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Project Censored 2000

One year shy of a quarter-century, Project Censored presents its annual list of top censored stories. But even long-time supporters are starting to ask: Are the awards still relevant?

 + 1999 Project Censored Awards
 + Life Beyond Project Censored

Bear Lincoln Jailed in New Shooting Incident FREE!

Fears of Starvation in E Timor
Ramos-Horta calls Indonesia's treatment of refugees a "criminal matter" as it shuts off food for 100,000

Diallo Protests

On the night of February 4, 1999, Amadou Diallo, an innocent and unarmed African immigrant was shot 41 times by four white New York police officers. Last week, even the cynical Black community was shocked when all cops were aquitted

 + A Death Unpunished
 + Verdict Demonstrates System Corruption
 + Police Abuse is Invisible Crime
 + Cop in Diallo Case Had Killed Man In Similar Incident
 + "Dear Amadou..."

Boeing Cuts Corners on Safety Inspections, Says Union
Inspector jobs cut, speeded-up assembly line invite trouble

U.S. Probe May Link Pinochet to Murder
Court investigating 1976 assassination in DC


Pinochet Freed For "Humanitarian" Reasons

Pinochet's 503 Days in Britian

Rights Groups Claim Victory Despite Pinochet Release

Julia Butterfly Harassed At Conference FREE!
Protester charges that famed activist "sold out"

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Court Determines Reform Party Future FREE!
Perot - Ventura factions face off in federal court

How Campaign Finance Laws Favor the Rich
Wealthy unencumbered by limits that keep challengers scrambling to raise money

Falwell Gets Ready to "Reclaim America"
Plans to top Moral Majority with "People of Faith 2000"

End of Road for McCain -- or the Beginning?
Attack on Christian Right was canny move

McCain Strategy of Luck and Heresy
Attacks on tax cuts for rich were as heretical as affront to the Christian right

Ruling Party Candidates Win Primary
(So what else did you expect?)

Taxpayer Funds Used to Solicit $2.2 Million for Bush Campaign
Governor Mansion bedroom As Bush's presidential ambitions grew, so did the frequency of overnight stays by political allies and fund-raisers. Beginning in mid-1997, the mansion came to act as a gathering place and springboard for the nascent 2000 campaign, ultimately raising more than $2.2 million to further Bush's political career. But the overnight visits to the taxpayer-supported mansion might have violated Texas law

House OKs "Property Rights" Bill FREE!
Would make it easier for developers to override local government

Vanishing Wetlands Key to Global Water Crisis
Millions of acres lost annualy in industrialized countries

No Proof That Mitigated Wetlands Work FREE!
Although developers routinely promise fake wetlands the same as real

Who's Liable for Genetically Modified Crops?
Suit would make Monsanto responsible for damages caused by its products

Jailed for 24 years and internationally recognized as America's most prominent political prisoner

Trafficking of Women on Increase
As many as 500,000 trafficked into Western Europe annually

Sharp Decline in "Maquiladoras" Conditions
Sweatshops on Mexico border employ 1 million poor women

Growing Call For Reparations of U.S. Slavery
That'll be $10 trillion in back wages, please

Mystery Ship Worries African Enviros
Huge chemical tanker slowly sinking for six months off west coast

Congress Report Blasts IMF for Failures
Clinton administration expected to bury findings

IMF Polices Damaged Environment, Group Says
Encourages destructive industries like logging and mining

Leaded Gas Still Sold Throughout Third World
Puts 1.7 billion at risk of lead poisoning

A Year After NATO Bombings, Trauma Lingers
7.5 million Serbs were affected

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IN THIS ISSUE:   Does Project Censored have a future? Leonard Peltier gets medical treatment; Nazis on the march; the census squawk

As Congress approves more than a $1 billion in military aid to Colombia for the war on drugs, both the U.S. and Colombia move ever deeper into a surreal relationship, where appearance is everything and the truth too frightening to contemplate. The result could be a replay of the disasters caused during the 1980s in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador -- or, it could become another Viet Nam

Colombia Anti-Drug Aid is Replay of Reagan's Mistakes FREE!

Fears of Kosovo-Style War in Colombia

U.S. Aid Money Will Worsen Colombia's Internal Conflicts

Colombia, U.S. Both Hooked on Drug War

Colombia's Child Soldiers


Dr. Laura Retreats From Gay-Bashing Under Pressure
Calls swamped producers of her upcoming TV talk show

Media Ignores African Disasters: "Been There, Done That"
Urgent news of Mozambique, Ethopia slighted by Western press

A Nasty Campaign Against Organic Food
Industry spreads misinformation about organic food quality

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Bush Flubs Embarass Us All
 + Repubs Attack, Then Retreat, on Gas Tax
 + Bush's Phony Education "Solutions"
 + Huh? It's Over?
 + Politics = Money
 + Bush Donor Behind Sham Ad
 + Granny D, A Woman Who Walks the Walk
 + Bush Fibs on Patient-Protection Claim

 + Photojournalism and Poverty
 + Media Plays Executioner's Song
 + Media Shadowed by Self-Censorship
 + Media Skirts Link Between Shootings and TV Hype

 + CNN Worked With Army PSYOPS Group
 + Bashing Art Becomes Giuliani Hallmark
 + Eugenics: The Impulse Never Dies
 + The War on Youth
It's the end of the night at the telemarketing center for the Republican Party of Minnesota, and most workers going home had a distinctively unRepublican look about them, with dyed heads, leather and spikes

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