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Storming Seattle

Congratulations on an outstanding article.

Barrington Daltrey

I'm impressed with Paul de Armond's analysis of Seattle. Is there a way to read more of his work?

Arden Buck

Paul de Armond is research director for the Public Good Project and has written often for Monitor, including series on the Freemen movement and Fortuna Alliance. His most recent article examined how the WTO protests scuttled Pat Buchanan. Earlier this month he presented a paper on "Right Wing Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction" at a Washington DC conference.

-- Editor

Calif Commissioner Nixed $3.6 Billion Penalty Against Insurers

What is all the more alarming is that even back when Scott was originally running for the office the first time was the announcement that State Farm had contributed heavily to his campaign. The clear and obvious conflict of interest that this posed was even then appalling and obvious, yet both sides of the political isle were too bought out to raise a fuss. The power of lobbying and influence peddling money from the insurance industry put in their boy, with no objection from any quarter in Sacramento, to all of their shame. This position also cannot be appointed either, as the governors' office, I would assume, is also equally paid for. So how to us consumers and voters get the teeth that we deserve? How do we get enforcement with even a small degree of fairness? Perhaps even with a bit of attitude? Some bite to stop corporate greed? All of those folks in socal paid for their policies and deserve complete payment according to agreed-upon terms. That these companies can get away with this, and that Mr. Quackenbush exhibits no shame, sickens and saddens me as an American.

Clarke Johnston

Billions Missing From U.S. Indian Trust Fund

Your article detailing mismanagement of Indian accounts is very good. I am impressed with your information and sources. It's disgraceful how our native people are being treated. Keep up the great work.

Jim Dorman

After seeing the segment on 60 Minutes I am absolutely astounded beyond words. Not only over yet another "screwing" by the government , but mostly over the fact that there is even a "trust" at all. For God's sake!!! This is the 2lst century!!!! How dare the government cling to an antiquated tool for control by saying "they" (Indians) are not competent to handle their own affairs. The government is not competent to handle anyone's affairs, and should not be in that business at all. I am also amazed that the representatives speaking on behalf of the Indians are taking more affront with the theft of their money than the fact the government is still controlling their lives. This is atrocious These land owners should be paid everything that is owed them and all the departments holding power over these people should be instantly dissolved. This is a national embarrassment! America is still steeped in slavery. Slavery of the original owners of the land we are living on. As a white person, I feel very small at this time.

Donna Baker

I am a member of the Makah Tribe, and I say if the government can't find money and account for it that must be the reason individuals in my Tribal Government are able to pocket thousands of dollars each year. I see people that have served time in prison for embezzlement put back in charge of Tribal money and felons in the tribal law inforcement and Federal government pays no attention. "Monkey see monkey do."

Steve Burley

While this story is finally making national news, the readers here are referring to a 1996 Monitor article.

-- Editor

Not the AVA

And I wondered why the Anderson Valley Advertiser has so little web presence -- you're it!

For underreported stories I would go with the Bush Saga -- squelching publication of a book (the truth no doubt is that Bush minions paid St. Martin's more to destroy the book than they could have hoped to make on sales) at just the time when millions of voters were gaining their first impressions of junior.

Where do I send my $10?

Martin Hickel

Citation Issued

Is the Albion/Monitor News in any printed published form so that I can cite it as a source in a paper I'm writing?


The Monitor has been published continually on the Internet only since August, 1995. We generally archive a complete edition every three weeks, and have now compiled 74 issues with over 3,000 articles, most not available elsewhere on the Internet. Internally, we refer to articles by edition/article number (order of appearance on the archived front page) /section. Thus if you went to the front page of our February edition #72 ( and wanted to reference a quote in the second section of our article, "Church, Cubans Brace for U.S. Court Hearing Over Boy," your would note that it is the fourth article on the front page. Thus the cite would be: Vol LXXII, page 4, part 2.

-- Editor

Part of Anti-Nader Conspiracy

If you are hoping for a candidate with some integrity, why don't you give some time and space to Ralph Nader? Sometimes I wonder if Monitor is part of the "conspiracy of silence" that wants to limit us to a one party system.

Douglas V. Doe

Rev. Jerry Falwell Gets Ready to "Reclaim America"

Falwell is urging all registered, "but apathetic voters to also fulfill their Christian duty by voting this year." Would someone please ask Falwell how the American duty to vote suddenly got transformed into a Christian duty? America is the land of equality and religious freedom, not the land of Christianization.


Protest Albright

The news informing us that Secretary of State Madeline Albright will be the commencement speaker at the Berkeley campus of the University of California on May 10 at the Greek Theatre from 4:PM to 6PM leads one to recall the truth that while the University of California at Berkeley may contain some ofthe greatest intellects of the universe those responsible for the invitation are obviously lacking in wisdom and basic humanity.

Have those responsible for the Albright invitation forgotten the Leslie Stahl CBS Sixty Minutes interview with then United Nations Ambassador Madeline Albright of May 12, 1996 re the diabolical consequences of the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq?

Stahl: "We have heard that a half a million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima... Is the price worth it?" (Transcript, p. 9).

Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it." (Ibid.)

Apparently the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children is nothing to the people responsible for the invitation to Madame Albright. To honor a wretched woman who is willing to "pay the price" of murdering someone else's children suggests a moral bankruptcy among those people that is unfathomable.

Who will the University of California - Berkeley confer acdemic honors upon at its commencement ceremonies in May 2001 - the latest serial killer filling the headlines of the nation's newspapers?

Robert E. Nordlander

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