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Gaza dead
Fire and smoke billow following an Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah near the border with Egypt PHOTO: © Iyad El Baba/UNICEF-oPt

"If only my three daughters will be the last victims of this horrible conflict," wept Dr. Ezzadin Abu Al-Aish, a Palestinian doctor recovering from his wounds at a Tel Aviv hospital. An Israeli tank shell killed three of his nine children as well as a 14-year-old niece in their home in the Jebaliya refugee camp. Hours later, Israel implemented a unilateral ceasefire halting its three-week military incursion into Gaza.

While Hamas was trying to present a tough demeanor and attempting to get the last word in, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was endeavoring to hide his obvious satisfaction at the outcome of the Gaza campaign. Suppressing a smile, Olmert faced the cameras at a press conference at the Israeli Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv. "We won. The IDF objectives for its operation in the Gaza Strip were obtained in full. Hamas was surprised and badly beaten"

There's no formal agreement with Hamas. Israel wants to avoid the Islamist organisation being put on an equal footing. Olmert and Barak warned that if Hamas refuses to hold its fire, Israel will respond forcefully. On the ground Sunday morning, the only incidents were those initiated by Hamas. For now, Israeli forces remain in all areas of Gaza they have conquered. Indications are that Israel does not intend to stay for long


Israel Continued Firing on Gaza After Ceasefire

UN Official: Israel Violated Geneva Conventions by Trapping Gaza Civilians

Gaza Struggling to Cope With Vast Destruction

UN Chief Appalled at Scope of Gaza Destruction

Israel Declares Ceasefire, Victory Over Hamas

The Doctor's Dead Daughters

Israel's Olmert Boasts That He Forced U.S. to Reverse Policy on Gaza

Anger Over Gaza Attack Leads to Scattered Attacks on Israel

Israel Signals Gaza Attack Winding Up

Why no EU Critics of Gaza Attack?

In Gaza, a Deadly Shortage of Basic Necessities

Israel Charged With Using Phosphorous Bombs Over Gaza
Israel Manufactured Gaza Escalation of Violence FREE!

Israel Ignores UN Security Council Ceasefire Resolution

Gaza dead
A Palestinian child inside a UNRWA school in Rafah, one of the UN facilities where some 50,000 sought shelter during Israel's attacks on Gaza. 46 were killed when the UN buildings were bombed PHOTO: © Iyad El Baba/UNICEF-oPt
Israel Rejected Hamas Ceasefire Offer in December

Gaza Asks: How do we Stop This?

Israel Losing Gaza War on Middle East Airwaves

Hamas Leader: 'We Will Not Surrender'

Israel Bombs Gaza UN School, Kills 43+

Al Jazeera Breaks Israeli Media Blackout of Gaza Invasion

Israel Invaded Gaza Only After Lukewarm World Opposition to Airstrikes

Israel Invades Gaza

U.S. Efforts to Undermine Hamas Led to Gaza Crisis

Obama Moves to Overturn Lax Bush-Era Rules on Auto Emissions

As Hillary also appoints State Dept. special envoy on climate change

Obama Ends Bush War On Women's Rights

Fulfills campaign pledge to resume funding for the UN Population Fund

Gitmo Not Obama's Biggest Prison Problem

U.S military prison at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan has 3x more inmates

China Expanding the World's Biggest Army

Primary mission remains stopping Taiwan from formally declaring independence

North American Trees Dying Twice as Fast as 20 Years Ago

Best American forests are quickly getting thinner

Israel Clamps Down on Dissent Over Gaza Attack

At least 763 Israeli citizens, mostly Palestinian, arrested at demonstrations

Hillary Promises "Strategy of Smart Power" in U.S. Diplomacy

Several implicit swipes at Bush's record in Senate testimony

Afghan Women Denied Basic Health Care FREE!

"I will not take my wife to a male doctor even if she dies" (Photo: Parwin Faiz/IRIN)

Dying from post-delivery infections due to poor hygiene and lack of access to antibiotics

Bush Signs Declaration to Protect Remote Areas of Western Pacific FREE!

Protecting Guam from offshore drilling

Hamas and Fatah at Each Other's Throats in Wake of Gaza Assault

Dozens believed dead in reprisal attacks as Hamas retakes control of Gaza

Iraq Considering Plan to Pay Men to Marry War Widows FREE!

Viewed as plan to help an estimated million widows

Israel Accelerated W Bank Construction in 2008

Despite Israeli government's pledge to crack down on illegal outposts, none closed, and hundreds more built

IMF Predicts 2009 Growth Lowest Since WWII

Even worse than projection 3 months ago

400,000 Crowded Into Makeshift Refugee Camps on Pakistan-Afghanistan Border

17,000 children among the refugees without winterized tents, reliable food and water supply

Taliban Targets Pakistan Schools

Also targeting shops selling music and films, and stopped barbers from shaving beards

Hundreds of Child Soldiers in Yemen Combat FREE!

In rural areas of Yemen, children are encouraged to carry guns as manhood is linked to bearing arms (Photo: Muhammed al-Jabri/IRIN)

Children as young as 15 allegedly given weapons by the armed forces and sent to the front with no training

AMWAY Shoots for Comeback, Despite Right-Wing Ties of Founders

Current growth hotspots are Russia, China and India as class-action suit filed in U.S. for fraud and racketeering

New Treasury Secretary Geithner Eager to Blame China for Economic Crisis

Blaming China's alleged currency manipulation politically popular

Bush's Final Bow to the Right

Commutes sentences for convicted U.S. border guards who were a cause celebre for the nation's anti-immigrant movement

Pressure on Obama for Independent Investigation of Bush Admin Rights Abuses

Immediately close Gitmo, denounce torture, demand leading orgs

Senate Should Quiz Geithner on Fed's Role in Bond Scam

Costing the U.S. a lot more than the amount he evaded on taxes

Debunking the Myth that Latinos Elected Obama

Latino leaders and voters were glacially slow to warm up to Obama, and McCain got nearly one-third of the Latino vote

Claiborne Pell, Blue-Blood Populist

Senator shocked by calling Reagan-funded Contras "our terrorists"


The suicide of Adolf Merckle, a leading German businessman over the last 30 years, is being seen by many as an allegorical story of the end of a brand of reckless capitalism.

Merckle, who would have been 75 in March, stepped in front of a speeding train near his house Jan. 5 after realizing that his speculative transactions had ruined his global economic empire. He had left behind a suicide note addressed to his family that said simply, "I'm sorry." Merckle was once one of the richest men in Germany. His fortune was estimated at more than $9 billion.

What broke Merckle was eventually a model of capitalism built up on a belief that it is possible to make vast amounts of money through a multiplication of projected figures, and where speculation became the quick-fix to substitute long-term investment and production. He was not alone



Joe Conason

Let the Limbaughs Whine

What Bipartisan Means Now

The Party of No Ideas

New GOP Enthusiasm for Thrift


Robert Scheer

Week One, and a Presidency in the Balance

Time to Get to Work

A Bailout Run by Those Got Us In

Why no U.S. Critics of Gaza Attack?

Why Didn't Israel Wait for Obama?


Alexander Cockburn Repubs Bank on I-Told-You-So Economic Bad News

The Ghosts at Obama's Side

A Slap in the Face to Obama's Base

Note to Israel: Bomb Ghettos and Civilians Die

What Will Obama Do About Gaza?


Steve Young Could Bush Sort-of Be President Again?


The Abusive Spouse Moves Out

Bill Asks: Is Obama a Sociopath?

They're Back!


FREE! Recently the nonpartisan, investigative Center for Public Integrity, released an in-depth report titled "Broken Government," a chronicling of more than 125 of what the Center calls "systematic failures across the breadth of federal government," from the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Federal Labor Relations Authority to NASA.

"Many of the failures are rooted in recurring themes. Agency appointees selected primarily for ideology and loyalty, rather than competence; agency heads who overruled staff experts and suppressed reports that did not coincide with administration philosophy; agency-industry collusion; a bedrock belief in the wisdom of deregulation; extensive private outsourcing of public functions; a general failure to exercise government's oversight responsibilities; and severely slashed budgets at understaffed agencies." Whew

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