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KPFA vs the Corporation
Casting the story as a management - labor dispute, mainstream media ignores the critical issue of Pacifica Foundation acting against the express wishes of its main funding agency -- the community
Corporation planned takeover before rebellion by staff

Dennis Bernstein: What is at Stake FREE!

Alexander Cockburn: No Middle Ground

KPFA Battle Reaches Crisis FREE!

Norman Solomon: Assault on KPFA Raises Key Issues

Dennis Bernstein: Berkeley or Belgrade? FREE!

New Reports of Atrocities by and Against Serbs FREE!
Documenting ethnic cleansing and reprisals in Kosovo

Serbs and Albanians Victims of the Same Game
Massive KLA reprisals against Serbs and Roma continues "vulgar nationalism"

KLA Campaign Against Serbs Rages
Some KLA members kidnapping Serb men to demand ransom of weapons

Coral Reef Serbs Protest, Frightened of Unbearable Winter
But Milosevic political party still highest in voter polls

Poorest Countries Will Pay Heaviest to Rebuild Kosovo
Although U.S. bill will be about $25 billion

Kosovo War Crime Investigation Will Have to Include NATO
International court loses credibility unless NATO air attacks are also weighed

Study Predicts Complete Loss of World's Coral ReefsFREE!
Global warming will kill entire reef systems in a few decades

Poverty, Not Y2K Bugs, Threaten Russian Nuclear Plants
Routine maintenance not done because workers unpaid for months

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round The Ugly Rider Game
Congress continually tries to sneak through anti- environmental laws

GOP Panders to Billionaires With Tax Cuts
Completely ignores Americans who would benefit most

Revenge of the Reaganuts
GOP tax cut is nothing more than rehashed Reaganism

Cherchez Les VP Femmes
Aren't you by now sick of Bush vs. Gore? Consider a two womenVP race

Clinton Poverty Tour Dodges The Poor
Photo-ops with no commitment to solving problems

Smoggy Logic on Capitol Hill
Congress ducks responsibility for pollution cleanup

George W. Bandwagon Hard to Fathom
After only 5 years in a real paying job, he's ready to be...president?

404 Section: The Missing News
Hostile AIDS Activists Target Gore
Protesting his support for policy that makes drugs unaffordable in Third World

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
What the American media didn't report about the Kosovo War; probation for white man who murders black recalls worst of the Jim Crow era; journalist beats police entrapment rap; Salon magazine enthusiastically tilts toward the joy of sex and celeb hoopla

Benjamin Smith killed two
and wounded twelve during
his July 4 weekend killing
spree. Should his white
supremacist 'church' be held
responsible?  + Benjamin "August" Smith: Poised to Kill FREE!

 + Smith Described Racist Hate in 1998 Interview

 + Pat Robertson Blames Watchdog Group for Killings FREE!

 + Korean Americans Cope With Racist Murder

CIA is Rogue Agency Working Against Clinton, Ex-Official Says
Leaking classified documents to right-wing groups

Native Groups "At War" With ARCO in Ecuador
Petroleum giant accused of creating phony indigenous groups that support rainforest drilling

Mexican Drug Use Skyrockets
U.S. Drug Czar offers to share anti-drug strategies

The City With the Grittiest Air FREE!
World's worst pollution cancels out China's economic progress

Angry Scientists Tell Congress: Take Global Warming Seriously
Lambast members of Congress who claim it's "only a theory"

Court Rules States Cannot Protest Against Multinational Companies
Sweeping decision allows feds to block state or local restrictions on trade with dictatorships

Pinochet Launches PR Campaign to Fight Extradition
Eliminates chance of release for humanitarian reasons

Japanese Gangsters Control Stockholders' Meethings
Corporations forking over millions of yen to extortionists

Native U.S. - Canada Groups Form Unique Alliance
Historic meeting sets groundwork for international Native association

Little Attention Given to Persecution of Gypsies
Routinely murdered and abused in places like Kosovo, Hungary and the Czech Republic

"Channel One" Critic Hit by Dirty Tricks Ad Campaign
Just before Senate hearing on TV broadcasts into classrooms

Taking Personal Responsibility for our Pollution
Couple resolves to enter the 21st century emitting no net carbon dioxide

Mumia Abu-Jamal's Commencement Address FREE!
Speech addresses injustice, the "joy of doing the right thing"

Ex-Welfare Recipients Do Okay -- For Now
Clinton's welfare reform leaves poor at high risk when Wall Street busts

Discrimination Alive and Well in Corporate America
Recent lawsuits show nothing less than a pattern of apartheid

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + How to Best Waste Budget Surplus?
 + Racing Back to the Bad Old Days
 + Pill Makers Ignore Third World
 + Misinformation on Patients' Bill of Rights
 + No Sympathy for Doctor's Union

 + Faux Mourning of a Media Prince
 + The Triumph of Celebrity Culture

 + The Sham of Spotted Owl Protection
 + Ventura Run For President? Sure
 + Victims of Both Drugs and the Drug War


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