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Jenna Bush: Poster Child For Drug Abuse

I was saddened to see the subject article. During the Clinton years, I was openly and vocally opposed to the personal attacks on the President. During this administration, I feel somewhat the same way. I think policies, programs, and personal character bearing directly on performance in office are all fair game. Outside of that I always question the motives of authors.

I think the Monitor has more than enough impact with the quality of its reporting so that it can afford to forego the personal attack approach, particularly upon family members. mi-bushmedia.html

Jerome Pikulinski

Mr. Pikulinski is absolutely right; ad hominem attacks on family members of politicians are reprehensible, particularly when concerning children, adult or no. If you have no other reason to hate Rush Limbaugh, never forget his snickering about Chelsea Clinton being "the White House dog."

This commentary was rejected at first because of the concern that it would appear as such an attack. But further readings showed that author David Borden (executive director of the Drug Reform Coordination Network) makes absolutely no slight of Bush's daughter, nor makes jokes at her expense. Instead, he uses the legitimate news item of Jenna Bush's bust for underage drinking as a forum to discuss the new strict enforcement of drug provisions of the Higher Education Act.

Jenna Bush will suffer no consequences for breaking the law, except for a few hours of communitiy service and paying a $50 fine. But 50-60,000 students are at risk for losing financial aid because of drug incidents somewhere in their pasts. Statistically, most of these students will be poor, members of a minority group, and most likely unable to stay in college without federal student aid. By contrast, Jenna Bush is rich, white, and her tuition is entirely paid for by her family. There is additional irony that casual use of alcohol, Jenna Bush's drug of choice, does not place students at risk of losing their student loans.   -- Editor

George W. Bush, The Unexamined Man

The U.S. space program, as well as many critical aerospace plants are in Texas and in the 1960's, the Texas Air National guard was an important component of the active defense of the continental U.S. -- Russian bombers were expected to refuel in Cuba for an attack on the U.S.

The Air Force and Air National Guard flew the F-102 (Delta Dart), a single seat aircraft designed in the 1950s for 'all-weather' interception. It was necessary for pilots to maintain precise and close coordination with ground controllers at all times. The pilots came from the large and highly-trained corps of pilot-officers who joined the reserve following active duty in the 1950s, and pilots coming out of service from Vietnam.

Anyone who listens to 'G.W.' will immediately discern that he has never been a pilot, from his speech.

In addition, pilot training costs a minimum of $500,000, and carries a mandatory service contract. Noone was taken into the Reserve and trained to fly a supersonic interceptor.

Also, no 'real' supersonic fighter pilot has no records of service, or fight hours, or records of qualifications -- no photos, no pilot's license and no friends or fellow officers who recall his service, especially as the pilot community is a close personal community who know and fly together, as a necessity for the safety of the mission.

Also, 'G.W.' did not have any of the basic educational qualification for pilot training, nor does the U.S. Air Force accept candidates for pilot training who have a problem with alcoholism.

Also, pilot training is carried out at particular training centers in Nevada and New Mexico -- the base for the F-102 squadron in Texas is not likely to have had any basic instructional facilities, nor the training aircraft.

Finally, it takes a great deal longer than 6 months or a year to even complete ground school qualifications for basic jet operation.

Dubya has made fools of the entire press establishment of the U.S.

Bryan Foster

American does not need oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

I own stock in EXXON-Mobil, Phillips and BP-Amoco Oil Companies. As an oil company stockholder, I do not understand why my oil companies want or need to drill the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. There is plenty of oil available from land already under lease to the oil industry. Are we being asked to pay high gasoline prices just so the public will demand Congress give the oil industry access to oil from the nation's public lands or is the Arctic National Wildlife refuge being used as a distraction to keep us from looking at the real problem, the oil industry's effort to keep prices high by not expanding refinery capacity?

Newspaper clippings report that existing refineries are running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. New refineries do cost a lot to build and that is money the oil industry does not want to spend. Just as the Electric Power Industry did not really want to build new production plants in California because power off the Grid was once very cheap, so too are the oil companies are reluctant to increase refining capacity because Saudi Arabian oil is still considered cheap.

In 1995 the Alaskan Congressional delegation got Congress to change Federal Law to allow Alaskan Oil to be sold to Japan and China. So again we see that there is no real relationship between oil that may be found in the Arctic National Wildlife Refugee and the price of gasoline in America.

In July the price of gasoline will go up, not because of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is not being drilled but because oil refineries will reduce gasoline production and start making winter heating oil. The reason for that is not an oil shortage as the industry would like you to think, but a shortage in refining capacity that the industry doesn't want you to understand. Because of the currently limited refining capacity, should the Congress ask the oil companies to pay for new refining capacity with industry profits soaring? This summer will you question refinery capacity or demand your own public lands to be drilled for oil?

This is supply side economics at its worst.

Sam Booher (Georgia)

Demos Should Listen To Nader, Not Blame Him

In his plea for Democrats to join forces with the Green's, Randolph T. Holhut seems to ignore recent history. It was Ralph Nader who deliberately focused on state contests where the Gore vs. Bush contests were most highly contested. By all appearances, Nader was more focused on defeating Gore than on winning his 3 percent -- and he succeeded in defeating Gore but did not get his 3 percent. The situation could well have been reversed if Nader had focused on Massachusetts and California instead of Washington and Florida.

Paul E. Cohen

How To Contact Julia "Butterfly" Hill

I am an ex-NY'er who also got fed up with the "system" and can relate to Julia since I lived on a boat for close to 3 years. I learned of Julia from a PBS show on television. How can I contact this rare and wonderful lady?

David Hoffman

Bear Lincoln and Round Valley

I read with interest the story surrounding the the death of Acorn Peters and the matter alleged against Bear. I was horrified to even think in this day and age that type of racism still exists. Here in Australia that type of action especially by Police officers would guarantee you a long stay at Her Majesty's pleasure. Free room and board for a long time. Because it was Police it would give you an even greater length in the big house and I can asssure it would not be a pleasant stay.

As a semi retired Private Investigator I sympathize with Bear's predictiment and have always had a lot of respect for the Native Indians. Their beliefs and folklore are certainly inspiring to anyone who wants to take the time and trouble to read it. I'm pleased that the U.S. justice system saw that he was innocent, however when will the police get charged with murder one? All involved should face that charge regardless of who fired the fatal shot. That's justice.

Good luck bear. Maybe sometime in the future I might get over to your country and have the pleasure of meeting you face to face.

Peter Hawkins (Brisbane. Australia)

Logger Deliberately Endangered Slain Activist, Earth First! Says

I thinks it's so sad and scary the way environmentalists are being persecuted in this country. Yikes! I only pray that Gaia will protect us and to help us help her, withour hurting other humans as well. Its complicated but we can do it. Thanks for having the EF! video naration stuff about David Chain. What more do people need to see the abuse logging companies are causeing to peaceful environmentalists?

Gwen Blume

School Shootings and White Denial

Thanks for the article by Tim Wise. He makes some excellent points that can not be ignored. I would love to see this article published in a widely read national magazine or newspaper. I am grateful to read it on the Monitor.

Susan Porcaro

The Stolen Billions

I have finally received my first check from my mom's land for cattle grazers. This check came to me for the amount of $156.00, which I thought was quite small. My mother has been dead for some fifteen years and I finally received this money from her land she has in the Black Hills. It is quite curious that I received such a small amount, being that it took them fifteen years to send this to me. I am glad that I read your article and will think twice about trusting the BIA with monies that are owed to me and my family. Thanks, from a concerned Native American.


GOP Will Never Say Die In Pursuit Of Clintons

You are one of the few that have the nerve to tell it like it is. Your article on the persecution of Bill Clinton is one of the most refreshing things to come out of any media outlet lately. Keep up the good, honest work.

Ray Malinda

Thanks! Needed some humor today and I loved this piece. Well done, Steve Young!

Carol Peek

George W. Bush, The Fortunate Son

You are incorrect. The book "The Secret Life of Bill Clnton" was banned from shelves in the U.S. So the difference between Bush books and Clinton books is NOT singular as you quote, but similar. Try and find the book about Clinton in the U.S. We got it in Toronto and it makes what you write about Bush seem, well, bush-league.


"Fortunate Son" was not just "banned from shelves" -- it was recalled by the publisher, who promised to burn every copy (fortunately, a small publisher in New York had the courage to reprint it). Furthermore, the book is not anti-Bush, as the writer implies; it is a well-documented, balanced, and fair biography that will leave even his foes feeling a bit sorry for the guy.

By contrast, the book mentioned above is a rabid anti-Clinton screed written by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the British tabloid writer who has embraced -- if not invented himself -- Clinton conspiracy theories galore. Nor has this book been "banned;" it is just not very popular. It has always been available via the usual sources for backlist books from small publishers. At its current ranking is 19,952.   -- Editor

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