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News and analysis on the crisis you won't find in mainstream media

Anti-American Kosovo Could Drag us Into WWIII
Three leaders hold the fate of the world: Clinton, Yeltsin -- and Milosevic

Anxiety Growing Across Europe
Every day solution eludes NATO, voices of protest become louder

Bombing the Baby With the Bathwater FREE!
Jeopardizes the lives of 10.5 million and attacks fledgling forces of democracy

Anti-West Anger Explodes in Russia
"Yesterday Iraq, today Yugoslavia, tomorrow Russia!" chant protesters

UN Stalemate Over Yugoslavia
But Islamic nations back NATO

NATO Bombs Will Encourage Repression
The bombing fulfills the dream of every right-wing nationalist in Serbia

The First Internet War
No shortage of citizen reports from warzone


NATO Using Radioactive Bullets FREE!
Depleted uranium linked to cancers, birth defects

Alexander Cockburn NATO, Sig Heil!

Yugoslavia Might Put Globe on Path to Wider War
By choosing military force, Clinton dangerously changed rules of international game

A War With no Fast and Easy Victory Ahead
Could easily spread into Greece, Macedonia -- and Russia

Creating a Worst Case Scenario
Milosevic helped by bombing and destabilization of area

Kosovo Could be "Second Vietnam," Warn Soviet Vets
Yugoslavia using same strategy as North Vietnam

How the IMF Dismantled Yugoslavia FREE!
Starting in Reagan years, bankers gutted the nation

Clinton's Contras: the KLA

Washington Merry-Go-Round GOP In Disarray Over Kosovo
Post-impeachment claims of unity fall apart

Rigging the Polls
Pollster sets milestone for asking slanted questions

The GOP's New Platform: More Big Government
As Newt returns to D.C., Repubs demand further entitlements

Kissinger Rewrites History
On talkshow circuit to plug memoir, Kissinger spins the Big Lie

Liddy and St. Steve Play The Crowds
Dole takes her stand at a vague center while Forbes lurches rightward

The Speaker's New Best Friends
Dennis Hastert is surrounded by rich and helpful lobbyists

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
What the U.S. press isn't saying about the war in Kosovo; Europeans make emergency plans for biotech disaster; Project Censored on TV; Paul Robeson, Cold War martyr; Henry Hyde and the sock puppet

U.S. Leaders Undermined Asian Economies, Says Analysis
American banks, brokerages pillaged countries like Korea with federal help

Asian Economic Crisis Was Worse Than Assumed
UN finds dramatic and severe social problems increasing rapidly in several countries

Australia Place Troops on High Alert
Levels approaching Vietnam War era due to growing worries of instability across Asia

Push For Pinochet Extradition To U.S.
British high court denied former dictator immunity for cases of torture

Uproar in Scotland Over Bank Deal With Pat Robertson
Proposed joint venture between Bank of Scotland and Christian Coalition leader

UN Calls Growing Use of Mercenaries Alarming
Companies supply warriors-for-hire to fight rebels, overthrow governments

Project Censored's annual list of important stories mostly ignored by mainstream press; MONITOR covered most items in past year Project Censored 1998
U.S. Leaving Panama a Minefield
Area is saturated with unexploded munitions left by army bases

Amnesty International Condemns U.S.
Beats out Cuba as persistent human rights violator

U'wa Homeland Becoming War Zone
Recent murder of Native activists show violence worsened in Colombia due to the development of oil activity

Swiped Benefits: New benefit cards replace welfare checks and food stamps, but it's banks like Citicorp that benefit the most

Outrage Over NYC Police Killing Still Growing
Daily arrests of Amadou Diallo protestors at main police headquarters

Italians Cheer Giuliani's "Tolleranza Zero"
Politicians, media see NYC Mayor as champion for less crime -- and immigration

India Ban on "Professional" Blood Donors Leads to Acute Shortage
Forced surgical patients to locate blood supply themselves, sometimes from black market

Brazil's Bailout is Environmental Time Bomb
Austerity measures demanded by IMF are expected to devastate the Amazon region

International Protest of Home Depot
Called a major force in the destruction of world's last old growth forests

On the tenth anniversary of the oil industry's most infamous foul-up, Exxon still hasn't changed its policies, federal rules haven't changed, and planned Arctic exploration risks a disaster worse by magnitudes
Exxon Valdez Don't Buy Exxon's Fable of the Drunken Captain FREE!

What Exxon Hasn't Cleaned Up

Exxon Still Has Not Paid One Cent in Damages

New Arctic Oil Drilling Could Dwarf Exxon Valdez Disaster

seahorse U.S. Farmland is Wearing Out FREE!
Irreversible soil damage from decades of fertilizer overuse

Taiwan Attempted to Sneak Toxic Waste Into U.S.
Same hazardous mercury had earlier caused several deaths in Cambodian dump

Australia Hopes Seahorse Farms Will Stop PoachingFREE!
Species was vanishing because of popularity as Asian traditional medicine

Indian Tigers Pay For Flagging Japanese Libidos
Flourishing black market for tiger penis leads to murder of foresters, imminent species extinction

Neo-Nazis Remain Active in Latin America
Increase in public presence of ultra-right, racist groups in Chile and other countries

When will the media stop shamelessly exploiting the famous face of MONICA LEWINSKY to draw an audience?

Monsanto Gets Pie in the Face
Company claims we accept gene-spliced foods, but fights any label on them

Where do Churches Stand on Gay Hate Crimes?
No support for hate crime legislation, even after murder of Matthew Shepard

Time to Demand a Full Pentagon Audit
Unable to account for an estimated $22 billion

British Media Agog Over Monica
Former drama student is our scandal Ambassador

Larry Flynt Does the Right Thing
Chose to not reveal everything he knew about GOP sex scandals

An Ugly Return to Fortress America
Both Congress and Clinton pull back from international treaties

+ Media on Both Sides Cranking Out Propaganda
+ TV Screens Offer Us Illusions of War
+ Media Lays Groundwork For War
+ Media Scenes You'll Never See

+ One Last Look Before We Leap
+ The Saga of Chevron's Exploding Refinery
+ Prince Charles, Monsanto's Nemesis
Steve Kangas

The Suicide -- or Murder -- of a Clinton-Hater Hater
Liberal essayist Steve Kangas shot himself near office of Richard Mellon Scaife... or did he?


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