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Fascist Return to power Tracking Customers Internet Use
Suits allege company snoops on personal data via Alexa subsidiary

Billboard Company Censors Breast Cancer Ads
Mastectomy scars called "too shocking, too upsetting"

Church, Cubans Brace for U.S. Court Hearing Over Boy
Powerful expatriate faction in Miami directs U.S. policy on Elián González

Racist Mobs Attack Muslims in Spain
Four days of rioting in city of 50,000

Police Attack U'wa Homeland Defenders in Colombia
Clash left three children dead at proposed oil well site

And Why Not Nader For President? FREE!
Historic push to make Greens a real player in U.S. politics

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round McCain Was a War Hero -- So What?
Won't pass up any chance to wrap himself in the flag

Bill Bradley, Please Stop
Painful to watch attacks on Gore's position on abortion

"Sleaze" Attack on McCain Tied to Bush Advisor FREE!
In magazine edited by author of Bush's "compassionate conservatism" campaign strategy

Reform Faction Asks FEC to Investigate Party
Anti-Perot clique tries to return $2.5 million

McCain & Bush: Shallow and Shallower
Both claim leadership of non-existant "conservative movement"

Bush Counting on GOP Conformity to Save Bid
S Carolina the opposite of independent-minded N Hampshire

W, as in Whupped
Bush defeat in N Hampshire throws Washington GOP into panic

For Bush, It's 3 O'clock In The Morning
Americans are about to find out if Bush can handle crisis

Native Americans Rally for McCain
Has impeccable record on Native American issues

Vote For Me Just Because
"...I'd be an excellent president" is the main argument for candidates

John McCain, Ally of the Status Quo
Hardly anyone would be pushed from federal trough

Bettie Beets In February, great-grandmother Bettie Lou Beets was executed in Texas, the 120th person executed under Governor George W. Bush, who reportedly spends less than 30 minutes reviewing each appeal for clemency. Raped by her father at age 5 and battered by a series of husbands, the 62 year-old Beets was the fourth woman executed in the U.S. since 1976, and the second during Bush's tenure

Scientists don't know why many frog species, such as this Bufo fastidiosus, are now probably extinct
(Photo: Dr. Karen Lips)

Clinton Backs Corporations Over Democracy in Big Court Case
Says states can't refuse to do business with repressive governments

Wealthy Chinese Eating Wildlife into Extinction FREE!
Highly endangered species appearing on menus

2 Million Now in U.S. Prison System
Highest incarceration rate of any nation

Massive New Study on Frog Extinction FREE!
Project will involve researchers on three continents

New Form of Polio Could Emerge, Say Experts
Plans to stop vaccination in 2005 may lead to dangerous mutation

Radioactive Safety Standards Based On Outdated Research
Risks may be far higher because industry has ignored nuclear workers in research

New Legal Setback for Pinochet
Court demands release of medical report that claimed ex-dictator was "unfit for trial"

Moore Offers Kinder WTO, Critics Unimpressed
WTO chief claims "moral imperative" to make system work

Honda EV
As GM, Toyota, and Ford were selling thousands of all-electric vehicles, Honda said it couldn't spark much consumer interest in the EV Plus
Honda's Forgotten Electric Car FREE!
All-electric car was killed in favor of hybrid gas/battery car

Roads Impact 20% of U.S. Land
Determines ecology for up to half mile on each side of road

Police Corruption Scandals Spread Nationwide
Besides LA, cop scandals in New Jersey, Maryland and Florida

Colombia Military Closely Linked to Paramilitaries
U.S. spending $1+ billion supporting forces in Americas' bloodiest country

UN Links African Civil Wars And Drug Trafficking
Being used to finance arms purchases

McDonald's Toy Giveaway Backfires
Anger in Singapore as 250,000 storm fast-food outlets for "Hello Kitty" dolls

Section 404: The Missing News
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   FBI cried wolf over big drug cartel murder story; the conservative's secret weapon; more scandals in poultry industry; Indonesian intrigue over resigned army chief

Storming Seattle

In the first in-depth analysis of the WTO protests in Seattle, it's revealed that they were historic, but also far more dangerous than anyone knew: Exhausted and traumatized by two days of strenuous work attacking non-violent protesters, some police officers began to hallucinate

India Agriculture Falls Under Sway of Corporations
Risks future on making dog food, alcohol for transnationals like Seagrams

Loggers in Chile Staged Indian "Attack"
Company guards injure workers to frame Natives

Indonesia's Illegal Loggers Grow Bolder
Third-largest rainforest disappearing at rate of 7 million acres/year

E-Commerce "Cyberterrorism" Mainly Media Hype
Many see interruption of commerce web sites as legitimate protest

White Supremacy in Dixie
S Carolina confederate flag is just tip of racist iceberg in South

Public Support for Death Penalty Slowly Dying
Illinois suspension of executions part of larger trend

A Wave of Cyanide
Industrial accident releases enough cyanide to kill a million people

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + McCain is Worst Nightmare for Bush, Gore
 + Bush No Campaign Finance Reformer
 + The Majesty of Barbara Jordan
 + Economic Danger Signs
 + Bush Campaign Boosted Via Loophole
 + Abortion Is Taboo Subject For Candidates

 + Dr. Laura: Radio's Leading Anti-Gay Zealot
 + Hard Questions for a Soft NPR
 + Hackers Face Wrath of Corporations
 + Fine Journalism Deserves More Attention

 + Joerg Haider's Reeboks
 + Don't Blame IRA for Ulster Veto
 + George Bush and the Smell of Death
 + Crazed Cops, "Fallen Heroes"


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