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CIA - Contra Drug Deal Named Top Story

by Jeff Elliott New York Times, Washington Post, and other leading mainstream papers tried hard to discredit story that implicates the military and top leaders in the Bush administration

Loophole Lets Corporations Tap Public Housing Fund

by Daniel Zoll In 1994 alone, a little-known committee gave more than $190 million financed by state-issued bonds to Chevron, Shell, and ARCO to finance environmental improvements required by federal law

"Mad Cows," rBGH Hormones Related

by Judith Perera The spread of the 'Mad Cow disease' may have been encouraged by Western industry's increasing use of artificial growth hormones to boost profitable milk and meat production.

Moon's Church Growing in S America

by Daniel Gatti Moon investing fortune to push Unification Church throughout Latin America

NAFTA Flaw Leaves Workers Without Rights

by Peter Zirnite Labor provisions didn't provide workers with the protections NAFTA advocates assured them they would receive when the side agreement was negotiated

Why No Apology for Judi Bari?

by Nicholas Wilson Although the FBI recently cleared security guard Richard Jewell in the Olympic park bombing in Atlanta last summer, CNN Headline News asked an interesting question last week: Why hasn't the FBI cleared Judi Bari?

Judi Bari Wins Round in FBI Suit

by Nicholas Wilson The federal judge surprised everyone by immediately tossing out the FBI motion to dismiss Judi Bari's suit, and ordering the Bureau to consolidate any further challenges together for hearing all at the same time, against objections by the FBI's attorney

Judi Bari Bombing Case Resources

by Nicholas Wilson Internet resources about the bombing of Judi Bari

Death Threats Target E Timor Peace Prize Winner

by Wilson da Silva Timorese resistance leader Jose Ramos-Horta, who received this year's Nobel Peace Prize, has been the target of renewed death threats, with warnings that an attempt on his life is being prepared

1996 Profits Won Over Human Rights, Group Says

The U.S. and other western powers failed to act strongly on behalf of human rights in key parts of the world during 1996, often sacrificing their stated concerns to doubtful, long-term objectives or business profits, according to a U.S. human rights group

"Cyanide River" Company Makes Big Promises

by Bert Wilkinson Although last year's accident poured 3 million cubic meters of cyanide-tainted water into Guyana waters, the gold mining company seeks to expand

Investor Beats Mining Disaster Charges

by Pratap Chatteee Charged with responsibility for the costliest mining spill in U.S. history, a Candadian judge rules there is insufficient evidence to hold the multi-millionaire liable for contamination

"Toxic Bob's" Global Search for Gold

by Pratap Chatteee After environmental disasters in North and South America, Robert Friedland is shifting mining operations to Asia, Siberia, and other poor countries where gold is found

Ozone Cleanup Fund Owed Millions

by Maricel Sequiera Although nations around the globe agreed to cleanup ozone destroying chemicals, the U.N. fund to pay for the work is already in the red

New Pesticide Concerns Raised

by Judith Perera British criticism of current research into the dangers of organophosphate (OP) based pesticides, could reinforce the case for a worldwide ban on the chemical, already linked to serious illness around the globe

Gypsies Under Police Attack, Report Says

Romanian police justify beatings and shootings as necessary "preventative action" to forestall mob violence

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