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George W. Bush And The Right Wing Media Machine
Though gaining the White House as the first popular vote loser in more than a century, Bush found the Washington news media eager to grant him a mantle of legitimacy

President Bush Rates Poorly in 100 Day Review FREE!
Divisiveness compared to Reagan, Nixon

15 Dead in Ohio: Cincinnati's Black and Blue
Police union spokesman justifies cop violence

U.S. Kicked Off UN Human Rights Commission
Backlash at Bush administration, anti-Third World U.S. policies

Privatization Of Drug War Led To Downed Missionary Plane
Contracted private military companies are surrogates for U.S. military and drug cops

Law Exempts U.S. From Blame In Downing Of Missionary Plane
1995 law protects military from accountability in drug war mistakes

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Jenna Bush: Poster Child For Drug Abuse
Will Dubya's daughter lose financial aid and have to leave college? Naw

Bush Gives Key Arms Control Post To Anti-UN Extremist
John Bolton long a hero to GOP's extreme right wing

Bush Chooses Worst Possible Drug Czar
A hard-core ideologue who misrepresents the facts

The GOP's New "Bribery Blind"
A secret way to funnel unlimited sums of money

Demos Should Listen To Nader, Not Blame Him FREE!
Easier than to face their own ineptitude and spinelessness

The Torpid Bush
Immobilizing his critics with boredom

Just a Test: Bush's Inadequate Education Plan

U.S. actions encourage Chinese that want confrontational policy with the United States
Barely three months old, the administration of President George W. Bush appears to have brought U.S.-Chinese relations to their lowest ebb in almost 30 years. With the crew of the U.S. spy plane forced to land in Hainan Island after colliding with a Chinese fighter April 1 safely back home, the administration has seemed determined to add insult to injury at just about every opportunity   MORE


 + Stumbling Towards Cold War II

 + China Ties To Worsen With Big Arms Sale To Taiwan

 + Sino-U.S. Clash Unsettles Nations Nearest China

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IN THIS ISSUE:   Bush Administration used dirty tricks to trash Bill Clinton; Meet the company that represents the Military- Industrial Complex; The other West Coast energy crisis

U.S. Military Preparing For Wars Over Natural Resources
Expect U.S. to defend weak but energy-rich Central Asian nations such as Kazakhstan

Tensions Heighten As Bush Declares ABM Treaty Obsolete
Expected to be huge windfall for the Big Four defense contractors

Russia Cautious Over Bush Plans To Build "Star Wars"
As they dust off 15 year-old blueprints to defeat Reagan defense scheme

Letters From America
A new MONITOR series in the spirit of Alexis de Toquville's Democracy in America

Scientists Feud Over Human Gene Count FREE!
Original theory called humans little more complex than worms

Revisionist Japanese Textbook Stirs Anger in Korea
Seeming Japanese indifference to Korea spurs grassroots anti-Japan campaign

Survivors Of Palestinian Uprising Find Little Aid
Martyrs glorified, but disabled fighters have few options for rehab

The Politics of AAA
The Politics of AAA
Using its members as collateral, AAA, its local affiliates, and its partners work to influence national law and policy, and not to the good of the planet. AAA is on the record against virtually every proposal for cutting automobile pollution

U.S. Banks Eager To Launder Money, Congress Finds
Some off-shore banks workings with big U.S. banks are little more than a mailbox

Anti-Earth Day Protests
Front groups, many of which are owned lock, stock and barrel by corporate interests, understand the huge opening represented by President Bush's so-called "commonsense" approach with a new anti-Earth Day initiatives
Big Business Spurs Anti-Earth Day Protests
Broad anti-enviro "movement" should make us all uneasy

Using Butter To Track Air Pollution FREE!
A simple but effective way to track PCBs and other deadly pollutants

Antibiotic-Resistant Genes Found In Groundwater FREE!
Tetracycline resistance traced to nearby pig farms using antibiotics

Protests at Summit of the Americas
Dramatic street clashes between baton-wielding police and an estimated 30,000 people demonstrating against the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) marked the end of the Summit of the Americas in Canada. Once created, the FTAA will be the world's biggest free trade area spanning the hemisphere from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and encompassing nearly 800 million people


 + Ignoring Protests, FTAA Diplomats End Summit

 + Not One or Two, but Hundreds of Protests

 + FTAA Follows A Flawed Model
 + A Secret Trade Pact Even Worse Than NAFTAFREE!

FROM THE ARCHIVES: No Enthusiasm For "Super NAFTA" (1998)

Schmio Award
Study Finds Human Viruses Contaminating Ocean Off California FREE!
Health officials rarely test for pathogens which includes hepatitis A

Alllies Of Haiti's Ex-Dictator Return To Power
Also agrees to take back any Haitians that illegally fled to U.S.

Voice Mail A Tool For Discrimination, Study Finds FREE!
Blacks hassled, particularly women and speakers who use non-standard English

Schmio Awards Bash Ad Industry
Pepsi wins "Wildest Exaggeration of a Product" category

Colombia Paramilitaries Terrorize Schools, Unions
AUC finally added to U.S. list of terrorist groups

White Racists Spread Mexican "Reconquest Of U.S." Rumors
Hate group's whispering campaign behind anti-Mexican myth

Solving The Organ Donation Shortage
Donors would sign contracts, making doctors liable if organs are not harvested

The Andrea Thompson Threat To Journalism
Some upset that new CNN Headline News anchor played TV cop, appeared nude in movies

NY Times Slants Reports of Teen Violence
Youth group confronts Times reporters, but is rebuffed

Navy Sub Captain Is No Victim
Japanese have reason to be angry over lack of accountability for sinking of ship

The USS Liberty, America's Most Shameful SecretFREE!
Israel sunk U.S. ship to coverup its 1967 attack on Arab nations

Still Listening to Tupac
As in the 1960s. young Black people find themselves ignored by Black leaders

Drug Companies' Hard Sell Is Deadly
Ads push new drugs that later are found to have lethal side effects

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + The Right-Wing Media Blitzkreig
 + Eco-Porn, Pharma-Porn
 + Supreme Court's Scary Decision Unites Right, Left
 + Can You Imagine A Worse Energy Policy?
 + Dubya Gets A C-minus

 + Confessions of a Drug War Beancounter
 + Make Energy, Not War
 + 8,640,000 Seconds of Bush
 + R.I.P. Joey Ramone, Singing Protester

 } David Corn

 + The McVeigh Death Penalty Pageant
 + Bob Kerrey And The Fantasy Of Innocence
 + Ignoring The Voice Of Protest
 + Bias And Fear Is Tilting Israel Coverage

 } Norman Solomon

 + The Slippery Slope of Hate Crimes
 + Our Kurt Waldheim
 + Bush's Irretrievable Blunders
 + McVeigh And Oklahoma City

 } Alexander Cockburn

Taiwan USA
Art: John De Salvio


A Simple Fix For Our China Crisis FREE!
So, what's a boy president to do?

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