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Debunking Elian

Poor journalism combined with the passionate beliefs of supporters are creating a myth around Elian Gonzalez -- a myth that has the potential to be as explosive as Waco

Hometown America finally confronted with irrational policy towards Castro

Bear Lincoln Jailed in New Shooting Incident FREE!
Questions about witness

NATO Admits Depleted Uranium Used in Serbia Bombings
Highly toxic radioactive ammo used over densely populated areas

Elian Case Throws Spotlight on Abducted Children Taken Overseas
U.S. returns 90 percent of kids abducted to this country


Police in Washington D.C. outflanked the activists who gathered to protest global trade and financial policies of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. But it was the army of young people -- blacks and others of Southeast Asian, Latino and Filipino-American origin -- that made the protest historic

 IMF protesters pepper sprayed  + IMF Protesters More than White Kids with Orange Hair
"I see what's coming so we should shape it"

 + Media Discovers Activists Have a Message
Protests in nation's capitol taken far more seriously

 + The Battle of the Peeps
The protester stomped the candy chicks as the rest chanted "Whose Peeps? Our Peeps!"

 + The Citizen ShowdownFREE!
Why you should care about the IMF protests

 + DC Cops Determined to Avoid Seattle Replay
Crackdown in weeks before protest

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Bush Goes for the Green
Bush claims to be enviro, but Texas record shows the opposite

Nader v. Scumballs
Voting against Gore-Bush looking more attractive

Gore-Bush Race Good News for Nader FREE!
Nader looking better and better to voters

Buchanan Aiming At Reform Party Takeover
Party official calls tactics called "unprincipled"and "Nixonian"

Pentagon Hypes Risk From "Rogue Nation" Attack FREE!
Most apocalyptic warnings come from Israel partisans

Washington Writes Colombia a Blank Check
But huge chunk of $1.6 Billion drug aid package goes to U.S. arms merchants

Tear gas and pepper spray risks
Chemical Cops
While tear gas and pepper spray are banned from use in war by an international treaty, domestic use is legal and nearly ubiquitous in the United States. Despite widespread use, none of the agents sold for police purposes is monitored, tested or regulated by any government agency for consistency, purity, toxicity or even efficacy. But in Seattle, as elsewhere, law enforcement violated manufacturers' warnings

Dirty Politics Charged At Endangered Species Meet
Claims that rich nations buying votes from Third World

U.S. Opposes International Conference on Terrorism
NATO, U.S. could be held liable for "state" terrorism

Children Living Near Busy Streets Have Higher Cancer Risk FREE!
Significant leukemia risk

Oregon-based Native group wants return of sacred "Willamette Meteorite" stolen from their lands in 1902
World Temp to Reach 10,000 Year High
UN World Meteorological Organization predicts sea level rise of 20 inches

Oregon Natives Seek Return of Rare Meteorite
Project will involve researchers on three continents

Rising Wave of Fascism Worries UN
Little attention to racist attacks throughout Europe, Africa

Natives Furious After Australia Denies "Stolen Generation"
Their children routinely stolen and given to whites 1910-1980

U'wa Tribe Confronts Surprised U.S. Oil Exec
Occidental Petroleum has not spoken directly to tribe member since 1997

Chechen Refugees Complain West Not Listening to Reports of Russian Abuse
Damning report from human rights investigators

Many Questions About Background of Russian President Putin
Was high official at most corrupt Russian government agency

Egypt's Hepatitis C Crisis Traced to Old Public Health Program
Dirty needles used to inject hundreds of thousands until 1980s

UN Chief Praises Cuba For Healthiness, Literacy Rate
Significantly better health conditions than most rich nations

Reasons for hope, fear on 30th anniversary
Setting an example by creating organic gardens
Earth Day 2000

On the 30th anniversary of Earth Day, thousands of Americans spent the day cleaning-up their neighborhoods, parks, and beaches. But corporations and right-wing think-tanks work throughout the year undermining the environmental movement

 + Greenwashing Dirty Business
Do corporations coverup environmental damage? Corporations do

 + Garden Activists Take Grass Roots ActionFREE!
Planting free organic gardens to educate public

 + The Anti-Environmental Movement
Right-wing think tanks and industry associations form alliances

 + "Global Green Deal" Better Alternative to World Bank
Program would aim for sustainable human civilization

Hundreds of Groups Want Review of Vatican Chair at UN
Besides LA, cop scandals in New Jersey, Maryland and Florida

Third World Angered As U.S. Asks To Reduce UN Dues
Widespread funding problems because U.S. already behind over $1.7 billion

Calif Commissioner Nixed $3.6 Billion Penalty Against Insurers FREE!
Corporations later made $55,00 campaign contribution, LA Times finds

Oil is Reason Behind $1.6 Billion Colombian Drug Aid Package
Guerrillas attacking U.S. oil interests in Colombia, especially pipelines


The future of Microsoft is as a distracted, eroded and dismembered company fighting an avalanche of private antitrust litigation. And, once a favorite dot-com stock, faces bankrupcy after activists expose dubious ethics

Fate of Microsoft Now Sealed

The Demise of DrKoop.Com: A Riches to Rags Internet Story

New York City Ripe to Explode
Youth, minority anger towards Giuliani and police reaching boiling point

Giuliani's Authoritarianism Is Wearing Thin
Restriction on porno nightclub endangers First Amendment

Supreme Court Makes Dangerous Ruling on Nudity
Restriction on porno nightclub endangers First Amendment

FDA Mission Hopelessly Compromised
Drug approvals pushed through despite warnings from staff, experts

Teaching Kids to Rat on Pals for Fun and Profit FREE!
Words like "Orwellian" don't even begin to describe WAVE program

"Don't Know" Is Scary Answer To Biotech Questions
Industry and investors sidestep concerns about unknown consequences

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + The Invisible Working Class
 + Mean Laws Spring From Mean Politics
 + Time For Some Outrage!
 + Enough With The Apologies
 + Elian's Family Problems
 + The Prop 13 Disaster

 + Pundits Grapple With Independent Media
 + Media Already Puts Spin on A16 Protest
 + From the Media to Elian, With Love
 + Child Abuse of Elian by ABC/Disney

 + NPR Joins Effort to Crush Low Power Radio
 + To Make Mistakes is Glorious
 + Gays and Marriage
 + A Little Anti-Constitutional Message


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