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Alexander Cockburn: Peace terms were set in February

100,000 Serbs May Flee Kosovo
Fears of bloody KLA reprisals

NATO Involvement Just Beginning
Peacekeeping, restraining KLA, repairing tens of billions of dollars in damage

KLA Militias Terrorize Kosovo Serbs
Followed NATO troops and quickly began reprisals

Norman Solomon: War Ends, Hate Continues

How American PR Demonized the Serbs FREE!
Public relations firm promoted unconfirmed news stories of Serbian atrocities

Kosovo is Forecast of 21st Century Trends
A non-nation, where foreign officials enforcing laws as citizens use foreign currency

Clinton's Grim Legacy of the Kosovo War Precedent for a new kind of amoral war where we take no responsibility for the civilian deaths and damage we've caused -- or the horrors to come

NY Jury Verdict is Landmark for Police Accountability
Fellow police officers distance themselves from rogue cop

Senate Packs Funding Bill With Anti-Environment Riders FREE!
Research cuts, benefits for industry recall worst of Reagan era

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Bill Bradley Keeps His Distance
Something odd about Bradley, in that Gary Hart manner

Al Gore's Hillary Problem
Hillary's Senate bid continues the national Clinton soap opera thanks to the media

Cox Report Will Backfire on U.S.
Expect "brain drain" of foreign-born scientists returning home

404 Section: The Missing News

World #1 Terrorist Faces Execution -- or Diplomat Job
Kurd man linked to death of 28,000 may be key to stable peace for Turkey, Iraq

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
NRA myths, how the media and Congress coddle gun advocates

Reading, Writing, Religion How Texan Christian fundamentalists have taken control of school textbooks nationwide
Cambodians Clear Landmines, Lose Farms
Given away to military, rich and powerful

49 Pakistani Children Await Hangman's Noose
But U.S. is world's worst with 73 kids on death rows

New Army Aggression on Chiapas Villagers
Concern beceause earlier military actions led to massacre

Independent Book Stores Score Victory
Massive grassroots effort stopped Barnes & Noble takeover of distributor

Fresh Proof of "Operation Condor" Surfaces
South American military dictators organized suppression

Genetic Link to Gulf War Syndrome Found FREE!
Why only some veterans became sick after Iraq War

AIDS Spreading Faster Worldwide
Infection rate has tripled, but funding lags far behind

The New Corporate Predator

In their new book, Mokhiber and Weismann find corporate crime and violence goes undetected or unprosecuted

Why Federal Hate Crimes Law Essential
Often unreported, seldom make the front pages, and difficult to prosecute

When "Funny" Remarks are Hate Speech
Holding entertainers accountable for jokes with violent messages

Surprise Defeat for Big Steel
Senate makes history by rejecting industry protections

More Over-reactions to Littleton ShootingsFREE!
Louisiana debating law requiring students to say "yes, sir/ma'am"

Welcome, Molly Ivins!

Molly Ivins We asked readers if they wanted to read Molly's column in the Albion Monitor, and the vote was almost unanimous: 164 to 5.

One of the most widly-read liberals in the nation, her syndicated column might appear sometimes in your local daily. But she writes two columns per week, and only a fraction of them are reprinted widely. (She normally authors three columns, but this summer is authoring a book about George "Shrub" Bush.) The Monitor is now the only news resource besides the Fort Worth Star-Telegram offering all of her commentaries.


+ Hooray For Almost All of Us
+ Right-Wing Courts Run Berserk
+ Wal-Mart Bans Contraceptive
+ Defending Guns, Blaming Liberals
+ Not Your Average Summer Reading
+ Single Issue Clinton Haters
+ The NRA Prepares For Another Grand Fit
+ A Failed, Unlovely War

+ New Study Debunks PBS Claim to be "Public" TV
+ Media Wields Power Over Candidates
+ The Sad Tale of KPFA

+ Unabomber Participated in CIA Drug Tests as Student
+ The Drug War Out of Control
+ How Vulnerable is Hillary?
+ New Jersey's Louima Case

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