinochet Trial
Families of the "disappeared" reject attempted negotiations

India Moving Toward Outright Fascism
Hindu fundamentalist movement includes open worship of Hitler

New Scandals at Former CIA-Contra Airbase
Drug trafficking, military extortion, gun running at infamous Honduran El Aguacate

Researchers Find Why Siberian Forests Not Growing Faster FREE!
Global warming has raaised temperature, but also created more snow

Surprising Explanations For Crime DropFREE!
Growth in drug trafficking not included among "serious" crimes in statistics

Southeast Asian Press Under Attack
Government officials hire goons, or get their pals to buy out owners

NRA Firing Back With "Eddie Eagle" Gun Program for Kids
Cute mascot for gun safety program likened to "Joe Camel with feathers"

The Politics of Lyme Disease
The Dirty Truth About Lyme Disease Research

Don't Buy Rumors of China Invading Taiwan FREE!
Saber-rattling over Taiwan's latest claims of independence

Whom do We Blame, as We Watch Nature Dry Up?
Researchers worry that E Coast may be in drought of century

Day Trading Firms Thrive on Addictive and Impulsive Behavior
Firms Mark O. Barton targeted probably deserve to share the blame

How Mumia Gets Declared "Guilty" in the Media, Part II
Press again repeats bogus claim of Mumia confession

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Drug Story Shows Bush Hypocrisy
 + "Tort Reform" Benefits Big Corporations
 + TX Considers Execution Competency
 + Arguing With the Gun Nut Lobby
 + "Funeralgate" Scandal for George W.
 + The GOP $1 Million Club
 + Executing Larry Robison
 + Our Hot, Wet Future, Part II
 + Our Hot, Wet Future, Part I

 + Media, Democracy -- and Pacifica
 + Washington's Media Fixation

 + George, Bill And Buford Furrow
 + Hillary, the Therapeutic Cop
 + Is Colombia Our Next Vietnam?


Lost in the Shadow of JFK Jr. Joe Wood, a 34 year-old black man regarded as one of the most talented writers of his generation, mysteriously vanished in July. But when the media swarmed over the JFK Jr. story later that same day, Joe Wood really disappeared

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