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Getting "Nikied"

by Jim Hightower In Vietnam, CBS reports that a new phrase has entered the vocabulary: "To Nike" someone is to take-out one's frustrations on a fellow worker

A Media Tale of Two Bombing Stories

by Norman Solomon If Time magazine devoted seven splashy pages to Jewell's ordeal and exoneration, shouldn't they apologize to Judi Bari as well?

Don't "Beef Up" Computers

by Pat Fish Gateway2000 is latest in series of computer makers pushing their megabytes through meat

Canada's Health System in Jeopardy

by Nadia Diakun-Thibault Canada's "socialist" medicine faces many of the same problems as the American system

The Brave New World of Bill Gates

by Norman Solomon The biggest players in cyberspace aren't merely guiding us through the media terrain -- they're altering it in fundamental ways

1996 Media Time Capsule

by Norman Solomon Creating a time capsule that counts how often names appear shows great press critic George Seldes died and got 25 mentions -- but Kato Kaelin is still alive and got 1,145

Happy New Year, 1970

by Ted Rall How can we move into the Next Big Thing when we still haven't gotten the '70's out of our system?


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