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You've Got...
{ ...Media Monopoly
The AOL-Time Warner transaction creates a historic global media monopoly with a combined subscriber base of more than 100 million and gives the corporation an unprecedented control over what their customers see, hear and read. But the surprise in the deal is that AOL also now controls much of future Internet access

Media Didn't Report Key Issues of Deal FREE!

AOL Could Monopolize Future of the Internet

Starting the Millennium on the Wrong Foot

Norman Solomon: The Divine Rights of Media Monarchs

Jesse Helms Addresses UN, Offends Paying Members
Complains that U.S. resents being called deadbeat over $1.6 billion debt to world body

Chile Prepares to Aid Pinochet's Flight From Prosecutors
Hospital jet will spirit dicator past nations wanting to make arrests

Conservatives Make Cuban Boy Political Pawn FREE!
Pandering to wealthy, powerful anti-Castro faction

Village Voice and Alt News Chain Sold
Sets stage for a new round of consolidation in alt newspapers

Conservative Think Tanks Spreading Their Ideas Like Wildfire
Right has well-organized, well-funded machine to push their agenda

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Bush Tracking Donation Sources Closely
Top contributors are given tracking codes for later credit

Mr. Insider vs. Mr. Outsider
The Bush-McCain, Gore-Bradley races are more alike than different

No Candidates With Human Touch
Gore not the only stiff in the bunch

Reform Party Implodes -- Again FREE!
Perot and Ventura factions wrestle for control

McCain Gets Tangled in Stars and Bars
Panicked over confederate flag question

McCain at Center of FCC Scandal
Pressured agency on issue that would benefit financial backer

Bush Health Care Advisor is Industry Lobbyist
Working for top pharmaceutical, insurance corporation

GOP Debate Was Exercise in Desperation
Some talking like auctioneers, grasping for popular themes

Paula Jones' Lawyers Target George W.
In defense of Bush parody web site attacked by Dubya

 McCain's Vietnam

Angry in temperament and pugnacious in style, McCain exhibits a swaggering readiness to avenge America's defeat in Vietnam. Like the man he succeeded as senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater -- whose militaristic style alarmed voters when he ran for President in 1964 -- there is only one word to describe the prospect of John McCain with his finger on the button: scary

Introduction to FAVORITE SON
Who Is George W. Bush?
Last fall, St. Martin's Press announced it was about to publish a high-profile biography of George W. Bush that included allegations of cocaine use. The book was recalled and burned after it was publicized that the author had once spent time in prison. Shouldn't the public be allowed to judge this well-sourced book on its own merits?

Fish such as this tilapia may be someday used in transgenic fish farming, says researcher Bill Muir
(Photo: Tom Campbell)

Enviros Press Gore Over Oil Connections
Sierra Club, others pressure VP over link to company drilling on Amazon U'wa tribe land

Underground Group Takes Credit for Timber Co. Arson FREE!
Christmas Day fire at Boise Cascade's Oregon HQ

Genetically Modified Fish Could Wipe Out Natural Species FREE!
Larger, but inferior males would quickly dominate wild fish varieties

TB Epidemic Threatens Even Superpower Nations
1 out of 6 cases are most dangerous active form

Executed this month for murders that he committed at 17, Douglas Christopher Thomas was the first of many that will die for crimes committed as kids, giving the U.S. the rare distinction of taking a harder line than Afghanistan. Even China, which runs the world's busiest execution industry, has renounced capital punishment for those under 18

Why Are We Alone In Executing Kids?

The Last Words of Douglas Christopher Thomas

Aleksandr Nikitin
Whistleblower Nikitin exposed coverup of Russian nuke sub accidents, careless treatment of radioactive waste
Russian Nuke Whistleblower Acquitted FREE!
Aleksandr Nikitin charged with 1995 espionage for revealing nuke sub accidents

Nervous Beijing Tightens Controls on Internet
New set of laws restrict discussion of "state secret," which could mean almost anything

Y2K Terrorism Scare Was Unjustified FREE!
Review of government data shows major international threat from Latin America, not Middle East

Russia Using Landmines in Chechnya
Anti-civilian weapon was also used in Kosovo War

Chevron, Other Oil Giants Again Accused of Nigeria Abuses
Widespread environmental damage, exploitation of ethnic differences

Dr. Sally Rice
Dr. Sally Rice/U of Alberta leads a Canadian project to save a disappearing Native language by an immersion school program
Monsanto Hit by Lawsuit
Multi-million dollar suit claims GM products rushed to market without proper tests

GM Soybeans Smuggled Into Banned Country
Poor Brazilian farmers hoping for higher yields have polluted transgenic-free crop

Tons of Carbon Dioxide Stored in Subtropical Oceans FREE!
Much of it human-caused atmospheric pollution

Canadian Project to Save Dying Native Language FREE!
English will be second language in regional Alberta schools to revitalize endangered Chipewyan

Anti-WTO Alliance Targets China
Less likely to reform China as to further deform WTO

Section 404: The Missing News
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   The vanishing of one out of ten East Timor residents; creating a new crime for Wen Ho Lee; Jeanne Dixon, psychic stooge; the FBI's drug problem

"Parallex Project" Will Shift Nuke Waste Problem to Public
U.S. proposes creating international industry for disposal

CATO Institute Welcomes Turn of Century: 1899
Wacky claims from right-wing thinktank that commerce solved most human woes

Industry Peddles Myth That 'Frankenfoods' Will Solve Hunger
The cause of hunger is not a scarcity of food

Ben & Jerry's Melting Corporate Responsibility
Corporation may soon be sold to highest bidder

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Iowa Was Fun, But There's More to Come
 + Sticking to Bush's Message of the Day
 + What Do You Do When The Money Leaves?
 + Unable to Form Complete Sentences
 + Getting Sued for Speaking Out
 + The Terrorist Boomlet
 + How the Justice System Fights Justice
 + Bradley has no Zip, But Still Appeals
 + GOP Fuzzy on Family Values

 + The Politics of Ambiguity
 + New Film Presents Real View of War
 + What Happened to the "Information Superhighway?"

 + FCC Does (Almost) Right Thing For Low-Watt Radio
 + Who Won the War on Crime?
 + New Millennium, Old Crime
 + The Future Past


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