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Sweatshop Watch for additional information (including current boycotts)

This list is a selection of articles about sweatshop and abusive labor issues that have appeared in the Monitor. For additional information (including current boycotts), visit Sweatshop Watch.

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Although written for the 1996 holiday season, little has changed since this multi-part feature first appeared. Includes background on the Kathie Lee Gifford controversy, abuses by Nike and Disney, interview with Charles Kernaghan, case studies, more
 Santa's Little Sweatshop

(Newest listed first)
Confessions Of A Sweatshop Inspector

+ Slave Labor Alive And Well In Argentinan Sweatshops (November, 2005)
+ A Milestone In Fighting Sweatshops (August, 2005)
+ China Sweatshops Driving Africa Sweatshops Out Of Business (May, 2005)
+ Olympics Mean Extra Pressure On Sweatshop Workers (May, 2004)
+ China's Sweatshop Toy Industry Dependent On U.S. (December, 2002)
+ Worker Strike, Take Over Sweatshop Factory (January, 2001)
+ 100,000 Women in India's Seafood Sweatshops (August, 2000)
+ Kathie Lee Sweatshops, Part III (October, 1999)
+ College Students Lead Anti-Sweatshop Drive (October, 1999)
+ Mulan's Sisters and the Disney Sweatshops (March, 1999)
+ GAP Boycott Over Sweatshops Using "Made in USA" Guise (March, 1999)
+ U.S. Laws Behind Sweatshop Boom (January, 1999)
+ The Phony Sweatshop Reform Plan (November, 1998)
+ "Made in USA" Garments Coming From Controversial Island (November, 1998)
+ Wal-Mart Target Of Sweatshop Protest (August, 1998)
+ U.S. Profits From Booming Chinese Sweatshops, Report Says (March, 1998)
+ Kathie Lee Caught Again in Sweatshop Abuse (Dec, 97)
+ New York Sweatshops Increasing, Govt. Study Shows (Nov 1997)
+ "No Sweat" Pledges Not the Answer to Sweatshop Abuse (May, 1997)
+ "Happy Meal" Toys Made by Sad Sweatshop Workers (May, 1997)
+ New Sweatshop Panel Doesn't Please Everyone (April, 1997)
+ Canada's Growth Industry: Sweatshops (April, 1997)
+ El Salvador Becoming Giant Sweatshop, Group Charges (Jan, 1997)
+ International Protest of Sweatshops (June 1996)

NIKE Archives

The Monitor has published more articles about NIKE than any other company using sweatshop labor. It is not because this shoe manufacturer is a particularly bad offender -- most of its competitors are equally guilty (or maybe worse). Leaked internal memos, however, show that NIKE knows about the slave- like conditions in the factories where its pricey shoes are made. The company also refuses to open a meaningful dialogue with critics or groups representing workers.

(A password is required to read some articles. Here is information on how to subscribe.)

(Newest listed first)
Sweaty Sneakers
+ NIKE Accused Of Breaking Promise To UN (May, 2004)
+ NIKE Held Liable For False Sweatshop Claims (Sept, 2003)
+ NIKE Failed On Sweatshop Reform Promises (May, 2001)
+ Nike's Track Record 1988-2000 (July, 2000)
+ Sham Indonesian Pay Boost (October, 1998)
+ Backlash Growing To NIKE Empire (April, 1998)
+ Sued For Allegedly Lying to Public About Sweatshops (April, 1998)
+ Drops Charity Donation After Sweatshop Criticism (April, 1998)
+ Supports Women Consumers But Not Workers, Say Groups (April, 1998)
+ Dictates Editorial Policy In Newsrooms (April, 1998)
+ Two Books Document Rise of Nike (April, 1998)
+ Hijacks Olympic Coverage (Feb, 1998)
+ Not Fazed By Mounting Criticism (Oct, 1997)
+ Athletes Charged With Taking "Blood Money" (Sept, 1997)
+ Nike "Just Does It" To Vietnamese Workers -- Torture, Abuse (April, 1997)
+ Fights 2 Cent/Hour Indonesia Raise (April, 1997)
+ Accused of Indonesian "Slave" Child Labor (June, 1996)

+ See also: Santa's Little Sweatshop for more about involvement of Michael Jordan and other athletes, protests and boycotts against Nike (Nov, 1996)

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