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Mumbai terrorist


Clamor in India for Revenge on Pakistan Over Mumbai Terror

Mumbai Terror Dubbed "India's 9/11"

India Unprepared for Mumbai Terror

Did Criminal Mastermind Dawood Stage Mumbai Nightmare?

Mumbai Terror Attack Roils Pakistan

A New Face of Terrorism

Thailand Anti-Democracy Forces Shut Down Airports

Protesters want military to stage another coup

Bush Pushing Through Last Minute Changes to Air Quality Rules FREE!

Push to relax pollution control requirements on power plants

Dalai Lama Calls Meeting of Tibet Gov't in Exile, Admits Failure

Twice as many Tibetians want independence than agree with current "middle way" approach

Somali Ship Hijack Only Part of Widespread Ocean Piracy

Very little is known about the loosely connected pirate groups

Bush Admin: No Bailout for Homeowners

Less than half of $700 billion will be left to Obama admin to disperse

New European Hate Groups Seek to Exterminate Roma Gypsies

"This is a new phenomenon in Europe that has not existed before. It is a real danger"

Whales Lose Supreme Court Sonar Case FREE!

Navy training exercises more important than environment

Bali Bombers Executed, Become Instant Jihad Martyrs

As extremist movement was on the wane

Spike in Hate Crimes Follows Obama Election

Latinos mainly targeted in wave of anti-immigrant attacks

For Whom the Bailout Tolls FREE!

Top Wall St. execs paid themselves almost three dollars for every dollar they lost

Newspapers cashed in on the excitement of Obama's election with special commemorative editions, with the Washington Post alone printing 250,000 extra copies


Obama's Iran Opening

Obama's successful election has created an unprecedented positive climate in Iran toward the U.S.

Economists Tell Obama: Don't Be Afraid to Spend and Create Jobs

"Even the fiscal conservatives will say that for the first year, or couple of years, there has to be massive amounts of spending"

Bush Hunger for "Legacy" Seen Easing Transition

Bush even appears close to announcing an Interests Section in Tehran even before Obama takes office

Religious Right Ponders The Obama Era

Family Research Council quick to predict dark days ahead

Europe Cheers Obama Election

Expectations are running high that he will waste no time in grappling with the world's most pressing problems such as climate change

Can the Muslim World Trust Obama?

Efforts to change the U.S. image would require efforts to support genuine reform

Yes, He Could

"This is a passing of the old order"


U.S. Task Force Found Few Iranian Arms in Iraq

Only 70 Iranian weapons found in months that Bush warned of threat to Iraq

Fears of Wide Radiation Poisoning From Looted Nuke Site Near Mosul FREE!

Contaminated materials throughout nearby village

Final Iraq Pact Makes Clean Break With U.S. Military

Sunset date of 2011 not negotiable

Arab Nations Begin Sending Ambassadors to Baghdad

Pressured by Rice with the stated aim of 'countering Iranian influence'

U.S. About to Turn 17,000 Prisoners Over to Iraqis

Rights groups say a serious risk of torture and abuse of detainees


GOP Itching to Pound Eric Holder Over Role in Clinton Pardons

The legacy of Marc Rich will never die

Prop 8 Opponents Seek Court Overturn

Prop 8's creators also asking Calif. top court to invalidate marriages

It's No Surprise Gay Marriage Opposed by Blacks

Big turnout for Obama also brought out conservative church-influenced blacks have been the driving force backing bans on gay rights

Nevada a Portrait of the New America Electorate

Until the final week of this campaign, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico were considered the three western "battleground" states where the vote was too close to call

Mexico Makes Risky Bid to Prop up Oil Industry

Investment in infrastructure means losing 40% of budget

Syria Slams Democracy Activists Into Prison

Seen as payback for Bush's "Freedom Agenda" after attack on Syria

The Real Price of Farmed Salmon

Damages caused by floating factory farms are ignored by industry

So How Corrupt IS Bulgaria?

EU watching billion$ in aid vanish

Mexico Border Fence to Carve Up Fragile Environmental Preserve

Estuary is one of the few remaining in Southern California without heavy human intrusion

Israel Blocks Reporters, Diplomats From Entering Gaza

News blackout as food, medical aid not allowed to cross border

Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes Back in Economics Vogue

Marxist theorists recall that the U.S. financial crisis of 1857 inspired Marx to intensify his studies on finance capital and its cycles of boom and bust

Tar Sands
Suncor Millenium Mine north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. (Photo: David Dodge / Pembina Institute and courtesy



Joe Conason

Obama's Shrewd Choices

Why Obama Might Keep Gates at the Pentagon

Fear of Filibusters

The President We Should Have Had on 9/11


Robert Scheer Obama Picks Foxes to Guard Henhouse

Change We Can Bank on

Cold War Hawks Circling Obama

Jump-Starting a New Morning in America


Alexander Cockburn Obama's Hard-Times Cabinet

It's All About Paying Workers Less

A Zionist Fanatic at Obama's Elbow

Obama's Election a Resounding Defeat for Mr. Bush


Steve Young Can We Stop the Bill-O Bashing?

Right Tries To Redefine Free Speech...Again

Jon Rope-A-Dopes BillO

Fear Not The Fairness Doctrine

How McCain Became MacBeth
© 2008 David Fitzsimmons/Arizona Star


Chalking up the fear and loathing that many African Americans feel toward gays to ignorance, religious bigotry, or homophobia is much too simple. From cradle to grave, many blacks hear -- and accept -- the gender propaganda that the only real men in American society are white men. In a vain attempt to recapture their denied masculinity, many black men, mirror America's traditional fear and hatred of homosexuality. They swallow whole the phony and perverse John Wayne version of manhood -- real men talk and act tough, shed no tears, and never show their emotions.

Even if the American family was exactly like the Ozzie and Harriet version, the primary reasons for black family breakdown are poverty, unemployment, lack of education, chronic disease, violence, drugs, alcoholism, imprisonment and early death. Gay marriage is not on that list

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