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The Gathering Storm

by Paul de Armond Showing the Freemen as cardboard "extremists," the media has not explored the cohesive ideology and -- more importantly -- theology

Ancient Conspiracies

by Paul de Armond Current beliefs of extremists can be directly linked to bizarre 18th century racist theories

The Law Applied

by Paul de Armond A chain of deep convictions connects most groups across a wide range of opinion and belief

A Notice of Felony

by Devin Burghart and Robert Crawford Fueled by farm forclosures in the 1980's, the Freemen movement gains converts

Justus Township

by Devin Burghart and Robert Crawford Origins of the Montana compound where Freemen face down federal authorities

The Sonoma County Connection

by Jeff Elliott A common-law court in our own backyard takes justice into its own hands

Minutes Before Midnight: The Salvage Rider

by Philip E. Daoust Introducing a new series on forestry issues, with a close look at the complex and important "salvage logging rider"

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