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The Darfur crisis is not one people assaulting another in a frenzy of long-buried ethnic hatred, as in Rwanda. It is a mob of armed thugs cashing in on the opportunity to loot at will, while securing political objectives set by their handlers. At least 70,000 civilians have been killed, 400 villages destroyed and more than 1.5 million people displaced -- 200,000 fleeing to neighboring Chad -- in a brutal campaign that has devastated Darfur over the past year, leading UN officials to term this the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Why hasn't the UN acted? In part because China is the single largest investor in the oil industry in Sudan, and Russia also has interests in continuing to sell weapons and other military equipment to the Khartoum regime. And neither country wishes to set a precedent for international intervention (or even punitive action) based on human rights concerns because of their own internal repression of ethnic communities


 + Oil, Weapons Interests Block UN Action Against Sudan

 + Tanks, MiGs, Weapons Pour Into Sudan From Many Countries

 + Time Running Out For Darfur, UN's Annan Says

 + Sudan Denies Forced Relocations Of Darfur Refugees

The really bad news buried in the Duelfer Report

Falluja and the Reality of War FREE!
The assault on Falluja has started. It is being sold as liberation of the people of Falluja; it is being sold as a necessary step to implementing "democracy" in Iraq. These are lies.

Falluja "Victory" Could Undermine U.S.-Backed Iraq Government
Sunni political party withdraws from interim government

U.S. Forces Attacks Falluja Despite Warnings Of Blowback
Likely to bolster Sunni Iraqi resistance

Iraq Rage Builds Over Falluja Attack
Baghdad seethes over invasion, cheers for fellow Sunnis

Terror Bombs, Snipers, Reportedly Used Against Falluja Civilians
Would be grounds for war crimes against U.S.

800 Civilians Feared Dead In Falluja, Red Cross Says
U.S. prevents humanitarian aid to estimated 50,000 residents trapped within the city

Iraq Uprising Spreads After Battle Of Falluja
Everyone saw humanitarian disaster coming except the U.S. forces
Judge Zouheir Al-Malik had the confidence of the American provisional government, so great that it made him the first investigating magistrate in post-Saddam Iraq. In April 2004, he was asked to investigate suspected cases of brutality by the criminal brigade of the Iraqi police. That investigation proved his downfall

Key Evidence For Saddam Trial Has Disappeared
U.S. lost or mishandled proof of alleged human rights abuses
Murder Of CARE Director No Longer News In Iraq FREE!
Kidnappings and killings have become a way of life

Eyewitness Accounts To U.S. Raid Of Baghdad Mosque
4 killed, 9 wounded as soldiers force way into major Sunni mosque after Friday prayers

Open Probe Of Soldier Who Killed Wounded Iraqi Needed, Group Says
Amnesty says killing in mosque was second incident with U.S. soldiers that same day

Allawi, Annan, Feud Over Iraq Election Monitors
So far only one country -- Fiji -- has pledged to send troops to protect UN staff members

UN Probes Reports Of British Torture In Iraq
Including mistreatment and killings of detainees

U.S. A Key Player In Oil-For-Food Scandal, Ex-UN Aide Says
U.S. not demanding UN release all documents, which would show U.S. and U.K. ties to kickback and smuggling scheme
Before November 2, Americans could at least say they weren't directly responsible for the disaster that has unfolded there in Iraq, since an unelected President had taken the country to war under false pretenses. No more. As of today, American society has declared its support for the invasion, and as such is morally and politically culpable for every single one of those 100,000 dead, and every single one of the tens of thousands of deaths that are sure to follow

Taking Stock of 100,000 Iraqi Deaths FREE!
Americans deserve a realistic assessment of the mounting human costs of the Iraq War

Who comes after Arafat?
With their high-tech weaponry, Israeli officials could have assassinated Arafat at will. They tried and failed when he was exiled in Tunis, but they have turned away from hundreds of opportunities since. Perhaps they concluded that troublesome as he was, his successor might be worse. They will likely soon find out

 PHOTO: Assafir Yasir Arafat's death is an opportunity for peace, but only if Israel and the U.S. understand how he embodied the right of the Palestinian people to live in dignity and equality. Arafat was truly the father of his nation. He was responsible for molding Palestinian identity. From the establishment of the Al-Fatah movement in 1959, in which he was instrumental, he became the embodiment of Palestinian aspirations and fears. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians still hopelessly ensconced in refugee camps throughout the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon had no greater wish than to be able to pursue their lives as other normal human beings. Arafat spoke to their collective agony, and his empathy was the basis for his continued and unwavering support, even despite charges of corruption within the Palestinian authority. For many Americans Arafat will be remembered as the man who rejected Israel's most generous offer for peace in 2000 in the Oslo talks at Camp David. The aftermath of this breakdown of negotiations was an escalation of violence on both sides, and many branded Arafat as an insincere negotiator. The characterization is unjust

 + Violence At Arafat Mourning Dims Hope Of Peace

 + Arafat Shunned By Rulers, Revered By The People

 + Israel, U.S. Still Don't Understand Arafat's Appeal
 + Israel Created Image Of Arafat As Obstacle To Peace FREE!

 + Arafat's Death First Test For Post-Election Bush

 + Arafat Led Palestinians For 35 Years, Despite All Odds

 + Arafat's Hot/Cold Relationship With Iran

 + Arab World Wonders About Palestine After Arafat

 + Did Arafat Have A Secret Political "Last Testament?"

 + Wary Palestinian, Arab Media Praises Arafat, Avoids Talk Of Succession

Rumsfeld Encourages Return Of "Dirty War" Tactics In S America
Chilling speech ignored by U.S. media encourages blurring line between soldiers and cops

Neo-Cons Deliver "Checklist" Of What They Expect From Bush
Step #1: Destroy Falluja

The Puritans of Plymouth Rock And George Bush of Baghdad, Iraq
The first Pilgrims shared Bush's extremist view of a special covenant with God to fulfill a providential "mission"

Rice's Views On Foreign Policy Mostly Unknown
Heated debate in Washington whether she wil stand up against Cheney and neo-cons

Rice Gets State Dept. Despite Poor Record of Diplomacy, Management
Deferred to the hawks, especially Cheney, more than she sided with Powell
Cheney's Man Gets Top National Security Post FREE!
With Stephen Hadley in Condi Rice's chair, the neo-cons are in firm control

Powell's Real Job Was Lending Bush His Credibility
Gave Bush administration foreign policy luster

Alberto Gonzales Controversial Choice For Attorney General
Less polarizing than Ashcroft, but more partisan

Bush Gets Chilly Congratulations From UN
P.S. Hope your Iraq adventure goes well, stay in touch - Best wishes, Kofi

Anti-APEC Forum Shows Downside Of Free Trade Deals For Chile
As Bush and other world leaders discuss trade liberalization nearby

Mystery Surrounds Iran Nuclear Capability
Actual program and materials, or just wild stories spread by dissidents?
Bush Response To Kyoto Ratification: Drill In ANWR FREE!
U.S. leading efforts in "advancing the science of climate change," White House insists

U.S. Charges India With Helping Iran On Covert Nuke Program
But India thinks Big Oil is trying to undermine nuclear power programs

Iraqi Women On U.S.-Sponsored Tour Of America To Praise Invasion FREE!
"If it was an invasion," said Al-Qaragholi, 'it was a good invasion"

Anacostia River
Afloat in a sea of trash, a kayak makes its way through plastic bottles, cans and other debris that wash down through the storm drains of Washington, D.C. and suburban Maryland. (Photo by Skip Brown courtesy Maryland Sea Grant)
River Full of Human Waste Runs Through Nation's Capitol FREE!
"exceedingly high levels of untreated human waste" among trash, toxic chemicals
The Trials of Julian Goodrum FREE!
Iraq vet facing court martial after reporting his platoon was ill-equipped

U.S. Army Recruiters Leave No Latino Youth Behind
Latinos now 11 percent of U.S. armed forces

France Criticized For Heavy Counterattack On Cote D'Ivorie
After 9 French soldiers and a U.S. aid worker killed

Brazil Abuzz After Evidence Found Of Secret Terror Archives
Army wants to quash renewed debate over 1964 military coup
Common Synthetic Fragrances Found to Harm Wildlife, HumansFREE!
Soaps, shampoos damage ability to eliminate toxins

Saudi Arabia Silent On Promised Local Elections
After several women announce they will run for office
Afghan Farmers Harvesting Bumper Crop Of Opium FREE!
Farmers warn they will fight back if the government cracks down as promised

China Re-Nationalizes Thousands Of Private Oil Wells
But investors to sue Beijing in unprecedented class action suit
India Marchers Protest Coca-Cola Pollution, Water Use FREE!
"Drinking Coke is like drinking farmer's blood in India," march organizer said

Israeli Child Abuse On The Increase As Intifadah Continues
5x increase as Israeli society exposed to a sustained high level of violence

Gaza Withdrawl Will Launch New Era For Israel FREE!
What frightens the settlers is that after 38 years of occupation their bluff is about to be called

Ukraine in turmoil
Yushchenko supporters
Waving the orange colors of the opposition party, an estimated 200,000 protesters filled the streets of Kiev in support of Yushchenko
Imagine a presidential election where the candidates are separated by a narrow margin, where widespread voting fraud is suspected, where exit polls are the opposite of the official results, and where the winner will have to govern a bitterly divided country. Besides Bush vs. Kerry, it's a description of Yanukovych vs. Yushchenko, but with an important difference -- angry voters in the Ukraine are crowding the sub-freezing streets in their cities to reject the election count.

But the outcome of this election will steer the future for Russia as well. Putin can't afford a hostile Ukraine that could block the gas pipeline supplying almost all of the Russian gas sales to Europe, worth billions of dollars. An independent Ukraine might also side with NATO and the EU, foiling Putin's dream of joining the economic power of the former Soviet states to create a new Russian empire. And the pro-Russian eastern half of the country threatens to secede if Yushchenko wins, setting the scene for civil war

 + Has Putin Lost The Ukraine?

 + Ukraine Key To Russia's Dream Of Economic Empire

 + Ukraine Protesters Mob Cities, Charging Presidential Election Stolen

 + Ukraine Election "Fraudulent" Says EU

 + What's At Stake In The Disputed Ukraine Election

 + Yanukovych Voters Feared Change

 + Yushchenko Voters See Life Of Misery Without Reforms

Iraq, Afghan Voting May Backfire, Studies Show
Premature elections risk chaos and reversing progress toward democracy

UN Report: Fighting Terror Does Not Justify Torture
As Bush nominates new attorney general who says the opposite

Malaysia Fears Payback After Leader Endorsed Kerry
Former prime minister asked U.S. Muslims to ditch "liar as their president"
Feds Ignore Evidence That Biotech Corn Can Produce Allergies FREE!
Evidence that contradicts industry position ignored by EPA

Three Condoms A Year Max For Most African Men
Too costly, seen as something that compromises decency

Leftists Win Power In Uruguay For First Time
Joins Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela in bloc of nations turning away from privatization, neo-liberal policy

Philippines Only Behind Iraq As Most Deadly Place For Journalists
Killers rarely prosecuted

Burma's Generals Dump Prime Minister
Appointed just last year to show junta as moderate
Cost Of Rice Skyrocketed In 2004 FREE!
40% jump brought on by shortages in some countries

Brazil Could Become Major Biofuel Producer
Sustainable biodiesel program using lumber industry waste

Guantanamo Ex-Prisoner Faces Hatred Back Home - In Sweden
Undercurrent of discrimination in Swedish culture
Half The American Harvest Goes To Waste FREE!
Average family of four tosses out $590 per year

Sanctions Were Key To Libya Compromise, Not Fear Of U.S. Attack
Economy collapsing, conditions ripe for Islamic radicalism to infiltrate Libya

U.S.- Backed "Liberators" Broadcasting Propaganda To Iran
Promised "liberation" of Iran from the grip of the ayatollahs

New Spainish Government Moves Away From Catholic Church
Church could lose financing, special privileges it has enjoyed since Franco dictatorship

Gem Dealers Still Buying "Blood Diamonds"
Despite promises, almost all still buying diamonds with no documentation

Politics As Usual
Despite starting a war with no discernible end and plunging the federal budget into record deficits, U.S. President George W Bush and right-wing Republicans have scored a significant, if narrow, electoral victory that consolidates their control over an increasingly polarized nation.

Rev Rob Schenck, president of the National Clergy Council, a Christian group that lobbies Washington on behalf of religion causes, said the election demonstrates Democratic Party leaders have moved far from the religious consensus in the United States. "If they are to reclaim political relevancy, they will need to re-examine their positions on all the major moral issues, including the sanctity of human life, the sanctity of marriage and the public acknowledgement of God," he said. It's a new "fit in or get out" America, the domestic incarnation of Bush's 'if you're not with us, you're against us' rhetoric.

But even if he wanted won, Kerry and company couldn't have opposed the Bush program, because the right is now so powerful. With a clear majority in both the House and Senate, Kerry would have been hounded and hemmed in -- like President Clinton -- from the moment he took office

 + Thousands Say "Sorry" For Bush Win

 + Nader And Others Say Questions Linger On Bush Win

 + The Big Question After Bush Win: How Aggressive Will He Be?
 + Hey, John Kerry! I Want My $25 Back! FREE!

 + Women's Groups Brace For Return Of Backroom Abortion Era
 + Democrats Have Run Out Of Excuses FREE!

 + World Headlines React To Bush Win
 + One Nation, Handcuffed Together FREE!

 + Unions Say Don't Blame Us For Bush Victory

 + Minority Communities Strongly Backed Kerry

 + Kerry Volunteer View: Don't Blame The Mobilization Effort
 + Don't Credit The Bible-Thumpers For Bush Victory FREE!


 + Bush, Republican Right Claim Mandate

 + Christian Conservatives Take Credit For Bush Win

 + How Will Gays Cope Under Bush's Culture War?

 + Where Were Michael Moore's Slacker Voters?

John Kerry's Shining Hours
John Kerry's Shining Hours
John Kerry FREE! If the Democrats made a strategic election mistake, it was not challenging Republican spin about Kerry's past. It wasn't just the "Swift Boat Veterans" squabble; Kerry's campaign did not fight back when the GOP smeared him as a traitor for bravely leading other Vietnam veterans protesting the war.

But the greatest insult to Kerry's record were charges that he had no distinguished accomplishments in the Senate. Not once, but twice, Kerry used his experience as a prosecutor to expose great national scandals -- and both involved the Bush family

In early 1986, the 42-year-old Massachusetts Democrat stood almost alone in the U.S. Senate demanding answers about the emerging evidence that CIA-backed Contras were filling their coffers by collaborating with drug traffickers then flooding U.S. borders with cocaine from South America

Against the opposition of powerful Republicans and Democrats, and in light of a lack of cooperation from a very politicized Justice Department and stonewalling by the CIA, John Kerry worked with investigators and ran Senate hearings that exposed BCCI's shadowy multi-billion-dollar scams

Neo-Cons Mirror Former Soviet Apparatchiks They Despised
Playing multiple and overlapping roles that overlap state and private interests

Falluja Will Light The Fuse That Ignites Iraq FREE!
Blinkered Bush set to make the biggest blunder yet

"We Shall See The Reign Of Witches Pass Over" FREE!
It is time, now, for us to once again follow Thomas Jefferson's wise advice


MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + "Believe It Or Not" Items For A Holiday Weekend
 + Save Some Of Your Outrage For Later
 + Tom DeLay Shows What Republican Ethics Are Made Of
 + The Bush Purge
 + Hold The Tears For Ashcroft's Exit
 + My 2¢ On "What Is to Be Done?"
 + The Parable Of Vioxx
 + Voting Is A Friendly Thing

 + Cultivating Opium, Not Democracy
 + Moderates Out As Hardliners Take Revenge
 + He Won. Live With It, For Now
 + The UN Deserves An Apology

 } Robert Scheer

 + Media Plays Ball With Bush On Iraq
 + The Holy War Wars
 + The Emergency Is Here And Now

 } Norman Solomon

 + Will Montana Become The Radical's Redoubt?
 + 'Let Them Drink Sand'
 + Now For The Really Bad News
 + Crows Come Home For The Democratic Party

 } Alexander Cockburn

 + How To Talk To Talk Radio
 + Indecency's Getting A Bad Rap
 + A Most Uncivil War
 + Flogging The Corpse
 } Steve Young


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