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Seattle 99, Chicago 68

Report from inside the war zone

Meanwhile, Inside the Bunker
"Do you know how expensive it is for all these people to be here?" a UN representative said, his hand sweeping the room

Time for a Global Pro-Democracy Movement FREE!
Like Seattle police, WTO officials do whatever it takes to enforce their will

Summit Was Doomed Before it Began
Agenda was almost entirely U.S. efforts to bully other nations

The Battle Joined
Students and steelworkers, maquiladora workers and Teamsters joined arms in an astonishing mixing of generations, nations and lifestyles

The People vs. the WTO
Power-brokers are nervous about large demonstrations

Shutting Down Seattle
Tens of thousands of protesters hope to place world powers on notice

WTO: Environment at Stake FREE!
Traded away may be the survival of endangered species

Pepper spray

Rainforest Action Network banner

Pepper spray of demonstrators WTO Undermines Protection Against Toxics
Rules for pollution were written by polluters

WTO Agreement Could Spell Doom to Forests
No environmentalists invited to table as timber giants plan accelerated logging

Canada Tries to Block WTO Jurisdiction Over its Water
U.S. companies could demand rights to Great Lakes water

Where's the Media Coverage of These Crucial Issues? FREE!
No discussion of WTO agenda which may have sweeping global effects

10 Reasons to Dismantle the WTO FREE!
The core problems simply cannot be fixed because they are anti-democratic

Section 404 Special: WTO
IN THIS ISSUE:   Ignoring the protest of the century; how the press will lie to you; hoax underscores lack of balance in Seattle daily newspaper; the biggest guy has the most rights

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Bill Bradley: Wall Street's Favorite Guy
Bradley 2000 looks a lot like Clinton 1992

Washington Awash in Money Corruption
Almost daily The Washington Post exposes a money-and-politics outrage

Presidential Aptitude Test Not Bad Idea
George W. did poorly on recent pop quiz, but his school records show he's used to that

The Week That Gore Lost the Presidency
Gore can't shake image as a geek in the Adlai Stevenson mold

The War on Wolf
Conservatives correctly view Naomi Wolf as a horrible threat to them

GOP Tries to Scare up Old Ghosts
Claims of Chinese "threat" to Panama Canal revives effort to scuttle treaty

Mozambique, the poorest paradise
Mozambique, poorest paradise
The world's poorest country may well also be the world's most beautiful. Now recovering from a thirty year civil war ending 400 years of oppression, the nation finds itself with more than $5 billion in debt, two million land mines buried in the countryside -- but still has a remarkably cheerful attitude

Poverty Kills 11 Children Every Hour In Mozambique
No hospitals or public transit in mostly rural nation

Hearing Offers Glimpse of Secretive "Private Banking" World
Citibank and others believed to manage $15.5 trillion

"Devastating" Evidence of E Timor Atrocities
Up to 7,000 believed victims of September genocide

New Banking Deregulation Places Public at Risk, Says Nader
Allows creation of giant financial institutions that could control economy

World Bank, IMF Policies Leave Poorest Countries Without Hope FREE!
Conditional loans increase poverty in 3 nations out of 4

Native Groups Win Major Victory in Biopiracy War
U.S. citizen tried to patent sacred Amazonian plant

Serbs, Albanians Fight War of Allegations in Kosovo
Both ethnic groups feud with UN over atrocity, rights violations

Parts of S America Turning Desert, UN Warns
One section of Brazil received no rain at all during rainy season

UN Health Org Fights Back as Tobacco Companies Target Asian Women
Huge jump in smoking among young Japanese women...

Japanese Government Addicted to Tobacco Profits
...but government won't discourage for fear of losing $20+ billion in taxes

10 Years After Fall of Berlin Wall, Germans Still Divided
65% in former E Germany say they do not feel like part of the nation

Peru Hires PR Agency to Combat U.S. Charges of Torture, Abuse
After U.S. Congress censures nation for suppression of critics

Global Warming Will Have Major Impact in Northwest U.S. by Midcentury FREE!
Major study predicts significant warming, water shortages

Chimpanzee Common Insecticide is Highly Risky, EPA Now Says FREE!
92% of children studied have traces of the chemical in urine

Amateur Stock Traders Victims of Fraud and Deception
SEC overwhelmed by skyrocketing number of daily complaints

Market Research in Schools Becoming Common
Focus groups in classrooms, new products like cereals tested

The Great Ape Project argues that because all great apes have certain "indicators of humanhood," they should be given at least some of the legal rights humans enjoy

LA Times Stepped Over the Ethical Line
Profit-sharing deal with sports arena improperly mixed ad and editorial

The Next 111 Years of Kip Kinkel
Teen killer given life in prison without hope of parole

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Bill Clinton, WTO Booster
 + WTO Summit Already in Disarray
 + The Rise of Irrationalism
 + A "Shortcoming," Not a "Crisis"
 + Uproar in South Carolina
 + Playing Politics With Nuclear Test Ban
 + A Great Hero is Gone
 + A Nasty, Ineffectual Congress
 + Some Real Questions to Ask the Candidates

 + The Happy Face of Free Trade Peels Off
 + A Beautiful Few Moments
 + Will U.S. Media Report WTO Dissent Fairly?
 + The Twain That Most Americans Never Meet

 + Nixon's Loathing of Gays
 + Honor the Victim, Squelch Free Speech
 + The Gulag Paradigm
 + How Risky is it to be a Cop?

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