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New Evidence of Global Warming, Maybe Severe

New research finds global warming evidence in the tropics, and a researcher has projections that the greenhouse effect could be 40 percent worse than expected

FBI Faked Evidence, Says Justice Dept

by Jeff Elliott In a harsh rebuke to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department released its long-awaited report on April 15, questioning the fundamental competence and honesty of several employees at the FBI laboratory

Columbia/HCA: The Wal-Mart of Hospitals

by Sean Cahill As the numberĘ of uninsured Americans grows, the health care industry is raking in record profits, and that money flows into the pockets of a handful of corporate giants now asserting dominance over the field

Alarming Decline of Coral Reefs Worldwide

by Emil Venere Researchers note mysterious decline of coral reefs throughout the world and are recommending more extensive research into the potentially serious problem

No Release Nixon Tapes Expected Soon

by Page Miller Although the Washington Post and the New York Times in recent articles describe "leaked information" about pending settlement discussions between the Government and the Nixon estate, some close to this case speculate that the "deal" may unravel and stress that there is no agreement at this time

Pesticides Heaviest Toll on S. American Children

by Zoraida Portillo Most poisoning victims are day laborers and rural children and since neither group comprises a political constituency, their well-being is largely ignored, although 75 percent of breast milk samples -- and 95 percent of cow milk samples -- contain toxic chemicals in concentrations that exceed tolerance limits

Fears in Latin America Over U.S. Deportation Rumors

by Maricel Sequeira New U.S. immigration laws that took effect April 1 spur fears that hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers in U.S. will be sent home

Black Kids Receive Inferior Medical Treatment for Kidney Disease

by Nancy Volkers Important because black-white disparities in the use of specific medical and surgical services have been reported in adult populations, but such variations are not well documented in children

Patriarchy is Threat to Women's Health, Conference Decides

by Mario Osava Fundamentalism, both religious and economic, threatens advances made in women's health and safety

Orinoco Natives Confront Big Oil, Venezuela

by Estrella Gutierrez Oil company representatives walk out of conference after Native group demands end to exploitation

Coal Mining Behind "Black Mesa" Dispute

by Jeffrey St. Clair Coal mining is at the heart of a land dispute in the deserts of Arizona, where a group of indigenous people are being forced to leave their homes

Service Union Makes Landmark Deal For Workers

by David Bacon Janitors throughout West Coast join forces in unprecented deal because their union locals face the same huge contractors that clean hundreds of buildings it

New Concern of Humans Catching "Mad Cow" Disease

by Gustavo Capdevila Geneva conference ends by finding probable link between new cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and cattle

Efforts to Prevent U.S. Mad Cow Disease Are Too Little, Too Late

by Neal D. Barnard The U.S. held its collective breath, then exhaled, thinking, "It's horrible what's happening in the U.K., but we're safe in the United States, right?" Alarmingly enough, cattle in the U.S. may not be safe from the disease at all

USDA Fails to Protect Consumers From Meat Industry

by Linda Golodner "Finished product... appears to be a blood, bone marrow and muscle gumbo," reported one USDA field agent touring a meat-processing plant

Seven Activists Win Top Environmental Award

ĘThe Goldman Prize, which includes $75,000 to the winners, is perhaps the most prestigious international awards made to environmental activists

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