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FREE! "Resource wars" are things that happen elsewhere. We don't usually think of our country as water poor or imagine that "resource wars" might be applied as a description to various state and local governments in the southwest, southeast, or upper Midwest now fighting tooth and nail for previously shared water. And yet, "war" may not be a bad metaphor for what's on the horizon. According to the National Climate Data Center, federal officials have declared 43 percent of the contiguous U.S. to be in "moderate to extreme drought." Already, Sonny Perdue of Georgia is embroiled in an ever more bitter conflict -- a "water war," as the headlines say -- with the governors of Florida and Alabama, as well as the Army Corps of Engineers, over the flow of water into and out of the Atlanta area.

He's hardly alone. After all, the Southwest is in the grips of what, according to Davis, some climatologists are terming a "'mega-drought,' even the 'worst in 500 years.'" More shockingly, he writes, such conditions may actually represent the region's new "normal weather" Or consider another "and then" prediction: What if the prolonged drought in the southwest turns out, as Mike Davis wrote in the Nation magazine, to be "on the scale of the medieval catastrophes that contributed to the notorious collapse of the complex Anasazi societies at Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde during the twelfth century"?

What if, indeed

War Real Costs are $1.7 Trillion so far, Congress Report Says

Best-case calculation of true hidden costs

Iraqi Lawmakers: U.S. Must ask Permission to Continue Occupation Into 2008

UN mandate will terminate Dec. 31

Petraeus Shuns Iraqi Government in Favor of Deals With Gangs and Warlords

U.S. policy devolves into deals with local militias, gangs, tribes, and power-brokers,

Rice Moves to Appease Turkey, Declares Kurd Rebels as Terrorists

Promises Turkey U.S. will 'redouble' efforts against 'common threat'

Arab States Signal Limits to Palestinian Support by Going to Annapolis

Hamas frozen out despite popular support, Palestinian share of Jerusalem won't be considered

Neo-Cons Work to Undermine Annapolis Summit

Ultra-hawkish figure calls meeting "Condi's Folly," denounces Rice a "zealot who has lost any sense of reality"

Neo-Cons Believed Iraq Success Would Topple Iran's Theocracy

Began threats against Iran in 2006 only after they gave up dream of pro-U.S. democracy breaking out

Israel's Syrian Airstrike Was Meant to Threaten Iran

U.S. knew for years that Syria nuclear facility was at a standstill

Cheney Suppressing Report That Disputes Iran Nuke Threat

Refuses to allow release of year-old report from CIA

Iran Diplomats in Custody for Nearly a Year as Bush Admin Squabbles

Held since January, State Dept. still fighting Cheney, Petraeus faction who see them as useful hostages to pressure Iran

Madrid Train Bombing Not Basque Separatists, Spanish Court Rules

Masterminds behind terror attack remain unknown

Paris Suburbs Again in Flames as Riots Spread

Sarkozy denounces rioters as "rabble," vowed reforms before election

Colombia, Venezuela Border Tension at All-Time High

Chavez asked to negotiate release of hostages, but Colombia furious when he asks general a simple question


Anbar "Peace" Tied to New U.S. Funding of Militias, Tribes

Reportedly beheading anyone they catch with a gun

Execution of Saddam-era Officials Not Helping Reconciliation

Seen as Maliki's Shiite government revenge killings sanctioned by U.S.

Shiite Militia Rivalry Destabilizing Southern Iraq

Badr Militia, Mehdi Army accuse each other of atrocities

Ten Women Killed Each Month in Basra by Religious Vigilantes FREE!

Women not wearing the traditional dress and head scarf risk death

What Caused the "Remarkable" Drop in Iraq Violence?

Shift from supporting Iraq government to warlords and local gang leaders

Corruption Runs Deep in Occupied Iraq

In Diyala province, a large number of projects go to the governor's nephew

Baghdad Residents Dispute Claim of Progress in Reduced Death Count

"There is no one left for them to kill," said a retired teacher

Iraq Denies Mosul Dam at Risk of Collapse FREE!

After U.S. Army Corps of Engineers warned faulty construction could kill 500,000

U.S. "Surge" Improved Security in Baqouba, But Normal Life at Halt

Streets remain empty, even of Iraqi army or police


Repubs Find They Didn't Have to Fear YouTube Debate FREE!

Spared talking snowmen asking tough questions

Manuel Miranda, Poster Boy for Bush Cronyism

From Christian Right front man to key diplomat to Iraq

More Time Needed to Study Global Warming Bill, Senate Repubs Say FREE!

"We all know what a slow dance is around here," said Sen. Boxer. "We weren't born yesterday"

Mukasey Gets Go-Ahead Despite Refusal to Answer Torture Questions

First Attorney General to enter office pre-disgraced?

Senate Committee Finally Ratifies Law of the Sea Treaty

Despite opposition from Radical Right, all GOP Presidential candidates



© 2007 John Trever - All Rights Reserved

Comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, General Pervez Musharraf said he had to declare a state of emergency because he could not"allow this country to commit suicide" and placed himself at the head of a military dictatorship on Nov. 3 when he suspended the constitution, and disbanded the Supreme Court. Musharraf made the announcement ahead of what was expected to be an unfavorable decision from the high court invalidating his latest election victory because he campaigned in his dual role as president and as head of Pakistan's armed forces. Analysts believe Musharraf learned that the court planned to rule against him, and imposed a preemptive emergency rule -- ostensibly to crack down on religious extremists. But the targets of police raids were not Taliban supporters or Muslim zealots, but members of the legal community and independent Human Rights Commission, as well as many secular and liberal democratic leaders and activists


Both Bhutto and Sharif to Take on Musharraf

No Easy Answers to Pakistan Crisis

Insisting on Elections in Pakistan is Not Enough

Musharraf Goes After Lawyers and Activists, Ignores Extremists

Pakistan's Media Muffled Under Musharraf's Emergency

Pakistan Ex-Pats Don't Buy Musharraf's Excuses

Bush Admin Stands by Musharraf

Musharraf Declares Martial Law in Pakistan

Gloomy Prospects for Black Sea After Massive Oil Spill

"There is no real cooperation, both sides are just shouting at each other over who should pay"

Massive Oil Spill Creates Black Sea Catastrophe FREE!

At least 10 tankers and cargo ships broke apart in a massive November 11 storm, causing an ecological disaster that could take a decade to clean up

Shipwrecks also dump thousands of tons of sulfur

Fossil Fuel Use Increasing, Report Finds

In just the past year alone, China has built enough new coal power plants to meet India's and Britain's energy needs combined

U.S. Economy Will Get Worse, Says Bernanke

Some using the term "slugflation" - a sluggish economy gripped by inflation

State Dept. Drafts the Not-So-Willing for Iraq

First forced diplomatic call-up since Vietnam

Case Crumbles Against Officer Who Refused Iraq Deployment

Army trying for another prosecution since Feb. mistrial

Mexico Flood Aid Being Used to Boost Political Party

1,000,000 evacuees find help depends of political allegiances

Massive Floods Leave 1,000,000 Mexicans Homeless

80% of the southwestern Mexican state of Tabasco is under water

Bush's Anti-Drug Plan for Mexico Could Backfire, Congress Told

Training might only make Mexico's corrupt cops more effective

Bush Offer of Drug War Money Raises Suspicion in Mexico

Mexican government won't even reveal all details of $1.4 billion plan to lawmakers

Illegals in U.S. Angry at Mexico for Lack of Help During Immigrant Crackdown

Consulates offer little legal assistance, advice and support

W Bank Palestinians Living in Maze of Checkpoints, Barriers FREE!

On any given day, a Palestinian is never sure he can pass or how long it will take

Israel Sets Policy for Collective Punishment of all Gaza

Increasing fuel, electricity cutbacks if any rockets fired into Israel

Israel Won't Join Nations Helping Lebanon With Oil Pollution Cleanup

Caused by Israeli bombing of oil storage tanks and a key power station in 2006

Hundreds of Thousands of Israelis Denied Marriage Under Jewish Purity Law FREE!

Israel rigidly follows Orthodox rules to "protect the Jewish people"

Non-Profits Key to Future of Independent Journalism, Says Media Veteran

Removing influence of marketing and advertising key

Chauncey Bailey Project: A Trail of Dubious Dealings

Muslim Bakery family linked to real estate broker accused of fraud

Jena Case Shows Difficulty in Prosecuting Hate Crimes

A muddled, hazy area clouded by both narrow federal legal statutes, and worse, politics

Hunger a Widespread U.S. Problem, USDA Report Says

35 million went hungry last year in big jump over 2005

Afghan Farmers Tearing out Historic Pomegranate Trees for Poppies FREE!

"The government says it's against poppy, but drug traffickers go from house to house and buy our crop and give us a lot of money"
Photo: Ethical Purchasing Forum

Orchards cannot hope to compete economically with opium

New Plan For Afghanistan is Training Cops not to be Robbers

On Afghan highways police may be complicit with the Taliban

Militancy Spreads to Afghanistan's Northern Provinces

Worst violence since 2001 leaves at least 79 dead

Most Afghan Aid Goes to Contractors and Consultants, OXFAM Finds FREE!

Each full-time expatriate consultant costs up to $500,000/ year

China Going Easy on Executions Ahead of Olympics

Supreme Court decrees only "small number of serious offenders" should now be killed

"You Are 18," Burma Military Tells Drafted Children

"Military recruiters are literally buying and selling children to fill the ranks of the Burmese armed forces"

South Korean Youth Apathetic to Reunification With North

40% say they're conservative but politically apathetic

Florida Legislator Asks Lockeed to Relocate Residents of Town With Poisoned Water

But only if they promise to drop lawsuit

Jailed Immigrants Denied Medical Attention, Congress Told

1 in 4 detainees has some chronic health condition

Massive Growth in U.S. Prison Population Hasn't Reduced Crime, Study Says

Mostly just locking up the poor

Tropical Species Heading North as Climate Warms

African diseases now found in northern Europe


Joe Conason The Grown-ups Never Showed Up

A Telling Rejection of Rudy

Sane Officers Oppose Cheney

A Phony Social Security Debate

Giuliani's Secret 9/11 Testimony


Robert Scheer Saudi Eyes Are Smiling

What Can You Get For a Trillion Bucks?

Musharraf Borrows From Bush Playbook

Our Man in Pakistan

War Industry Regains Command


Alexander Cockburn The New Lost Generation

In Transports of Horror and Delight

U.S. Hopes for Venezuela Coup

Hillary's Big Problem and How Bill Can Fix It

The Anthropologist at General Petraeus' Elbow


Steve Young Why Does Bill-O Hate Today's Bob Hope?

In McClellan's Own Words...

Bill O'Reilly: The Bestest Enemy to Have

What - and Who - War is "Good" For

O'Reillysaurus: A Dinosaur In Need Of A Tar-Pit


FREE! Crackpot realists never learn anything, even when the lessons are cuffing them roughly about the head and shoulders. They continue to pile on more of the same actions that got them into trouble in the first place, expecting to be seen as Churchillian heroes for staying the idiotic course they have set. They keep spinning the bad news, year after year after year, wearing out entire battalions of press officers, until they finally escape from the morass by leaving office. Afterward, they heap blame on their successors for "losing China" or "cutting and running."

Formerly known as "the best and the brightest," before that particular appellation lost its luster in the Vietnam debacle, these people are now hard at work dishing out death and destruction wherever they turn their attention in the wider world. Ordinary people hang on their pronunciamentos as if they spoke with the wisdom of Solomon, but the people need to get over their awe. Maybe these Ubermenschen can run a big corporation, a major newspaper, or a federal government department, but they cannot run the world, except in the limited sense that they can mistreat a great number of people in various countries in order to line their pockets, gratify their vanities, and fulfill their savage fantasies. For all the rest of us, however, they produce nothing but wreckage and grief. Most of all, the crackpot realists are frauds

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