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 The Battle of Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld during testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee March, 2006. PHOTO: D. Myles Cullen/USAF

FREE! In July 2002, preparing for the Iraq invasion, the military staged war games with 30,000 participants. The side representing the U.S. followed Rumsfeld's doctrine of military reform called transformation, the belief that technology can reduce the need for overwhelming force to successfully wage war. The side representing the enemy forces used low tech, guerilla tactics, much like those of Iraq's insurgency. The enemy side won. The Pentagon's response was to restart the games, but this time scripting everything that would happen

It's Really Bush The Generals Want Out

Generals cannot demand Bush's resignation or direct their critique at him

Rumsfeld Rejected 2004 Warning Of Iraqi Revolt Against U.S. Occupation

General warned that millions of Sunnis were pro-insurgency

Neo-Cons, Hawks, Circle The Wagons For Rumsfeld

Apologists salute his work ethic, patriotism

The Long Knives Come Out For Rummy

Authors, generals, line up to denounce Rumsfeld's failures

The hallmark of persistent failure   -   Don't tell anyone, but the White House is in Washington   -   One last misrepresentation for the road 404 reports

2005 Terror Attacks Tripled Over Year Before

But State Dept. says 14,600 deaths counted differently than in past

U.S. Now Viewing Al-Sadr, Iraqi Militias As Terrorist Forces

Shiite militias virtually in control of much of Iraq

1000 CIA Rendition Flights Documented In Amnesty Report

Bad news for Rice's diplomatic missions to Muslim world

Zarqawi Video Signals Shifting Landscape for Al Qaeda

First-time video appearance of the head of Al Qaeda in Iraq shows that Al Qaeda may be becoming estranged from insurgent groups there

Bin Laden's Latest Message Poses Greatest Threat Yet

Bin Laden has recognized that much of the current war is about winning the hearts and minds of Muslims. He has one plan in mind: to inspire, influence and instigate attacks on Western targets or Arab regimes that support the West

 Iraq's Sunni-Shiite Civil War

FREE! The risk of Iraq breaking up into a Sunni Kurdish state, a Sunni Arab state, and a Shiite Arab state is now very real. And, given the intermixing of these populations in Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, and scores of other cities, the potential exists for the most violent breakup of a country since the partition of India sixty years ago. Recent weeks have shown ominous signs of what may be yet to come on a massive scale, as scores of Shiite families were forced to flee what were once mixed neighborhoods in and around Baghdad

Duke Univ Rape Case Stirs Racial Divide In City

Uneasy relationship between working-class city and affluent college

Good News That Oil Hits Record Price, UN Report Says

At least it will promote conservation

DEA's 'Drug War' Targets Pain Doctors, Patients

Aggressive U.S. efforts to eradicate illegal "diversion" of painkillers to critically ill

60 Minutes Segment On Osama's Bodyguard Reinforced Stereotypes

"U.S culture has not dealt with terrorism accurately, and that has made it worse"

After Iraq, Arabs Wary Of 'Western' Democracy

Suspicion over all kinds of reforms promoted by U.S, including education

U.S. Quietly Pays 9/11 Detainee $300k To Settle Torture Claim

Egyptian was among dozens of Muslim men swept up in the New York area after 9/11

Pakistan Tells Quake Victims To Clear Out Of Relief Camps

Ordered to return to villages without housing, basic infrastructure

1 In 5 Of World's Migrants End Up In U.S.

"Brain drain" of educated workers devastating to poor nations

 immigrant protest
San Francisco rally for immigrant rights Apr. 10 (PHOTO: PNS/Carolyn Goossen)

2 Million Roar "Open The Borders, Shut Down The War"

Historic protests in over 100 cities across U.S.

Thousands Of Students March For Immigration Rights

Youth find voice in rallying around cause

India's Sweet Nuclear Deal Sours In Congress

Rice hints India could become U.S. enemy unless allowed unrestricted nuke program

Iranian Police Beat, Arrest Women's Rights Demonstrators

Garbage also dumped on the heads of International Women's Day marchers in Tehran

 The New Nuclear Wars
Iran's Shahab-3 missile is capable of a carrying a nuclear warhead and has a range of 800 miles, enabling it to hit most targets throughout the Middle East - including Israel

The crises over the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and now Iran reveal not just the flaws in the Non-Proliferation Treaty but also the mechanisms to manage it. The treaty encourages non-nuclear states to pursue nuclear energy; in fact it gives them the "inalienable right" to this expensive and dangerous technology. At the same time it recognizes this technology is integral to nuclear weapons programs and tries to prevent it from being used for this end. The contradiction could not be more stark

More Than One Bad Outcome Possible In Iran Showdown

Several chances to further destabilize Mideast FREE!

Iran Defiant, But Ready To Deal

While making daily threats to hide nuke program or not cooperate

Iran, 2006 Sounds Awfully Like Iraq, 2002

Competing exile groups even vying for White House attention and money

Amid Threats, Some Republicans Seek Talks on Iran

Even as Bush threatens all options still on table, including nuclear strikes

Usual Suspects Urge Bush To Strike Iran

Neo-con Bill Kristol compares Iran's alleged push to gain a nuclear weapon to Adolf Hitler's 1936 march on the Rhineland

Iran and U.S. Locked Into Spiral Conflict -- Last Refuge of Weak Leaders

The venomous rhetoric between the U.S. and Iran is largely a drama staged by weak leaders looking for a political boost -- which doesn't make it any less dangerous

Is White House Serious About Iran Attack, Or Are Reports Psy-Ops?

New Yorker reporter Sy Hersch told troops even in Iran

 The Martyrs of Chernobyl

FREE! While the news of the devastating accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant was slowly trickling out to a shocked world, crew after crew of plant employees, fire-fighters, soldiers, construction workers and volunteers descended on the exclusion zone to deal with the aftermath of the reactor explosion. These were the 700,000 "liquidators" -- generally men aged 20 to 45 -- military personnel, workers, and scientists from around the Soviet Union who were sent in without proper safety equipment, many of them not knowing where they were going. Thousands have since died. About 85% of those still alive are disabled, and many of their children are also ill

Chernobyl Still a Menace 20 Years After Meltdown

FREE! 90% of the cesium-137 still in the region's topsoil

Iodized Salt Could Have Saved Chernobyl's Children

Thousands could have been spared thyroid cancer

IAEA Is Whitewashing Chernobyl Casualties, Enviros Charge

FREE! Up to 200,000 deaths could be linked to 1986 meltdown

Euro Leaders Say IAEA Should End 'Schizophrenic Role'

Should UN agency continue promoting nuclear energy solutions?



Nepal police face off against pro-democracy protesters   PHOTO: Naresh Newar/IRIN

Nepal's security forces opened fire April 20 on a wave of over 100,000 protesters who were demanding King Gyanendra restore democracy to the Himalayan kingdom, killing three and injuring at least 150. The nervous looking monarch announced on national television the next day that he was handing executive powers to the seven main political parties, even as thousands of protesters boldly marched on the capital's streets before stick-swinging riot police and rifle-toting soldiers chanting 'Democracy!' and 'Hang the king!' But five days later, as the masses were preparing for another day on the streets, Gyanendra made a late-night proposal that they return to the parliament whose lower house was dissolved in 2002. That transformed plans for a "human chain around the capitol into a victory march


Nepal Celebrates, But Wary Of King's Deal

Nepal Protest Turns Street Party On News Of King's Concession

Nepal's People Power Not Interested In King's Deal
King Offers Partial Democracy FREE!

Behind The Scene Battles In Nepal's Media

Nepal's 'Human Tsunami' Swamps King

Nepal Police Opens Fire On Protesters, Killing 3, Wounding 100+


Over 1,000 Kidnapped Every Week In IraqFREE!

Nearly half of them women and children

Numbers Of Iraqi Orphans Rising FREE!

Some of the orphans in Iraq are exploited by criminal gangs

Baghdad Neighborhoods Barricade Themselves In

Tires, trees chopped down to block streets and keep death squads at bay

Thousands Of Iraqis Flee Violence, Chaos

Mostly headed for Amman, Jordan, now estimated to have over half a million Iraqi refugees

Baghdad Morgue Unable To Keep Up With Daily Carnage

60-100 bodies per day

U.S. Efforts to Oust Jaafari May Backfire

Main player keeping Iraq from moving closer to Iran

Iraq Reconstruction Sputtering As U.S. Money Runs Out

Future unclear as $21 billion bankroll almost gone

Iraq Cuts Food Rations For Poor FREE!

$1 billion cutback part of transition to free market economy

U.S.-Funded Iraqiya TV Defects To The Other Side

As State Dept. tries to gain credibility with "unfriendly" Arab TV outlets

Garbage Dump Second Home For Some Iraqi Children FREE!

Children services not available outlying areas


Will Germany Be Bush's New Best Buddy?

Tony Blair is SO 2003

Washington Leaking: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

CIA wants to find whisteblowers who revealed nasty secrets about the secret prisons

Congress Balks At Funding Bush "Transformational Diplomacy"

Bush's promises of "Millennium Challenge" foreign aid fade away

Six Months to Midterm Elections, Bush's Popularity at Record Low

Reshuffling a few on the White House staff as ratings sink to historic 33% low

Battle Over Cape Cod Wind Farm Blows Into Congress FREE!

Both Mass. Repub and Dems want to kill pilot project

Illegal Immigration Threatens Sea Change In Black Politics

Surge in registered Latino voters is not the only shift that has changed ethnic politics in America

DeLay Steps To The Side, Not Out Of The Picture

FREE! DeLay's withdrawal lessens the chances of Democrats taking back the House

The Rise Of Rice

Gaining more ground against Cheney cabal than Powell ever acheived

Conservatives, Not Liberals, Brought Down DeLay

His whining sounds ridiculous to anyone who has observed these events unfold

UN Alarmed Over Escalating Israeli-Palestine Violence

Tensions high after suicide attack on Israel kills 9, Palestinian gov't broke from U.S, Israeli boycott

Iran Showdown Tests Power Of Israel Lobby

Pushing hard for legislation to promote regime change

Of Course There's An Israel Lobby FREE!

Scholars attacked for even suggesting lobby exists, influences U.S. policy

Social Woes A Major Factor In Israel's Election

Enormous military budget in conflict with pensions and other benefits

U.S. Cuts Off All Aid To Palestinian Authority

Now facing total financial collapse

Palestinians Refuse To Forgive Betrayal Of The Cause

Collaborating with Israel's security forces can lead to torture, death

European Neo-Nazis Plot Anti-Muslim Violence During World Cup In June

"Freedom Speech Rallies" in German cities to launch racist campaign against immigrants

No 'Happily Ever After' In Sudan A Year After Peace Deal

While $4.5 billion in aid was pledged for reconstruction in the south, little has actually been paid out

U.S. Lawmakers Arrested At Darfur Genocide Protest FREE!

After tens of thousands demonstrate in Washington

Sudan Ignoring Pressure To Halt Darfur Genocide

As House votes to expand sanctions

Italy Looks Unsteady After Close Election

Weak left-central government will have trouble making needed reforms after years of Rightist control

Greenpeace Links McDonald's With Amazon Destruction FREE!

Former rainforest used to grow feed for nuggets (formerly chickens)
Dismayed chickens learn the future of their McNuggets in Greenpeace protests April 6 (PHOTO: Greenpeace/Rezac)

England's Water Privatization Not A World Model

Britain's honeymoon with privatized water may not last, and hasn't brought any exceptional benefits either

WTO Is Dead, Ways & Means Comm. Chair Says

"The anti-free-trade forces ... have won"

U.S. Nuclear Industry Fires Up PR Campaign FREE!

Spokesman is controversial Greenpeace co-founder

U.S. Evangelicals Most Distrustful Of Muslims

Otherwise viewed more favorably by the general U.S. population than in several European countries

U.S. Evangelicals Rally Faithful Behind Israel

Intends rapid-response network to reach every senator and congressman

Bush Undermines AIDS Plan With Abstinence Emphasis - GAO

Non-partisan GAO report denounced as biased by conservatives

Argentina Workers Caught In Middle Of Sweatshop Crackdown

Workers afraid of losing jobs

Uzbekistan A Nation Without Journalism FREE!

Papers and magazines are freely available in Uzbekistan but most contain little news (PHOTO: Sean Crowley/IRIN)

News confined to reports of success in the cotton crop and the achievements of President Islam Karimov

Columnist's Alleged Extortion Just Latest Scandal At Murdoch Paper

Rupert Murdoch has long used the News Corporation's assets to reward his friends and punish his enemies

Dozens Of TV Stations Caught Airing Fake News Produced By Companies

None of the 77 stations told viewers where their footage came from


Molly Ivins Dead J. Edgar Hoover Goes After Dead Jack Anderson

The Fuss Over The Lobby That Doesn't Exist

Don't Make A Martyr Out of Moussaoui

White House Whopper Becomes Instant Classic

House Repeals Food Safety Rules

DeLay Hiding Behind Jesus, Again

Global Warming Debate Past The Tipping Point


Robert Scheer Top Spy's Story On Pre-War Intel Is Finally Told

Calling Iran's Bluff

Now Powell Tells Us

DeLay Blames Woes On Christian Haters


Alexander Cockburn Obama's Game

The Pulitzer Farce

Lodi Terrorist Trial Reveals Saga Of FBI Chicanery

If Only They'd Hissed Barack Obama


Steve Young The Lord Of Loud (Laughs)

Where Are You Phil Ochs, When We Really Need You?

"American Liar" Captivates Audiences

Walk A Painful Mile In Their Shoes

Could America Fall Apart? If a gasoline crisis many times worse than the one in Oct. 1973 should erupt again, Americans could find themselves split into two hostile camps. One camp cannot be without a car and will demand that the American government provide them with gasoline at all costs. The other side regards the car as a useful tool, but not a moral imperative by itself. If Bush winds up having to confront angry Americans, he'll have to do more than retread old themes: The "Democracy" camp will push to keep the status quo but that won't satisfy the wants and needs of the "Freedom" camp

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