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 6 billion AND NOW WE ARE SIX
Earth population reaches six billion, with explosive growth in the poorest countries in Asia and Africa. 100 years from now, there will be either 2 billion people on a sustainable planet or 12 billion in misery

The Population Bomb ExplodesFREE!

Donella Meadows: When Push Comes to Shove

Study Says Earth at Crossroad for Year 2100

 Judi Bari Legal Victories in Judi Bari Bomb CaseFREE!
Court tells Oakland cops that they can't escape trial

Still no Certainty That Pinochet Will Face Trial
Ex-dictator linked to 3000 deaths seeks "humanitarian" release

See also EAST TIMOR INDEX in last issue

Worries Grow Over Fate of E Timor Refugees
Numbers just don't add up as UN peacekeepers can't find half-million

Indonesian Leaders Ordered Militia, Diplomat Says FREE!
Senior army commanders sought revenge

Militia Makes Plans For Guerrilla War
As Indonesia forcibly relocates tens of thousands

Humanitarian Aid not Reaching Refugees
Partly because nations spent so much on Kosovo help

Journalist's Death Shows Who Controlls E Timor FREE!
Despite UN presence, militias still rampage

  Warren Beatty

Possibility of Terrorism Looms in Japan's Nuclear Accident
May have been equivalent protest to Oklahoma City bombing

"Keep That Spirit, Keep Talking"FREE!
Warren Beatty's September 29 speech at Awards Dinner

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Gary Bauer Self-Destructs
Closest advisors of christian right favorite jump ship

Buchanan's Worst Enemy
One-time presidential candidate John Anderson speaks out

Three-year-olds for Bush
Fat cats aid George W. by giving campaign limit in children's name

House Clamps Down on Class-Action Lawsuits
A "backdoor immunity" for cigarette, gun companies

Pat Buchanan's New Clan
Reform Party is ripe for Buchanan's plucking

  Reagan's Blank Pages   Reagan theatre
Criticized for mixing fact and fiction, Reagan's biographer will be despised by history for failing to answer the most important question: Was the president a brilliant politician or a lucky charlatan?

Section 404 : The Missing News
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Now that Dan Quayle has dropped out of the presidential race, we may never learn more about his forgotten involvement with Iran-Contra; also, four important details of East Timor ignored by the American press

World Church of the Creator Holds Convention
Hate group tied to July 4 massacre gathers in Montana

Plutonium to Arrive in Japan Amid Protests
Enough to produce at least 60 nuclear weapons

Darwin Fish And What Does the Darwin - Fish Logo Mean to You? FREE!
The Scopes trial on evolution continues on our car bumpers, researcher finds

Bankers Smell Profit in Pollution
"Emissions trading" will be big business for right to pollute

KLA Complains That UN Isn't "Cooperating"
Terrorist group wants more power, said to be illegally hoarding guns

PG&E to privatize dams nationwide under guise of deregulation
PG&E: Selling the Dam Business
The utility company plan could take drinking water out of state regulation, manipulate the price of electricity and put watersheds in the hands of timber companies

PG&E: Striking a Deal With Diablo

Colombia Numb From Daily Reports of Corruption
U.S. anti-drug money pouring into one of top ten most corrupt nations

B.C. Loggers Attack Forest Activists, Burn Camp FREE!
Called the most violent assault in 15 years

DEA Swoops Down on Birdseed FREE!
Drug cops inexplainably sieze legal, non-drug crop

Bhopal's Legacy: Poisoned Water, Toxic Waste
Only sources of drinking water in area contaminated

Seed Companies Hauled Into Court
Suit charges 5 corporations with trying to dominate global agriculture

Organized Crime Thriving Under Globalization
Plenty of "exciting opportunities" for enterprising and imaginative criminals

Japanese Trying to Patent Curry
Stepped-up attempts at biopiracy of regional plants or mixtures

 Granny D   Granny D's Crusade FREE!

Doris "Granny D" Haddock, a 89-year-old great-grandmother, started walking from Los Angeles on January 1. Her destination is Washington, D.C., and her goal is to show Congress that people are sick of dollars being more important than votes in our democracy

Remembering My Personal Soviet Spy
Embezzling Ukrainian Prime Minister was snitch in 1960s

Pending Sale of Largest Alternative Media Papers
Offer of Village Voice, LA Weekly spurs fear that "weeklies" may vanish

Is Russia Considering Genocide in Chechnya?
Want to "physically exterminate" rebels in central Asia

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Another Expert "Oops!"
 + D.C. Blind to Real World Problems
 + Finding New Ways to Cheat the Poor
 + Straight Talk From Gov. Jesse
 + Pro Wrestling Over Budget
 + Squinting at the Fed Budget

 + No Truce in Psychological War on Kids
 + Media Flops on Reporting Fed Budget
 + What to Put in Our Time Capsule?

 + The Feudal State of the Labor Movement
 + Mangling the Constitution
 + East Timor: The Elephant and the Fleas
 + Feinstein's Horrid Quincy Library Bill

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