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CIA Seal What The CIA Knew

In secret congressional testimony, senior CIA officials admitted that the spy agency turned a blind eye to evidence of cocaine trafficking by U.S.-backed Nicaraguan contra rebels in the 1980s and generally did not treat drug smuggling through Central America as a high priority during the Reagan administration

Gulf War Vets Show Brain Damage FREE!
Similar to magnitude of damage caused by multiple sclerosis

Russia Shuts Down Its EPA
Agency had uncovered 300,000 violations in 1999 alone

Congress Threatens Nations Who Support War Crimes Court
Jesse Helms demanding unconditional immunity for American soldiers

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Bush Campaign Spins Abortion Flip-Flop
Won't explain 1978 pro-rights comments

Support For Cuba Embargo Dropping
After Elian, no longer seen as an issue strictly for liberal Democrats

You Want The Truth About D.C. Sex?
New "nonfiction" book promises more hot, hot, gossip

Blame Bob Dole For Healthcare Costs
Drug companies now reap billions under 1980 patent giveaway

Thank Corporate Cash for China Vote
Millons spent lobbying to ensure export of U.S. capital and jobs

Gun-Hating Moms May Be Swing Vote in Nov
Demos hope million moms zxwill give them control of House

Will Clinton Fund Star Wars II?
Chance to steal away one of Repubs most popular campaign themes

A Just Punishment For Clinton
Disbarment as lawyer a fitting end to perjury saga

What You Don't Know About Microsoft
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   The press has always treated Microsoft gently, allowing Bill Gates to wage a campaign of subterfuge and disinformation -- even though the corporation may be attempting to steal the Y2000 elections

Suicide Rate Soaring For Mexican Youth
Mexican doctors also have high suicide rates, highest alcoholism

Cocaine Exposure Dooms Infants, Study SaysFREE!
Scientists find prenatal exposure leads to dysfunction ...

Cocaine Exposure Doesn't Harm Infants, Study Says FREE!
...Scientists find prenatal exposure causes no behavioral problems

Indonesia Begins Probe of Suharto Foundations
Tens of billions of dollars may have been raked off by Suharto family

Biodiversity Reduces Lyme Disease, Study Says FREE!
Larger numbers of small mammals in area cuts risk dramatically

Elian Case Resonates In German Custody Situations
Germany violations show why Clinton Administration pushed hard to return Elian

Media Goes Easy on Prescription Drugs, Researchers Find FREE!
Benefits exaggerated, risks and financial ties of cited experts undisclosed

U.S. Agency Cuts Support to Enviro Groups Critical of Mining
Controversial mining company reportedly protested use of U.S. taxpayer funds

Africa Health Quality Similar To Middle Ages
Average of just 26 years of full health in Sierra Leone

GM Seed Probably More Widespread Than Believed FREE!
Over half of exported American corn contained genetic modified seed

Maquiladora Plants Look For Safer Countries
Low-wage factories located in heavy crime cities

Infant Deaths Fell When Nearby Nuke Plants Closed
Dramatic 15-20% drop in first two years

Economic, Terrorism Fears Grow in Philippines
President, a B-movie star-turned politician, viewed as ineffective

Paramilitary cops

SWAT Nation
Throughout the nation, paramilitary SWAT policing is on the rise -- even medium-sized towns now have SWAT teams funded by state and federal drug-war pork. Critics say that this militarized training, weaponry and organization is leading to an ever more bellicose police culture. "The fundamental problem with the SWAT model is that if police become soldiers, the community becomes the enemy," says criminologist Tony Platt, one of the first scholars to study SWAT. At the same time, the law enforcement technology industry has also exploded, with annual sales now over $1 billion. The industry's favorite catchphrase is "less than lethal," but tactical units have not only harassed innocent people but time and again have shot and killed unarmed civilians


 + One Nation Under Siege
SWAT teams now part of everyday policing

 + The Riot Academy
Quasi-military buildup extends to nation's prison system

 + Blurring the Lines Between Soldiers and Cops
Buildup began during Bush years as part of War on Drugs

SWAT soldier

Corporations Trump Human Rights in Burma Decision
Supreme Court chooses big business over dicatorship protests

Italy's New Generation of Shadow Warriors FREE!
Anti-communist "Gladio" terrorist group reactivated

Child Casualties of the Drug War
Mandatory drug testing of all 12 year-olds in Texas school

Unsafe at any Speed
2 out of 3 Americans support laws banning cell phone use while driving

Sugar Lobby Rewrites USDA Guidelines
New language ignores nutritionists' recommendations

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Think Race Discrimination Is Gone? Think Again
 + Executing Gary Graham
 + Strolling Along Bush Wall of Shame
 + Shameless Inheritance Tax Grab
 + Corporate Free Speech "Rights"
 + Campaign Reform? Hah!
 + Big Skirmish in the Privacy War
 + That Texas Image Problem
 + 131 Executions Later, Maybe Justice Isn't Perfect
 + No Compassionate Conservative, He
 + Bush Smitten On Reagan's Star Wars
 + Bush Sucks Up To Wall St. With Social Security Plan

 + Spinning The Los Alamos Story
 + Gore's "E-Government" Nothing To Cheer
 + Long Hot Summer of Punditry Ahead
 + Media Is Israel's Security Zone


 + Gays and the "Hate Crimes" Folly
 + Police Ready For Convention Crackdown
 + The End of Southern California
 + Tom Wolfe's Yap
 + McCaffrey's Wars


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