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Oxfam International's "Big Heads" of world leaders worn by protesters at the G8 summit in Hokkaido, Japan

FREE! Delegates at the UN Conference on climate change last December faced a painful choice. They could specifically mention the necessity of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25-40 percent by 2020 and face the possibility of a U.S. walkout from the negotiations. Or they could drop all mention of targets to keep Washington in the negotiations. The delegates went with the latter to appease Bush.

But now after the G8 summit in Hokkaido, Japan, it is clear that the delegates made a strategic mistake. The G8's endorsement of a 50 percent reduction in emissions by 2050, which they have presented as a major step forward, is actually, as the South African government put it, a "regression from what is required to make a meaningful contribution to meeting the challenges of climate change."

In fact, "regression" is too polite. The G8 position is a giant step backward. It may have effectively undermined the prospects for an effective global climate strategy

G8 World Leaders Paid "Lip Service" to World Crisis, Groups say

"The planet is burning while the G8 is fiddling"

G8 World Leaders: We've Got Until 2050 to Cut Greenhouse Gas

Even Bush approves of far distant goal FREE!

U.S. Credit Crisis Now a Year Old, No End in Sight

IMF says "negative feedback loop" causing tight credit conditions and economic stagnation to reinforce each other

Europe's Most Wanted Man Was Hiding in Plain Sight

Serbian war criminal became well-known public figure under new identity

Arabs See No Mideast Changes, No Matter Who Wins White House

Dismay at Obama's endorsement of current Israeli government, short, token meeting with Palestinians

Stop Threatening Iran, Former National Security Advisers Tell Bush

Poppy Bush's top foreign policy expert says it could embolden Israel to strike

Iran and U.S. Have 1st Direct Diplomatic Talks in 28 Years

Nothing happened, but symbolism deeply significant

U.S. Charges Insiders With Manipulating Oil Prices

Extremely limited look at just 11 days in 2007

First Gitmo Trial Begins

Also first military commission trial since end of WWII

Taliban Expected to Take Pakistan City

Taliban have infiltrated every city in province, at least 13 schools for girls bombed

With Deaths of 9 U.S. Soldiers, War Focus Shifts to Afghanistan

Obama: Taliban, al-Qaeda the real enemy - McCain: U.S. must win in Iraq first

FREE! The idea of the "Anthropocene" -- an Earth epoch defined by the emergence of urban-industrial society as a geological force -- has been long debated, but last August, the world's oldest association of Earth scientists, unanimously agreed it has come to pass. This new age, they explain, is defined both by the heating trend (whose closest analogue may be the catastrophe known as the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum, 56 million years ago) and by the radical instability expected of future environments. Evolution itself, in other words, has been forced into a new trajectory.

This coincides with growing scientific controversy over the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which has, in effect, bet the ranch, or rather the planet, on unplanned, market-driven progress toward a post-carbon world economy, a transition that implicitly requires wealth generated from higher energy prices ultimately finding its way to new technologies and renewable energy.

Critics argue, however, that this represents a heroic leap of faith that radically understates the economic costs, technological hurdles, and social changes required to tame the growth of greenhouse gases. European carbon emissions, for example, are still rising (dramatically in some sectors) despite the European Union's much praised adoption of a cap-and-trade system in 2005. Most energy researchers believe that, since 2000, global carbon dioxide emissions have kept pace with, or even grown marginally faster than, energy use

What the Obama New Yorker Cover Got Right

Horribly right in identifying the slander Obama is up against

Bush Removes Executive Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling FREE!

Banned by Poppy Bush after the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster

Cheney and Neo-Cons Look to Destabilize Iran by Supporting Terror Groups

Now championing fringe-level ethnic separatists -- all of whom are terrorists and enemies of the U.S. but are also hostile to Iran

IAEA Now Says Old Papers Show Iran Wants to Build Nukes

Question whether IAEA revived issue of 20 year-old docs under U.S. pressure

Bush Could Lower Gas Prices Tomorrow - But Won't

Keeping price high by threatening attack on Iran before the end of his term

U.S. National Security Threatened by Climate Change, Intel Chief Tells Congress

Still-classified intelligence analysis predicts chaos within 20 years

Bush Gets Korea Disarmament, In Spite of Himself

After opposing suggestions that he negotiate for 7+ years


Police Suspected of Planting Falluja Bombs

Bombs on rooftops of buildings guarded by police

White House Raises Pressure on Iraq to Allow Long-Term Presence

Message that U.S. still in control, and that it will make the final decision

Falluja Security Again in Collapse

Authorities may have controlled the media better than the violence

Book Traces Rise of Muqtada, Shia Revival in Iraq

Muqtada's sudden emergence was first major miscalculation in post-war Iraq

Maliki's Timetable Demand Signals Final Bush Defeat in Iraq

Shows two strongly pro-Iranian Shiite factions now confident of Iraq dominance

Journalist Charges Pentagon Censorship Over Photographing Dead U.S. Soldiers

"I thought, 'Nobody in the U.S. has any idea what it means when they hear that 20 people died in a suicide bombing'"


Abramoff's Network of Corruption Still Has Influence FREE!

Monica Goodling and others show Abramoff's cynical, self-serving views of government entrenched

Inconsistent Rules on Felons Block Millions From Voting

Alabama allows those convicted of "moral turpitude" to buy back vote

McCain Gets Grudging Evangelical Endorsements

Phyllis Schlafly: "The alternative is so bad we must support John McCain"

Jesse Jackson's Snark About Obama Creates Stir

But conservative Jackson-haters might see it as reason to like Obama

Black Republicans Try to Bait Obama

Crude and silly race-baiting antics of the National Black Republican Association

Neither McCain or Obama Take Stand on Disasterous Latin Drug Programs

Silence on exponential increase in atrocities committed by Colombia and Mexico

FREE! In the 1960s, a subculture of Americans became obsessed with alien abductions.The aliens were unintelligible, likely harbored designs for taking over the world, and seemed to hover just beyond our line of sight waiting for an opportunity to put us to some unknown use. For roughly 20 years, the case of North Korean abductions seemed to exercise a similar hold on the Japanese imagination. The stories of missing Japanese rumored to have been abducted by North Korean agents belonged to the margins of political and media discourse. No mainstream media outlet would touch the story.

But in 2002, the abduction narrative in Japan swerved suddenly from the margins to the very center of the policy debate. Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro visited Pyongyang on September 17, 2002 in an attempt to break the logjam of non-recognition in Japan-North Korea relations. In the course of that visit, Koizumi extracted a confession and an apology from North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. North Korea had abducted Japanese citizens. It was as if a UFO had landed in downtown Tokyo and the earth stood still for the Japanese. A narrative nurtured by a relatively small group of Japanese, particularly the families of the disappeared, had turned out to be true.

But that was only the beginning of the story. It turned out that there were several true narratives. And the story of Charles Robert Jenkins and his family was one of them

Senate Report Shows How UBS, Liechtenstein Aided Tax Cheats

Bank agents would chat up the rich folks at art shows and regattas, persuade them to open secret accounts

India Terror Attack Announces Homegrown Jihadist Group

29 dead, 100 wounded in serial bomb attack by unknown group believed tied to Pakistan's ISI

Killing of Tourist Shows the Two Koreas Still at War

South Korean tourist at a mountain resort shot to death by North Korean soldier

Pakistan's Schoolgirls Lured To Suicide Bombing

North Waziristan a training ground for suicide attackers

After 30 Years, Black Panthers Released From Solitary

"Angola 3" held in solitary confinement longer than any other known prisoners in American prison history

Putin Unrolls Long-Term Programs to Ensure Russian Support

Vigorously pushing his own 12-year strategic development plan

China Clamps Down on all Air Pollution in Advance of Olympics

Beijing residents doubt that the newly launched regulations to make the city cleaner will be enforced after the Olympics

Olympics Doom Beijing Water Supply

"Within a generation this city would cease to exist"

China Broke Olympic Pledge on Rights, Environment Reforms

Human rights have deteriorated, not improved in the run up to the Olympics.

U.S. Fails to Understand the Real Crisis in Pakistan FREE!

Islamist threats far down the list

Global Fish Catches Vastly Underestimated

May be 17 times higher than officially reported

Cell Phones Changing Birds' Tune

City birds imitating ringtones, ambulance sirens

Lobbyists Cash in as Bush Era Winds Down FREE!

Campaign cash is at the core of virtually every Washington impasse

Olmert Finally Resigns

Palestinian peace talks now dead until 2009

West Bank Palestinian Village Takes On Israeli Military

Under indefinite curfew for protesting Israeli land-grab of over 10,000 acres

Israel Targets Hamas Orphanages

Intended to stem Hamas's growing popularity in the West Bank

Iran "Threat" the Key Theme at Christian Zionist Summit

Compared to Nazi Germany

Carter Admin, Europe, Supported Ayatollah Khomeini Takeover of Iran

New book shows real politik diplomats feared pro-Soviet outcome more than Islamic Revolution


Joe Conason

McCain's Oil Drilling Hoax

Washington's Overrated "Old Hands"

They Must Be Joking

Fake Outrage Over Clark Comments


Robert Scheer Banking Expertise We Don't Need

Obama Embraces the Terror War

How About 'Tough Love' for Bankers?

Taiwan Declares Peace on China

Iraq Oil Pact Debases Our Nation


Alexander Cockburn How Bush is Wiping Out McCain

Picking the Wrong Scandals

How to Money Launder $7 Billion

The Ongoing Persecution of Sami al-Arian

Guess What "Surprise" the Republicans Yearn For


Steve Young Bill-O's Race Baiting-Palooza

You, Too, Can Have White House Talking Points

Savage Beyond Belief

The Missing Cheney Memo

The Qualified Candidate

The 400,000 Terrorists Waiting to Board

FREE! In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, Leonard Boyle, the director of the Terrorist Screening Center, defended the watch list, claiming that because terrorists have multiple aliases, the names on the list boiled down to only about 400,000 actual people. If there are 400,000 terrorists lying in wait to attack the United States, we are all in trouble. But wait a minute. There has been no major terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 -- almost seven years ago. Where are all these nefarious evildoers?

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