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Enviro Groups Endorse Reilly, Koenigshofer

With Ernie Carpenter retiring, local environmental organizations offer unusual joint endorsement of candidates

New Congressional Move Against Internet

by Craig A. Johnson Regulations under consideration would allow telephone companies to determine "market rates" for Internet access

Radical Right Attack on Cartoonist Backfires

by John De Salvio Religious-right group bungles attack on Texas journalist

Don't Cut EPA, Public Tells GOP

by Jeff Elliott While Republican leaders in Congress want to chop the EPA budget, new polls show that voters want strong environmental protection

Radioactive Weapons Possible Cause of "Gulf War Syndrome"

by Frank Sietzen, Jr. Citizen's group alleges U.S. Army supressed study from Congress, Presidential Commission

Disney, Others Exploit Haitian Labor

by Jennie Bauduy Sewing clothes for corporations like Disney, Wal-Mart, and J.C. Penney, workers make 7 cents per hour

Wetland Regulations Inadequate

Current protection is inadequate because upland areas not given enough importance, says new research

Poverty is Infant Health Risk

by Jeff Elliott Simply being poor gives a newborn or small child a greater chance of dying

Rainforest Wood Used in Cheap Furniture

by Suvendrini Kakuchi The Japanese throw away large volumes of furniture made of tropical timber imported from developing countries

Trial of Bomb Conspiracy "Prophet" Delayed

by Bill Johnson Still charged with plot to allegedly blow up women's clinics and civil rights offices, and supporter who threatened jailers is released on technicality

Ozone Destroyers Become Toothpaste

by Judith Perera Chemicals which destroy the ozone layer can be converted into useful substances, according to new research

Enviro T-Shirts Banned at Auto Show

Rainforest activists booted from Auto Show because of anti-Mitsubishi message on t-shirts

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