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Bari vs. FBI, et. al.

Sources of information about the Judi Bari bombing case

Judi Bari Home Page
Produced and maintained by the Redwood Summer Justice Project, this is the main resource for Bari's own writings as well as other print and broadcast media reports, and links to Earth First!

In the Albion Monitor

FBI agents and Oakland Police officers are charged with false arrest, illegal search and seizure, and conspiracy against Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney by smearing them and the Earth First! environmental movement in the aftermath of the the May 24, 1990 pipe bomb explosion

Judi Bari
Judi Bari recorded a videotape deposition a month before her death
 + Juror Talks about the Bari vs. FBI Trial
Police and FBI witnesses "absolutely were lying"

 + Jury Awards $4.4 Million Damages to Bari and Cherney
For free speech violation, false arrest, unlawful search by FBI and Oakland Police

 + Jury Begins Fourth Week of Deliberations
One of the longest jury deliberations in memory (UPDATED JUNE 9)

 + Police, FBI Call For Mistrial After Rally
Judge admonishes Serra for rally comments, bars legal team from observing jurors

 + The Case Goes to Jury
Federal lawyer opposes letting jury read Consititution

 + Tony Serra Makes The Case
Famed San Francisco criminal defense lawyer closing arguments

NEW! After 12 Years, Judi Bari Has Her Day In Court
Jury moved to tears by video deposition

 + Why the Bari Trial is Historic
Progressive leaders speak out

 + Darryl Cherney Testifies
Laughter, intense questioning mark testimony

 + "I Relied On The FBI -- They Were Experts"
Testimony of Sgt. Michael Sitterud

 + FBI, Police, Weren't Interested In Taking Statements
Bari, Cherney, and supporters eager to cooperate and help authorities find the bomber

 + Jury Examines Judi Bari's Bombed Car
Jury, reporters get rare look at crucial evidence

 + After 12 Years, Judi Bari Vs. FBI Trial Begins
Long-awaited trial begins in Oakland

Judi Bari - FBI Trial Delayed As New Evidence Emerges DNA tests tie Bari foe to death threat and police informant letter (September, 2001)

Legal Victories in Judi Bari Bomb Case Court denies Oakland cops immunity, reinstates conspiracy claim against them (October, 1999)

The Judi Bari Bombing Revisited: Big Timber, Public Relations and the FBI

Stop Police From Stalling Trial, Judi Bari Lawyer Says FBI, Oakland Police continue eight-year strategy of courtroom delays (May, 1999)

Key Court Victory for Bari in FBI Lawsuit Judge refuses to release nine police officers from suit (October 1997)

FBI Faked Evidence, Says Justice Dept Bomb expert in many high-profile cases, including Bari's, is censured for lying and "tilting" evidence (April 1997)

The Press vs. Judi Bari Monitor editor Jeff Elliott comments on Bari's struggle with the corporate press

Tributes to Bari Monitor readers recall activist's life and works

Rousing Sendoff for Bari at Memorial Party (March, 1997) Family/friends share memories (photos)

Judi Bari Dies But Her Struggle Continues (March, 1997)

Judi Bari Fights On Despite Worsening Illness Bari prepares for new court date as health fails (February, 1997)

The Attempted Murder of Judi Bari
The complete 33,000 word interview with Bari that first appeared in New Settler magazine, illustrated with photos from Bari's personal collection

Judi Bari Wins Round in FBI Suit Nicholas Wilson's second Monitor article about the case, December 1996

Media critic Norman Solomon points out that the press has not apologized to Bari or published corrections, December 1996 (Copyrighted article available to Monitor subscribers only)

Why No FBI Apology for Judi Bari? Nicholas Wilson's first Monitor article about the Bari case, November 1996

"Wise Use" Anti-Environmental Movement

The War Against The Greens The "Wise Use" Movement, The New Right, and Anti-Environmental Violence by David Helvarg - Introduction begins with a graphic account of the 1990 Redwood Summer mass rally in Fort Bragg, California

Publications On The "Wise Use" Movement

Government spying and domestic covert operations

(Many of these references are used in our feature on Judi Bari and COINTELPRO, "The Judi Bari Bombing Revisited: Big Timber, Public Relations and the FBI ")

America's Secret Police - FBI COINTELPRO in the 1990s

Paul Wolf's COINTELPRO index page is a growing reference site which provides full text and illustrations from several chapters of the book The COINTELPRO Papers (see below in print references), and much more

Federal Bureau of Intimidation by Howard Zinn (reprinted from Covert Action Quarterly)

COINTELPRO Revisited - Spying and Disruption pamphlet by Brian Glick

Excerpts from the book War At Home by Brian Glick

FBI Whistleblower M. Wesley Swearingen interview about COINTELPRO on Pacifica Radio Democracy Now!, August 4, 1997, listen via RealAudio

Nothing Vague About FBI Abuse: Here Are the Dossiers excerpted from the book Wizards of Media OZ by Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

COINTELPRO Revisited: In Defense of Paranoia from NameBase NewsLine, No. 10, July-September 1995

ARMIES OF REPRESSION: The FBI, COINTELPRO and Far-Right Vigilante Networks by Tom Burghardt, BACORR-North (extensively footnoted and sourced)

Michael Rivero's COINTELPRO index page

U.S. Domestic Covert Operations index page from MediaFilter provides five interesting but unattributed, unsourced, and undated articles about COINTELPRO history and methods

Federal Bureau of Intimidation by historian Howard Zinn for Covert Action Quarterly, the FBI's history of repression against the civil rights movement and other activists for social and political change.

Armies of Repression The FBI, COINTELPRO and Far-Right Vigilante Networks, by Tom Burghardt, BACORR-North.

COINTELPRO and Democracy, article by Jason Wehling, Oct. 1992, DeNar website, Brussels, Belgium. "On April 28, 1976, following a 15-month examination of government spying in the United States, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence finally issued its findings ... the investigation uncovered massive violations of citizens' rights by the FBI."

Polintel, a large library of articles from many sources in plain text format dealing with police and intelligence agencies, provided by Alternatives, a Greenpeace-allied nonprofit based in British Columbia, Canada.

Domestic Covert Operations, an index page with links to several articles on this subject on the MediaFilter website.

Harassment Through Psychological Warfare , the methods used in COINTELPRO operations. A particularly interesting article listed in the item just above at MediaFilter.

Reading List on Intelligence Agencies & Political Repression from the Center for Constitutional Rights is a lengthy guide to books, articles and other resources dealing with covert action by the CIA, FBI, and others.

Book: "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" Peter Matthiessen, 1991, Viking Press. How the FBI used covert operations to disrupt the American Indian Movement and frame Leonard Peltier on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the 1970s.

"Over the years we have been warned about the danger of subversive organizations that would threaten our liberties, subvert our system, would encourage its members to take further illegal action to advance their views, organizations that would incite and promote violence, pitting one American group against another... There is an organization that does fit those descriptions, and it is the organization, the leadership of which has been most constant in its warning to us to be on guard against such harm. The [FBI] did all of those things."

-- Sen. Philip A. Hart
Select Committee on Intelligence Activities
and the Rights of Americans, 1975

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