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Cyanide River Disaster in Guyana

by Roy S. Carson About 825 million gallons of cyanide-treated wastewater from South America's largest gold mine have spilled, and the bankrupt nation of Guyana does not have the financial or technological means to cope with the disaster.

Albion Monitor Reporter Arrested at Courthouse

by Nicholas Wilson Questions are raised about the arrest of investigative reporter and Sheriff's critic under mysterious warrant.

Berkeley Performed Most Radiation Tests

by Jeff Elliott Newly-released government documents show UC/Berkeley conducted the most human radiation studies. Bay Area research including experiments upon pregnant women, children, mental patients, and prison inmates.

McDonald's Breaks Agreement in McLibel Suit

by Bruce Tobler Now entering its fifteenth month with no end in sight, the megacorporation tries a new strategy in its libel suit against two impoverished activists.

Citizen's Group Charges "War on Parks" by Congress

The National Parks and Conservation Association warns that Congressional actions this fall may undermine the National Park Service.

Dole Rejects Gay PAC Money

by John DeSalvio Gay Republicans accuse Presidential candidate Dole of pandering to the Religious Right after his finance committee refuses to accept their donation.

Midwestern Tap Water Contaminated by Ag Chemicals

Study finds up to nine herbicides are responsible for widespread pollution of drinking water, but EPA standards assume such simultaneous exposure does not occur.

Amazon Indians Evicted from Roraima

by Daniel J. Shepard The Brazilian state of Roraima expels Indians from their homelands to build a hydroelectric dam.

Anti-Abortion Group Threatens Journal

by Steve Geimann The New England Journal of Medicine increases security after threatening fax from Operation Rescue.

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