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The Headwaters' Deal: Hurwitz's Final Play
Disgraceful and entirely unnecessary surrender that risks the Endangered Species Act

Scandal, Violence, Weather Top 1998 U.S. TV Attractions
American media mostly ignored major turmoil outside country

U.S. Native Activists Killed in Colombia
While doing human rights work for South America Natives
Colombia, U.S. Pin Blame For Murder of Native Activists FREE!

A Sad Milestone in Native Rights Movement

Colombia Rebels Admit Murder of Activists

Women in U.S. Prisons Tortured, Sexually Abused FREE!
Amnesty International documents rape and other attacks by prison guards

Controversy Over Pinochet Defense Funds
Chile's army is big financial supporter of ex-dictator

Kissinger Encouraged Chile's Repression, New Documents ShowFREE!
Covered up U.S. proof about atrocities in Chile

The Bush Files
Washington Merry-Go-Round Washington's Selective Outrage
Lies pour forth daily on the important stuff with no howls for impeachment from the GOP

Monica's Story on Starr
Book documents grotesque abuses of power by Starr and his henchmen

... and Dumber
In the post-impeachment era, the GOP flounders for something new to rile the public

Post-Mortem Ad Nauseam
Christian right leader calls for Clinton foes to "quarantine" from "this hostile culture"

Urban Warriors Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
Operation Urban Warrior prepares for martial law; Pinochet's career as arms merchant; Roberto Calvi autopsy #4; the saga of the blackbirds of Loudoun County

AIDS Cure Linked to Endangered Rainforest
African logging kills thousands of rare chimpanzees that are immune

GAP Boycott Over Sweatshops Using "Made in USA" Guise
Nordstrom, Sears, and Wal-Mart also retail clothes made in "shocking conditions" on U.S. protected island

U.S. Company Using NAFTA to Sue Canada for Water
To force export of water in Native territory that is also important salmon spawning grounds

U.S. Sued Over Genetic Crops
More than 650 organizations claim inadequate testing of possible risks7

Australia Using "Dirty Tricks" to Block Criticism of Controversial Uranium Mine
Listing of famed World Heritage site as "in danger" would embarass conservative government

Mexico City Sinking Fast
Underground aquifers collapsing under strain of supplying water to 20 million

NH May Enact First State Tax
But only after politicians try to minimize definition of "an adequate education"

Congressman Calls For Investigation of U.S. Oil Companies in Nigeria
Troops reportedly used Chevron helicopter in fatal assault on Native demonstrators occupying offshore drilling platform

Are Whales Singing Grammatically?
Massachusetts researcher believes humpbacks have grammar like human language

Japan Expected to Approve New Military Force
Vague plans could include ballistic missiles

Sweatshop Cartoon Mulan's Sisters
A new report finds slavery conditions in Chinese sweatshops making Disney children's clothing and toys, but CEO Michael Eisner tells stockholders that it's "neither realistic nor appropriate" for Disney to attempt to pay a living wage

Why U.S. Thrives: Not Dependent on Global Economy
Political leaders would prefer some facts of global trade be ignored

Coming to Terms With the GOP's Fury
How Clinton's moral faults became a symbol of evil incarnate

U.S. Spy Agency Had Back Door to Most Global Secrets
Used Swiss company to read top secrets of 120 countries, both friend and foe

Mercury Poisoning Found in Amazon Natives FREE!
Rare form of disease last seen in Japan during 1950's toxic dump

Asthmatown, U.S.A.
Asthma common in Vernon, CA, where residents breathe a chemical soup from many industries

Old Arsenic Weapons Poisoning Arctic
WWII-vintage mustard gas was dumped in the 1950s and 1960s

Earth Earth Out of Balance: Interview with Mark Hertsgaard
In his new book, "Earth Odyssey," Mark Hertsgaard traveled the world in a quest to find if our species would survive for the next hundred years. The news is not good

U.S. Unprepared for Baby Boomers' Retirement FREE!
Impact of millions of frail, impoverished elders will affect far more than medical system

Barbara Ehrenreich The Undeserving Old
Expect an all-out propaganda effort to demonize Social Security recipients

News Industry Laments the End of Monicagate
What happens to this massive press corps now that the impeachment trial fizzled?

What Do Newspaper Readers Really Want?
Little info available, except for discredited "market research" approach

Who Murdered James Byrd, Jr?
White supremacist John King was product of America's prison system

+ Keeping Mickey Mouse Private
+ Big Media Peddles "All You Need to Know"
+ More "Culture War" Bombast Coming

+ Wag the Bomb
+ U.S. Supports Chinese Slave Labor
+ Racism and the British Police

Sweatshop editorial cartoon © John Desalvio

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