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Dirty Money
Larger than the global drug trade is the amount of money laundered through offshore banks and shell corporations. For dictators, organized crime, and corrupt politicians it has become an international financial services system. Estimates are that $500 billion to $1 trillion in criminal money from all sources are laundered each year -- and most of it ends up in U.S. and European bank accounts


 + The Hidden Global Economy
Stolen billions led directly to Asian, Russian, and other financial crises

 + Offshore Banks Laundered Funds in European Campaign Finance Scandal
Aided top German, French politicos in massive bribery and kickback scheme

 + Russian Mob Laundered Billions Through NY BanksFREE!
Lax state regulations made it easy to create shell companies and bank accounts

 + Euro Governments Encourage Laundering, Says Judge
Pinochet extradition case only one example of protecting wanted criminals


Pepper Spray Activists Win Major Court Victory FREE!
Federal court says jury must decide if cops used excessive force

Air Pollution From Asia Could Violate New U.S. Standard FREE!
Ozone levels high enough to have health risk in Pacific Northwest

U.S. Foreign Aid Set To Hit 50-Year Low
Despite best economic conditions since WWII

8 Years In Prison For Mexico General Behind Acetal Massacre
First punishment for 1997 Chiapas murders

Cubans Skeptical That Elian Will Return
Expect U.S. Congress to grant Elian residency or citizenship

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Clinton Wins Charisma Points With Spoof Video
How much did the President bid for that ham on eBay?

McCain Tries To Break Senate Deadlock Over Global Warming
Was pressured by voters on campaign trail for position

Free Trade Bill Hurts All But Corporations
Loaded with deals for special interests that "trickle down" to public

Anti-Drug Bill Would Outlaw Internet Discussions
Web links even illegal in language based on anti-bomb law

Congressional Fight Brews Over Easing Cuba Sanctions
After Elian showdown, many in GOP now view Miami Cubans as extremists

Right Used Elian To Bash Clinton FREE!
Hatred of President led GOP to turn its back on core values

Where Have All the Issues Gone?
Issues that the two-party duopoly will not be discussing

Gore in the Balance
Veep turns back on environmental issues that could win him the election

404 Section
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Bush campaign silences reporters; GOP rushes to distance itself from Giuliani; questions about Giuliani's record; eccentric Hirschfeld enters NY Senate race

Manhunt Of Aliens On U.S. - Mexico Border Alleged
Arizona ranchers inviting tourists to "hunt down" immigrants

Clinton Approves African Deal For Cheap AIDS Drugs..
After declaring AIDS a U.S. security threat

...But Cheaper AIDS Drugs A Myth, Says Medical Agency
Will consolidate control of largest pharmaceutical companies

Vieques Protesters Regroup After Eviction
Vow to continue action against U.S. Navy bombing of Puerto Rico island

Study Finds Preschoolers Retain High Levels of Pesticides FREE!
Suggests that EPA safe dosage levels too high

Pesticide Found In Food Decades After Use FREE!
Traces of widely-used toxic found on nearly all farms

Enviros Blast Secret NAFTA Meetings
Mexico, Canada, and U.S. trying to quietly change rules, groups say

1 of 10 Grocery Items Bought in U.S. Never Used FREE!
Cans and packaged foods wind up as "cabinet castaways"

Australia Blocked Critics From Big Environment Meet, Say Enviros
Only invited S Pacific islanders friendly to logging and mining

Uganda Children Face "Kill Or Be Killed" Choice
Fanatical Christian sect force children into rebel army

Several Nations Investigating Operation Condor
Latin justice departments working together to uncover human rights crimes

U'wa Tribe Loses Court Ruling on Oil Drilling
Only Colombia Supreme Court can block Occidental Petroleum

Temperature map

India Population Now One Billion
Mothers average nearly 5 children in one state

Forecast For Y2000: Hot And DryFREE!
Warmest Jan - Apr period on record

Burma Refugees Suing U.S. Oil Corp
Unocal among companies that forced refugees to build pipeline, suit alleges

Older People Are More Prejudiced -- And Can't Help It
Study finds seniors lose ability to think outside stereotypes

Time running out for nuclear power industry
Too Cheap To Meter The nation was sold on nuclear power with the promise that electricity would be someday be so cheap that it wouldn't be worth the bother to have an electric meter. But never considered were the hidden costs that made the energy cost far more than conventional sources.

In California, those costs will make or break nuclear plant operations in a couple years when the electric industry is truly deregulated and nuclear power loses its current subsidies. If the industry keeps ignoring the hidden costs, one breakdown will lead to plant shutdowns

Ex-U.S. Spy Confesses To Assassinating For Pinochet
Murder cleared way for Pinochet control of Chilean army

Street Clashes in Chile as Pinochet Hearings Open
Debate over immunity for crimes against humanity

Colombian Paramilitary Violence Rising
Surge in attacks and assassinations

U.S. Military Playing "Hide And Seek" With Toxic Waste, Say Activists
Ship filled with PCBs spends two months at sea seeking port


The "Lovebug" virus demonstrated once again that the corporation has no interest in correcting serious flaws in its products until forced to. Even then, there are security weaknesses due to Windows "design features"

Meet the Lovebug HackerFREE!

Monopoly Was Responsible For Quick Spread of Virus FREE!

Breaking and Entering Your Neighbor's Computer

California Sticks With Bush Marijuana Policy FREE!
Among few states that takes away driver's license for any drug bust

LA Unions Leading Nation in Labor Renaissance
Unions finding broad support from public

Teen Profiling Software Doesn't Work
School shooters do not share a single profile

Getting Burned By The Timber Industry FREE!
Attempting to use Los Alamos fire to discredit environmental policies

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Texas' Sadistic Prison Hospital
 + Bush Weakened Regulations For Favorite Corporations
 + Enough of NRA Bullying
 + Environment, Public Will Lose In MTBE Battle
 + White Collar Crime Rates Skyrocket
 + Left, Right Gang Up Against China Trade
 + No Politics Like Galveston Politics
 + Prison Riots Wait For No Presidential Candidate
 + Media Stumbled on Elian Story

 + The Ten Dot-Com Commandments
 + Hazards of Media Monoculture
 + Ad Industry Built On Manipulating Women
 + Break Up The Media "Big Six"

 + Dog Politics in Berkeley
 + Al Gore's War on Crime
 + The Rise Of The Jackboot State
 + Elian: This is How We Do Things Here

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