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Sonoma County Homeless Protest

by Lois Pearlman Board of Supervisors vote against shelter called "slap in the face," as millions spent on new criminal justice buildings

"Seventh Generation" Native Ceremony Peaceful

by George Snyder World Peace and Prayer Day held on the Solstice at the sacred Lakota site not disrupted by Wise Use, commercial rock climbers

Max Environmental Hormone Risk From Pesticide Mix

New research shows combination is 1,000 times more potent than either chemical alone

Congress Aims to Weaken Pesticide Law

by Marguerite Abadjian Congress is preparing to pass legislation that would weaken federal regulations on pesticides

Mexico Sued For Union Busting Under NAFTA Rules

Groups hope to force Mexican government to recognize independent unions, as ordered by the courts

International Protest of Sweatshops

by Peter Zirnite Activists should exploit the media spotlight from revelations that Kathie Lee Gifford and other U.S. celebrities lent endorsements to sweatshop clothing

Nike Accused of "Slave" Child Labor

by Andreas Harsono Indonesian labor advocate, U.S. trade group claim shoe maker uses subcontractors that pay children about $2 per day

SF Bay Enviro Groups Threaten Navy Suit

Richmond site is a soup of bunker fuel, jet fuel, gasoline, and diesel fuel

Coastline Vital to Ocean Life

by Phil Williams New research shows coastal lands may play a far more crucial role than previously thought

Future of Cities Looks Bleak

by Wil Burns U.N. conference on urban development shows cities growing at unprecedented rates, particularly in Third World

U.S. Rejects Conference to Fight Money Laundering

by Thalif Deen Although laundering drug money is now a major part of the world's economy, the U.S. opposes conference

U.S. Businesses Profit from U.N.

by Thalif Deen Debunking claims by conservative Republicans, U.S. companies continue to receive the largest share of U.N. contracts

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